How Often Should I Feed My Dog?


If you have a pawed family member in your house, then you probably struggle with this question regularly: How often should I feed my dog? For both new and experienced dog owners, it is a huge matter of concern about how much they should feed their dogs for its better growth and development. There are … Read more

Why is My Dog Vomiting White Foam?


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Can Puppies Eat Adult Dog Food?


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How to Make A Dog Lose Weight


Dogs are the man’s best friend. They make the best companion in life. They symbolize happiness, hope, and love. They also make the best therapists. That’s why people more likely to choose dogs to be their companions throughout the treatment process.  Dogs love to play and to eat. However, giving them too much food can … Read more

What Vegetables Can Dogs Eat?


We sometimes want to spoil our dogs by giving them part of our food, vegetables, or snacks. We believe that since we eat it and it is good for us, it must be suitable for our dogs then, right? Well, that is not entirely right. Although most of the foods we eat are pretty safe … Read more