English Bulldog Colors: A Complete List of All Coat Colors

English bulldogs are known for being gentle companions. Plus, they love kids. Because of the love and loyalty that people get from English bulldogs, they become among the favorite pets of many.

If you are interested in adopting an English bulldog, learning the different English bulldog coat colors is exciting. 

Each English bulldog color represents aesthetics, appeal, and other unique characteristics. In this article, you will get to know about the different English bulldogs’ recognized coat colors. Let’s start!

What are the Standard Colors of an English Bulldog?

The coat colors of English bulldogs can be matched and mixed into various combinations like tri-color and Piebald. However, there are eight standard colors: seal, chocolate, blue, black, lilac, white, fawn, and brindle.

What Does Tri-Color English Bulldog Mean?

The term “tri” in dog breeds refers to the three colors present in one dog. You can usually see the solid body color in tan, red, or fawn points, meaning around eyebrows and feet. 

A genetic test is conducted to determine whether the English bulldogs are certain combinations and colors, even if they are not visible.


What is the Rarest Color of English Bulldog?

Today, the rarest color for English bulldogs is the Merle. Many pet lovers find them unique because of their strange coat color. Their fur comes with different markings, usually in black or dark brown, fawn, cream, or white mixed with other darker hues.

You may also encounter other rare colors, such as lilac, blue, chocolate, and black. With color combinations, tri-color English bulldogs are produced.

What is the Best Color for an English Bulldog?

The color coat of the English bulldogs should be pure of its kind, uniform, and brilliants. The preferred coat colors for these bullies include piebald, solid white, brindle, red brindle, solid fallow, fawn, or red.

The ideal Piebald must have a defective solid color or muddy brindle. The color patches should be of pure color, well-defined, and symmetrically distributed. In order for the brindle to be perfect, it should have an equal, even, and fine distribution of composite colors. 

What is the Original Color of an English Bulldog?

For sure, you will be surprised knowing that chocolate was the original color of an English bulldog. With so many coat colors today, no one might think that chocolate was the original one. However, it is still possible since many years of breeding had passed, and it is natural to expect those coat color changes.

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What is the Most Popular English Bulldog Color?

Some interested pet lovers often look for either the rarest or most popular color of English bulldogs. When it comes to popularity, the white and fawn English bulldog is the most popular. The second place goes to red and white bullies, followed by the brindle English bulldogs.


15 Recognized Coat Colors of English Bulldogs 

At first glance, English Bulldog may look tough, strong, or even a bit scary. However, never let their jowly faces deceive you. This breed is actually loving, gentle, and super mushy.

English bulldogs were developed in the 13th century in the UK. Today, they are the fourth most popular breed in the US. They may look stocky, but these small dogs are very affectionate. They are also called “bullies.”

Here are the 15 English bulldog’s 15 recognized coat colors:

1. Tri Pattern Color Bulldog

Tri pattern is the very specific pattern in three colors you may find in English bulldogs’ coats. Tri-patterned bullies often come with points of a third color, particularly in golden brown or fawn. You will see this pattern on their cheeks, chest, inner front chest, and above their eyes.

2. Seal Color Bulldog

English bulldogs with seal coats are very rare to find. However, this English bulldog variety does exist. These bullies come with a distinct brownish or reddish cast on the coat with a dark stripe down the back. They also have lighter-colored eyes. Their tail and legs are often darker than their coats’ main part.


3. Chocolate Color Bulldog

Every chocolate lover will get attracted to English bulldogs with chocolate fur. Their color are another rare kind for this breed. They have that stunning hue because of the bb genotype. Their eyeliner, pads, and nose can be a silver or a brown shade, while their coats are deep brown in color.

4. Blue Color Bulldog

If you see these bullies for the first time, you might get confused about whether their color is blue or gray. They are simply black ones that have been diluted in color through the dd genotype. If these bulldogs are against darker-colored items or in the sun, their coat will appear gray. Then, their eyeliner, pads, and nose are slate gray.

5. Black Color Bulldog

The black coat is very common to most breeds. However, having this coat color is very rare for English bulldogs. The black coat of English bullies is shiny with a fawn undercoat. Their nose, pads, and eyeliner are a true black hue. 

You may also encounter a variety of black English bulldogs know as the “black tri.” These bullies have white and black coats combined with tan-colored points.


6. Lilac Color Bulldog

Another rare coat found in English bulldogs is the lilac. Bullies with lilac coats have their color diluted twice. The first one is from black to brown, and the other one is from black to blue. The beautiful purplish-gray color is like a result of combining brown and blue hues.

In the lilac English bullies’ undercoat, you may notice fawns once you rub their hair backward. Their eyeliner, pads, and nose will have some purple shade.

7. Piebald Color Bulldog

English bulldogs with the piebald pattern are also called “pied.” They have a white spot pattern on a pigmented backdrop coat, such as fawn, red, and brindle. In other words, piebald bullies have two various colors on their coats.

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8. White Color Bulldog

If you are looking for a coveted coat color for English bulldogs, then you will find white bullies interesting. These bulldogs come with pure white color, from tail to tip. In most cases, these bullies have no markings on any part of their bodies. On the other hand, you will notice that some freckles in different hues may be present.


