12 Cutest Dogs That Fit in Apartments

You have been in an apartment for a few months now. You relocated to an apartment because it is close to where you work.

But let’s be honest. You miss your family and especially your dog at home. 

Good news! You can adopt a new dog even if you live in a small apartment. Generally, you cannot have large and energetic dogs. 

So, what breed to take advantage of and choose? It is overwhelming and confusing.

Say bye to any trouble with these top 12 breeds! Without further ado, let’s begin!

1. Basenji

12 Cutest Dogs That Fit in Apartments 1

A native of the Congo region, Basenjis are small dogs which they are originally used for hunting. They are among the oldest breeds of dogs. 

But are they good apartment dogs? Yes, Basenjis are a great choice for apartment living.

They are small and quiet dogs with minimal maintenance. They are a high-spirited and playful breed while being protective and affectionate to their pet owners. 

However, they are not easy to take good care of because they need a lot of commitment, effort, and patience.

They are stubborn, requiring a calm, firm, and consistent pet owner. As active dogs, they need a lot of activity. 

Basenjis are also a popular watchdog, and they will defend their territory with the presence of any threat. 

But despite their stubbornness, it is hard to leave them in apartments. Since they are pack animals, they cannot live independently at home for a long time.

Leaving them in your apartment for hours can lead to separation anxiety. So, adopt at least two Basenjis if possible. 

2. Bichon Frise


People love the idea of adopting a Bichon Frise, but they are afraid of their small houses.

If you feel the same way, there’s nothing to worry about as Bichon Frise is perfectly suited for apartment living because of their low exercise requirements. 

With their size, they can live in your small apartment without too many troubles and hassles.

Although it is tempting to adopt a large breed, a Bichon Frise will be your best bet. 

A Bichon Frise does not need a strenuous routine when it comes to exercise requirements. A few minutes of playing or walking with them is more than enough. 

Another thing that makes Bichon Frise perfect for apartment living is that they are a low shedding breed.

That means they are hypoallergenic and ideal for those who suffer from mild or severe allergies.

Also, you can save time from vacuuming and cleaning your couch, carpet, and other pieces of furniture. 

3. Boston Terrier


Boston Terriers are famous companion dogs for a reason. They are alert and intelligent with playful, friendly, and affectionate personality. 

That’s not all! Boston Terriers are a good apartment dog. Despite their size, their personality is big that you cannot resist. They are easy to play with and love. 

Boston Terriers are easy-going and gentle, making them an even-tempered dog.

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They love to spend time with people, but they always seek attention. Known as a lap dog, they enjoy to snuggle or cuddle. 

Although they are friendly, they can be a perfect watchdog. Boston Terriers can be aggressive whenever they see a stranger. 

People who live in an apartment choose Boston Terriers because they are also a great family pet.

With their outgoing personality, they are social dogs that can get along with children and other pets at home. 

Boston Terriers are highly energetic. But they do not need too much exercise. You can walk with them every morning to keep them fit and healthy. 

4. Brussels Griffon 


Brussels Griffon is descended from the Belgian street dog and German affenpinscher with a rough coat. 

But when Brussels Griffon was crossed with Pugs, their coat turned smooth. 

Originally, they are used to guard Belgium cabs. Over the years, their popularity grew. In 1910, they were registered with the American Kennel Club. 

Being a part of the toy group, Brussels Griffons is a fantastic companion and an excellent apartment pet. 

Like other cute dogs, Brussels Griffons are active, so they need regular exercise. But with their size, let them engage in a simple routine like walking and running. 

Brussels Griffons can be assertive and demanding. They tend to be stubborn, but they are intelligent.

They can learn basic commands and other complex training activities without any trouble. 

But keep the activities varied and engaging to catch their attention and interest.

There are informative videos online that you can use while training your Brussels Griffon. 

5. Bulldog 

bulldog puppy

Another medium-sized dog breed is the English Bulldog. Historically, they were raised to fight bulls and feared.

But over the past centuries, people appreciate Bulldogs as a gentle family pet. 

Bulldogs are admired for their friendly personality, determination, and loyalty. 

They are also the preferred breeds for those who live in apartments. They are calm and gentle without high exercise requirements. 

Compared to other dogs, they do not excessively bark, making them a great companion for pet owners. 

Bulldogs are patient and can adjust in any environment. Although they are stubborn, they have a gentle disposition. 

They are intelligent and more likely to enjoy different tricks. They have a natural sense of humor that will make your life exciting every day. 

Bulldogs are people-oriented, so don’t be surprised when they always seek your attention. 

They can also be good guard dogs, especially when they are in danger. 

6. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is another popular toy breed for a reason. Apart from their sweet expressions, they are ideal for apartment living. 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel loves to cuddle. They usually lay on your lap and always enjoy belly rubs.

They are attached to their pet owners. That’s why they can adjust to small apartments. 

Standing from 12 to 13 inches, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is considered the toy breeds’ tallest.

They are typically available in four coat patterns such as Blenheim, Ruby, Tricolor, and Black and Tan. 

Weighing around 13 or 18 pounds, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is an excellent size to cuddle up with on your sofa. 

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According to the American Kennel Club, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is active, fearless, gentle, affectionate, and graceful. 

