Facts About English Toy Spaniel Dog Breed

In England, the English Toy Spaniel dog is known as King Charles Spaniel. These little pets were most famous among British royals. Elizabeth’s doctor referred to English Toy Spaniel as “Spaniel Gentle, otherwise known as Comforter. 

Generally, English Toy Spaniel is referred to as a typical lap pup. They are loyal and loving and always prefer to stay with their owners.

There is no solid evidence about the exact origin of Spaniel. But according to specialists, they came from ancient Japan, or maybe old China. These little spaniels came to England at the start of the 13th century.

In the United States, these dogs have four color assortments, and each kind has a different name as;  

  • The Black-and-tan variety is known as King Charles. It is one of the favorite colors of the ruler. 
  • The black, white, and tan variety has the name of Prince Charles. 
  • Red and white are popular with the name of the Blenheim.
  • The red variety is famous with the title of Ruby.

What’s an English Toy Spaniel Dog?


The English Toy Spaniel is a firm, thickest, and square toy puppy. It has a short nose, a rounded head, a happy and loving attitude, and a plush, smooth coat.

His solid, tough body and delightful personality, along with his curved head, shiny, dull eye, and well-softened face, declare him a dog of differentiation and personality. 

Generally, the best weight of a grown-up is 8-14 pounds. Overall balance and element are a higher priority than the actual weight. Yet, other things being the same, the more modest dog is to be liked.

The English toy Spaniel dog has an even larger head as compared to its size. They have a lush, round look, although with a level of enhancement that saves them from being rough.

They give soft and pleasing expressions that show their intelligent nature. You will see such a dog with a large and very dark brown or black eye.

What does English Toy Spaniel Dog look like?

The English Toy Spaniel Dog comes with cobby, solid, and basically in square shape. It looks like wearing a silky and flowing coat. The essential characteristic of a spaniel dog is its moderately round head, shiny dark eyes, well-softened, and equally short-nosed face.

Moreover, it will appear with complete reliability and appropriate muscle tone. Its head possessions remain free of overemphasis not to compromise breathing and block common vision.

It has long ears set low and near to the head. There is a long and well-rounded skull from the side curved as quirky as possible over the eyes.

The dog has a deep and well-defined stop. It has a square, wide, and well-shaped jaw with appropriate lips meeting to give a finish. 

English Toy Spaniel Dog Temperament


The English Toy Spaniel dog is calm, joyful, full of fun, caring, and sweet. The variety is smart and normally respectful. These pets will be silent and laid-back if you treat them lightly but inflexibly.

They fastly become the friends of other dogs. If both the owner and kids are clear pack pioneers toward the pet, they will be good with all children. 

English toy Spaniel dog is a normal barker and an average watchdog. But they are categorized entirely as buddy dogs. Some of them are popular as particular eaters.

These dogs like to remain with people who can give them a persistent, continuous, and loving line. But it would help if you did not permit this dog to set a Small Dog Pattern. It is a human tempted behavior where the dog is directed; they rule the home.

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Hence, it can lead to extensive and different behavior problems such as acting nervous, requesting, persistent, and probable compulsive barking.

When you give things a chance to rise much higher, they may start to watch objects and potentially become unreliable with children or strange adults.

Generally, it is a happy and responsive breed and will pick his favorite personality in the family. It will give most of his focus to his favorite one.

They are tied for life. When you leave them, they don’t perceive it and become very upset. Moreover, they do good with people who are at home more often than not.

Are English Toy Spaniel Dogs good family dogs?

The English toy Spaniel is a true lapdog dedicated to becoming the best couch potato in the world. The Spaniel dog preferably wants to play in the living room rather than outside in the grass and dirt.

However, he may have his silky and beautiful coat dirty due to the grass and dirt outside. Moreover, he loves to be spoiled and enjoys living in the lap of luxury. The small and comfortable apartment can be very well providing the dog with people he likes.

The Spaniel dog has been a most loved pet of several royal families. Both kings, Charles I and Charles II loved this breed.

Furthermore, in England, this breed is called King Charles Spaniel due to the royal’s attraction to them. No wonder they have a nickname, Charlies. 

