The Reasons Dog Lick Themselves Before Sleeping

Sleeping is a vital need for humans, but not for many other species. It’s quite common for dogs to lick themselves before sleeping (a behavior known as pre-sleep grooming — or PSG). While some dogs do this out of habit, others do it to pass the time, and others still do it because it feels good.

For a lot of people, dogs are their family members. They will do anything for them and are loyal and loving companions. But as with any relationship, there are cracks in the foundation.

Sometimes, a dog’s love can go a little too far, and they will lick themselves before going to sleep. But why? And is it ever a reason to worry, or can you use this to your advantage? 

Here are the reasons dogs lick themselves before sleeping.

1. Dogs licks themselves for grooming themselves before going to sleep.


In a study conducted by researchers from the University of Georgia, it was determined that dogs groom themselves before going to sleep. This is done for a few reasons; to clean their fur and stimulate their nerves, reduce anxiety, reduce stress, and reduce the amount of dust and debris in their fur.

It is very common for dogs to use their tongue to clean their fur. Other animals such as cats (and humans) will also use their tongues to clean their fur.

If you’ve ever seen a dog lick its paw, you know it’s not normal behavior. Scientists have identified two possible reasons dogs lick themselves before they sleep: to ease the pain associated with insect bites or clean off urine or feces.

There are a lot of reasons why dogs lick themselves before going to sleep. It is a good way of cleaning off the scratch marks left behind from chewing on the carpet fibers and furniture. It gets rid of the bacteria and waste in their mouths.

It is a way to make sure their teats, paws, torso, and other parts of their body are well cleaned. It gives them a chance to get rid of all the toxins in their bodies. It is also a way for them to eliminate the acids that form on their skin.

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2. Self-comfort.


There is a saying that goes, “Dogs are born with their ears up.” This is because dogs who spend time in a pen tend to be alert and sharp, but how many of us can say that our dogs don’t have times when they just want to lay down and have a nap?

If this describes your dog, then read on! The fact is, dogs are just like us. They need to feel at ease when they sleep, or else they will end up having some or all of the following sleep issues:

  • Sleep Apnea (not being able to breathe properly while sleeping and/or waking up).
  • Restless legs.
  • Snoring.
  • A host of other ailments.

There is something inherently fascinating about something that seems so basic yet seemingly so complex. For example, imagine a dog that is so comfortable sleeping in a particular position (usually on its side) that it will sleep in that position over and over again.

The “licking itself,” or “self-licking” behavior, is something dogs do without feeling compelled to do so. It is a behavior that many do not realize can occur, although it is fairly common in domestic dogs. The licking can occur in many places, usually the face, limbs, body, and/or tail.

Rotate study groups were used to determine the frequency of licking. “Licking itself” was found to occur in 80% of dogs. Licking can be normal behavior for dogs” and should not be discouraged.

3. Attention seeking.


Look around, and you will see many older dogs. They may be in a home filled with kids or may have simply lost their youthful sparkle. In many cases, their owners have become less active and less social, so they feel less of a need to walk the dog so often.

This results in the dog being a bored house pet, so it acts out by licking itself to arouse its interest. It seems that bragging is a big part of attention-seeking even for dogs: each time a dog forgets to clean their paws, they have to roll on their back and lick their paws to attract their owner’s attention.

This is never fun, especially when we think about how infectious this habit can be. As a dog owner, it’s important to know why and how to stop this habit we call “licking their paws.”

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It seems that bragging is a big part of attention-seeking even for dogs: each time a dog forgets to clean their paws, they have to roll on their back and lick their paws to attract their owner’s attention.

This is never fun, especially when we think about how infectious this habit can be. As a dog owner, it’s important to know why and how to stop this habit we call “licking their paws.”

Dogs lick their bodies for various reasons, from self-purification to a specific need, such as when they have fleas, are allergic, or have a skin condition. But licking also is a great way to get attention from the humans they love.

4. Some medical condition.


Dogs are one of the most popular pets worldwide, and one of the most popular dog breeds is the poodle. But did you know that they have medical conditions that need to be taken care of?

Some health issues this breed may experience. Dogs lick themselves before sleeping for various reasons, not just because they forget to do it the previous night.

Dogs, like people, are prone to a wide variety of health problems, and some of the most common include fleas, worms, ear infections, skin infections, allergies, health problems with the heart and blood vessels, stomach problems, and more.

Dogs have health issues because the same things that cause health problems in people, such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, and chemicals, cause injuries and diseases in dogs.

Can you believe it? Some dogs, like my own dogs, have a habit of licking their paws. Is it something they did on purpose, or is it just habit? And is it a sign of health? Or could it be something else? I know dogs can lick their paws for several reasons.

It helps reduce the dog’s body temperature during the winter months by keeping the coat warm. It also helps clean the dog’s paws. But the most common reason is to help get rid of excess saliva that builds up in the mouth.

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Is Dogs licking a big concern?


A lot of people do not know that dogs tend to lick themselves before they go to sleep. You might even be one of them. So, what’s the reason behind it? Well, it is a common practice, and many people do it as well.

The reason behind it is to clean and to remove any dirt or dust that might have got trapped on the dog’s body. But, do you know why they do it? Nearly all dogs lick their fur. The licking of the fur can be used to groom and clean themselves, remove dead skin cells, and circulate the blood to their skin.

In the olden days, people dabbled in fortune-telling by reading tea leaves or looking at their soothsayer’s crystal ball. Perhaps you still believe in that, or maybe you believe all of that nonsense?

Just remember this: if you read this, and you’re still worried about your dog licking his fur, stop being so ridiculous and get him into the vet—right now!

A dog’s tongue is covered with papillae—nubs on the tongue that help scrape off bacteria and food debris. Because of these bumps, it is believed that a dog’s tongue is cleaner than his mouth. This is why dogs lick their paws.

However, the papillae on a dog’s tongue are not just for good looks—they are also the main source of taste for a dog’s taste buds. When you’re tired, your body instinctively wants to sleep. The most important thing during this crucial time is to rest your body, especially your muscles.

It is also important to keep your canine companion rested too. It is common to see dogs licking themselves before they go to sleep. It seems to be a behavior that their owners have learned to expect and to accept.

Let’s face it, and dogs are crazy. They lick their faces because they are lonely, they lick their noses because they are bored, and they just want to make themselves feel better.

This is a sign of a happy dog that is healthy and strong. But we all know that having a sick dog can be tough and that it can be hard to know what to do.

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