9. Fallow or Fawn Color Bulldog

Fawn are popular colors you often see in furnishings or clothing. However, this color is also popular among dogs, particularly English bulldogs. They have light tannish yellow coat color with various shades, from pale tan to deep deer-red. 

10. Brindle Color Bulldog

If there is one signature look for English bulldogs, it would be the brindle. When most people imagine a bulldog, this traditional coat pattern will immediately come to their minds. English bulldogs with brindle coats come with a striped pattern combined with a different colored base. In addition, their tiger-Esque stripes deliver a defined and unique appearance.

11. Lilac Sable Color Bulldog

Lilac sable English bulldogs are among the favorites of pet lovers. Some lilac sables are darker than others. These bullies have gorgeous champagne coat colors. Their eyes are glowing aqua blue, but some of them have ice green or ice blue. 


12. Blue Tri Color Bulldog

Another sought-after coat color for English bullies is the blue tri. These beautiful bullies have silver coats combined with a tan point on their eyes, chest, and legs, just like the Doberman. They often have green or blue eyes.

13. Blue Sable Color Bulldog

Blue sable English bulldogs are red-based dogs with a silver cast on their coat. In most cases, they have hazel or blue/green eyes. These English bullies have faint tri markings on their faces, chest, and legs.

14. Merle Color Bulldog

Merle coat color is the newest in the English bulldogs. They look like Aussie with totally ice blue eyes. These English bullies come on black tri, blue tri, and chocolate tri. Some of them come with darker coat than other. The topcoat is often darker, while the undercoat is blue.

The term “Merle” refers to the color combination in the dog’s coat. Since these dogs have a solid base color with patches, their coat comes with an uneven speckled or mottled effect.

15. Black Tri Color Bulldog

The black fur of these English Bulldogs is shiny. The black tri bullies have true black eyeliner, pads, and nose. Besides the black color, tan color is also noticeable, particularly on their legs, chest, and face. They have brown eyes. In some instances, their tan points are combined with brindle.

Do English Bulldogs make good pets?


English bulldogs are part of the bully breed family. They are bigger than the French bulldogs and non-sporting canines. Historically, they were bred for bull-baiting, which involves forcing them to taunt and bite bulls. Today, these bulldogs are bred to be generally more playful, gentler, and kinder.


Once English bulldogs reached their adult stage, their size range from 14 to 15 inches tall. In terms of weight, they can be as heavy as 40-50 pounds. The males are bigger than the females, approximately 10 pounds.

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Since English bulldogs have a specialized breeding history, they are dense and muscular. These bulldogs are also a dysplastic breed, so they have shallower hip sockets than other dogs. As a result, their femur only firs into their hip socket loosely, resulting in potential joint and bone issues. 

Life Expectancy 

If you are taking care of English bulldogs, expect to enjoy their company for eight to ten years.

Distinct Features 

English bulldogs are notable for their short, glossy coats in different colors. These bulldogs come with furrowed browns and small, floppy ears. Their loose skin hangs on their jowls. Plus, their bulldog snout is also notable, and little noses smash right up into their faces.


Expect the early training to be challenging because of their stubborn character. You need to be consistent and firm. They are eager to please, but ensure to show them who is the real “boss.”

As a fur parent, you have to train your English bullies to eat ice cubes during their puppy stages. Beware that these dogs are prone to breathing issues. They also overheat quickly. That is why training them to ingest ice is helpful.

Companion Level 

With English bulldogs, you will have beautiful companions. These bullies are great with kids, so you have no problem introducing them to young children at home.

Their calm demeanor and sturdy build make them great troopers in terms of rough petting or strong kids grip. These bulldogs are also famous for being loyal lovers, and they enjoy the company.

On the other hand, ensure to train these bullies not to bite people. If kids startle them, their first reaction is to snip. With regard to other pets, these bullies are ready to play and mingle with them. If they are with same-gender dog playmates, they tend to be more aggressive. This means two makes cause some issues if they are in one household.



When feeding English bulldogs, just give them enough to keep their thick build. Since they easily develop the risk of becoming overweight, overdoing the feeding is not advisable. After mealtime, they drool excessively. So, take care of that.

Activity Level

Regular exercise is critical to these bulldogs since they pack on the pounds quickly. A tug of war or a brisk walk is an excellent exercise for them. However, you have to be observant when it comes to water, stains, and heat.

Overheating is dangerous for bulldogs since high temperatures fail to mix well with their short snout. These dogs can swim, but they are vulnerable to drowning because water easily gets into their nose.


English bulldogs shed big time. So, brushing them one to three times a week is recommended. You may notice that their faces have skin piling up into folds, and this causes skin ailments once moisture or dirt gets caught in those wrinkles. Ensure to be observant when it comes to red, itchy skin. You should clean between those folds regularly.


There you have it! Do you find this post helpful? English bulldogs are loyal and loving companions no matter what color they are. They may look tough on the outside, but they have adorable and gentle character. So, give them the love and care they deserve. 

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