Consequently, the English toy Spaniel dog is good for the family as a friendly and cheering breed. Charlie will make his choice in the family and focus on it. He also plays and loves others but prefers his favorite one.

How big do English Toy Spaniel Dog get


Toy Spaniel is a compact little dog with large dark eyes, a long soft wavy coat, domed head, and hanging ears, small nose. It has a 9-10 inches height and 9-12 pounds of weight. It has four varieties.

All the varieties are the same, excluding color. The variety King Charles is black-and-tan, like original breed members. The color of Prince Charles is black-tan-and-white.

The color of Blenheim is white and red, and Ruby’s color is solid mahogany red. In the UK, all the types are classified as King Charles Spaniels, excluding Blenheim.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a different Breed, known in the UK and USA. This Cavalier King Charles spaniel appears in the coat colors similar to the English toy spaniels, but it is longer and larger (13-18 pounds).

In 1926, the American Roswell Eldridge started to offer the prizes at Crafts Dog Show to the dog, almost like the old Cavalier Spaniel.

Finally, the breeders showed their interest in the type, and in 1945 England’s Kennel Club recognized the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel as a separate breed so that the championship could be granted.

How much does English Toy Spaniel Dog weigh?

The English Toy Spaniel Dog always loves to eat. They like to eat and will be happy if they eat all day. It is not good for their health because in this way they will gain more weight.

It is most significant that the English Toy Spaniel Dog be fed a good quality, dry food designed for the inactive small dogs. Dry kibble is helpful for tooth decay prevention. It is also helpful for other oral health issues.

The Toy Spaniel Dog weighs between 8-14 pounds (4.1 – 5.4 kg). Moreover, it is 10-11 inches tall. They have a glossy, long coat, short legs, and a square head with a compact body.

Does English Toy Spaniel Dog shed?


This dog is expected to shed regularly. Be prepared for frequent vacuums. The users can minimize the shedding and can keep the coat clean and soft.

Non-shedding like hypoallergenic dogs is more popular than ever before. Due to canine allergies, many pet lovers look for hypoallergenic pet dog breeds as usual. In some cases, for the payment of unlimited money for them.

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Still, some others are going hypoallergenic for the hair or its absence. It is a huge issue for several pet owners to drop a pet dog, but it is an additional strikeout of the list for the owners of hypoallergenic canine breeds.

The term “Non-Shedding Canine” is a bit of a misnomer, as all the dogs are somewhat lost.

A few breeds are on the bright side, dropping only very little hair and, consequently, better for allergic individuals and patients who like it cleaner. If you are looking for a hypoallergenic breed, you can check before moving forward and starting stockpiling on supplies.

Although, there is no hypoallergenic dog because every dog dropped a few allergens. There are a few breeds that are quite better allergy sufferers.

How often should you bathe an English Toy Spaniel Dog?

Bathing can be a fun and grooming cycle regularly with perseverance, preparation, and a positive attitude. It is also helpful for your dog to avoid a lot of infections and diseases.

The breeds having combination coats must have to bathe seasonally or once every three months. But it can be more frequent if required. The coat must have fresh-smelling, without shedding or loose hair.

First of all, you have to brush the dog well to remove the mats and dead hair. To provide safe feet, place a rubber mat in the tub and fill the tub with 3-4 inches of lukewarm water.

Use the spray hose, pitcher, or a strong cup to wet the dog to avoid getting the water in the nose, eyes, and ears. Massage your English Toy Spaniel Dog in a pet shampoo and save the head for the last. Rinse immediately, start with the head as it will be helpful to avoid getting soap into the eyes. Dry the Spaniel Dog with a towel.

Do English Toy Spaniel Dogs bark a lot?


For the dogs, barking is a big deal. While choosing a dog, it is quite important to know how naturally they are susceptible to bark.

The dogs that do not bark so frequently can be the best choice for living in an apartment. But if you want to be aware of the unusual things in your area, a silent canine is not the best choice for isolated residences.

It can be your assumption that your barking dog is just talkative, but it can be a little bit aggravating for your neighbor. There are many examples of pet owners being sued if they don’t control their barking canines.

And yet, a lot of people have their pet dogs as a security measure to warn them that strangers or threats are nearer. The guard dogs have been helping people for hundreds of years.