They are cheerful and upbeat. They have a medium energy level, requiring daily walks and simple games. 

7. Chihuahua 


Weight limits and breed restrictions are common in any apartment community.

As a pet owner, you may be dreaming of German Shepherds, but they are too large.

Good news! There are little dogs with big personalities like Chihuahuas. 

Weighing around five pounds, Chihuahuas are known with a ton of personality.

Similar to other dogs, Chihuahuas are protective of their pet owners. They are affectionate and loyal.

They want plenty of affection. They are too needy and clingy. Plus, they don’t like being left at home for a few hours. 

Whether you live alone or have some relatives in an apartment, Chihuahuas are an excellent choice.

They usually jump on people and may excessively bark, so training them at an earlier age is advisable. 

Chihuahuas won’t do well with kids. They are vulnerable to severe bone fractures and other injuries with their size.

Whenever they feel harassed, they can lose patience with young children. 

8. Dachshund 


Are you a college student who gets homesick in your small apartment? Are you single and are searching for a companion? 

Whatever your case may be, Dachshunds can make your everyday living more optimistic than ever. 

While all sizes are excellent for a small apartment, the Miniature Dachshunds are a suitable companion you can ever have. 

Dachshunds were bred to hunt before. Decades passed, Dachshunds have a strong prey drive and a lot of energy even in their small size. 

Every time they see a squirrel and other small creatures, their instinct and curiosity may kick in. So, they ended up barking, inconvenient for apartment living. 

But you can correct excessive barking with frequent and individualized training. 

Dachshunds are also famous for their energetic and active temperament. So, they need plenty of exercise.

Keep them busy every day with varied learning activities. You can also give certified trainers a call for further details. 

9. Havanese 


Another best breed for condo and apartment dwellers is Havanese. What makes it perfect for apartment living? 

One of the distinct characteristics of Havanese is that they are nondestructive.

Say goodbye to torn carpets, scratched pieces of furniture, and damaged bed sheets. Havanese is gentle and won’t be a headache. 

Many pet owners love Havanese because of their size. Like Bichon Frise, Havanese is a small breed, which only weighs from 7 to 13 pounds. They are lap dogs and don’t need a large space. 

Generally, toy breeds are yappy. Havanese, on the other hand, is different. They don’t bark excessively. They are not loud and will not ruin your sleep at night. 

Havanese does not shed much. They do not leave a trail of fur on your couch, carpet, and bed, saving your time from frequent vacuuming and cleaning. Havanese is clean and odorless. 

10. Greyhound 


Who would believe that a large breed of dog like Greyhound could be perfect for apartments?

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Many pet owners would only think of toy breeds when searching for a companion. But Greyhounds could be a good pal. 

Greyhounds were originally used for racing. Bred as a hunting dog, Greyhounds can reach speeds up to 40 miles every hour. 

Despite being a great athlete, Greyhounds are good family pets. They are loving, loyal, and sensitive. 

They have a calm temperament, so they do not need a big space to live.

They can adapt to any different environment with minimal exercise and grooming needs. They also have a pleasant, caring, and friendly personality. 

Although they are large, Greyhounds are easy-going and not aggressive. They have a gentle disposition that you can find from other medium and big breeds. 

However, they have a strong prey drive. So, Greyhounds are more likely to be curious every time they see small animals. But some Greyhounds get along with cats. 

11. Lhasa Apso 


The Lhasa Apsos are excellent dogs for those who live in apartments. They stand under 28 cm tall and weigh at least 13 pounds. 

Like other small dogs, the Lhasa Apsos naturally love being with their masters. They are travel-friendly and can make your escapade exciting. 

The Lhasa Apsos have a long durable coat and are a low shedding breed.

You do not have to get them groomed regularly. But be sure to brush them every day to prevent matting. 

The Lhasa Apsos are a highly devoted dog. They can respond and adjust well to motivational training.

But as a pet owner, it is necessary to set limits and demonstrate assertiveness.

The failure to train them at an early age can cause separation anxiety, loud barking, and other behavioral problems

Lhasa Apsos do require daily walks and other scheduled routines when it comes to exercise.

You can also engage them in games. While they are shedding a pound, they would have fun for sure. 

12. Pomeranian


Called Pom, the Pomeranians are a toy breed of dog that stands 12 inches tall and weighs 7 pounds. 

While they look weak and sensitive, the Pomeranians are a strong breed with an abundant and appealing coat. 

Although Pomeranians can be bossy sometimes, they have a big personality. They are playful, outgoing, and friendly. 

Another advantage of Pomeranians is that they can be an apartment dog. They do not require much space. 

The Pomeranians can be left alone for hours. Yes, they are independent. But they need extensive training. 

While they are active dogs, Pomeranians can stay in top shape with a few walks and playtime every day

Known to be aggressive towards other people and pets, there’s nothing to be afraid of Pomeranians. They are affectionate and protective sometimes. 

What’s Your Choice? 

Do you want a large or medium dog while living in your apartment? Greyhounds are a fantastic option. 

Do you like a toy dog breed? Bichon Frise, Brussels Griffon, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Havanese, Lhasa Apso, and Poms are recommended. 

But before you adopt any dog, do further research to make a confident decision.

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