7 Human Foods That Are Good For Dogs


Just like humans, dogs need proper nutrition for their overall health. However, they have a different digestive system from us. With that, you must be careful in the foods you provide for them. Since you already treat your dog as a family member, there are some instances that you feed the foods you eat. Are … Read more

How Much Should I Feed My Puppy?


When a cute little puppy arrives at your doorstep, you can’t help but provide them with some good food and a bowl of milk. You get so overwhelmed by looking at that face that you want to feed him time and again. When you bring a puppy home, it becomes your responsibility to feed them … Read more

Top 7 Chicken Free Dog Food Brands


The chicken meals are being rendered from the meat of the chicken that is being ground and dried up. The chicken meals contain chicken bones, skin and clean flesh. But if the dog food you have purchased indicates that it is made up of real chicken, and then it is usually mean that it is … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Bread?

can dogs eat bread

Most dogs tend to eat anything that people consume. However, as a pet owner, you should be abided by the fact that some human foods are not safe for dogs. Thus, it is always crucial to know what foods to avoid and what foods you can feed to him. How about bread? Are they safe … Read more

Can My Dogs Eat Corn?

can dogs eat corn

Some condemn corn as a quite toxic food for dogs while others insist on its numerous health benefits. So, what should you believe? What is the truth about corn for dogs? Is Corn good or bad for their health? Can Dogs Have Corn? Nearly anyone knows a thing or two about corn or maize. It … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Pickles?

can dogs eat pickles

Are you Wondering if you can feed your dog some amounts of pickles? Are they safe or should be avoided? These and more will be discussed here to fill up your curiosity, so keep reading! What are Pickles? Pickles are a delicate little treat being added in some meals, plus it comes in every size … Read more