Regardless of your needs, it is quite significant to be aware of the predisposed actions of any canine. Most pet dogs are proficient in customizing all their natural tendencies, yet there will certainly be considerable effort and vigilance on the owner’s part.

Is English Toy Spaniel Dog hypoallergenic? 

No, English Toy Spaniel dogs are not hypoallergenic. They have a double coat that sheds and, thus, leaves pet dandruff in your home. Pet dander is the essential driver of pet-related allergies.

The person who is used to spells of sniffling, wheezing, coughing and irritation, and watery eyes when he interrelates with a pet are not allergic to the canine’s hair. Such allergic responses are set off by experience to proteins (called Can fone and Can f 2) that are shed in the dog’s dandruff or dead skin cells.

These proteins may also be shed in the pet’s saliva and urine and follow the dog’s hairs. All types of dogs shed these. That’s why there is no hypoallergenic pet.

However, few varieties shed their hair slightly. This decrease is the best choice for pet lovers who are allegorical and still desire a hairy friend. 

Is English Toy Spaniel Dog easy to train?


English Toy Spaniel is an energetic dog, but they will have a tough time concentrating on one special task for some time. Thus, training them can be a difficult task for you.

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That’s why, while training this puppy, you should remember when, where, and how to train it. Someone should start training from its doggy hood, such as when he is in 9-10 weeks.

His mind is in the developing stage, and he can perceive things much better and fast. At this time, you can train them about housebreaking, friendliness, and respecting the owner. When he is 2-3 years old, you can work on him with some advanced tricks. 

Moreover, it is good to train in English. Toy Spaniel is an open and relaxing place. If you try to train them in a crowded place, you will not teach them something but distract them.

However, a room is best for their training. Try to train such a puppy in the same place to adopt it. If you change their place daily, it may confuse him, and he will take time to adjust to it. 

English Toy Spaniel Dog behavior problems 

The most common behavior problems in English Toy Spaniel dogs are the break-in house, barking excessively, taking hold of things, stealing food in your absence, jumping on people, chewing on your hands, bags or shoes, etc.

They may also jerk on the chain, continuously search for care, guard their food or toys, and be violent toward people or other dogs. You can also find them in fights when you try to lock up him, hunt the cat, and chew on the stuff or your other possessions.

Moreover, boredom and irritation are the main problems of behavior in such pets. If you deal with your dog in an inappropriate environment, he will imagine that he loves you and does not need to follow you. It is also a big factor in behavior issues.

On the other hand, if you treat your dog appropriately, he will imagine he doesn’t love you and that you are a good caretaker of him. If you are not giving him enough exercise or playing activities, he may also misbehave. 

How much does English Toy Spaniel cost?


English Toy Spaniel is more easily affordable than ordering one from a breeder. Generally, their cost is around $300 for taking care of the dog before adoption.

On the other hand, buying English Toy Spaniels from breeders may be excessively luxurious. Based on breeding, they typically charge around about $1,000-$1,800.

However, the price of buying can also change depending on some other factors like breeders’ site, status, litter size, a family of the pet, breed fame, training, socialization, hard work, breed lines, and many others.

But it would be best if you kept in mind the estimated price to own a dog before investing their coins in puppy buying.

While accessing the cost, you should count food amount, injections, heartworm, deworming, bug control, veterinary bills, spay charges, training, dental care, food, exercise, and materials like a collar, jalopy, bed, bowls, bones, toys, and many others. All these items are of utmost importance and should be included in the cost analysis. 

Where to buy/adopt an English Toy Spaniel Dog?

Getting a healthy and best puppy is not an easy task. But if you reach the honest stage, this hard task will become an easy search. To find a healthy English Spaniel Dog near you, see here; 

  • One of the simplest ways to buy an English Spaniel dog is to reach Adopt-a-Pet.com. They will help you to find the desired puppy at an affordable cost near you. You can go through this website and enter the required fields in the given search section.
  • Save a Rescue is another particular podium in English Toy Spaniels. It is the best place to search for a breed in a particular area. 
  • Vippuppies also always work for you to give your queries the last touch. If you got irritated in your search and still are without the desired dog, we are here to serve you for this adoption. 

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