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20 Essential Facts Dog Lovers must always remember!


by Paul Conwall


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Do you have a furry and fluffy pet at home, whom you love to cuddle? Well, dogs are considered to be man’s best friend.

Their happiness is synonymous to three things in life,

  • Lots of food and treats
  • Regular walks and some fun time
  • Cuddles and lots of love from their owners

Keeping a dog at home means that you have to be quite responsible in their overall well-being.

From scheduling their bath times to feeding them with the right amount of food, your dog will stand by you through kith and kin.

However, owners are sometimes ignorant of some crucial facts about the life of dogs.

Every now and then, the lessons that you learn from dogs are enormous, and you remember it for your lifetime.

Therefore, let us look at some of the most basic truths that you will learn from your pet dogs. 

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Essential facts about dogs that owners should know about:

Dogs are gentle and can be your best companion at all significant times.

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Their enthusiasm and natural tendency to imitate and follow their owners is the sweetest thing in the world.

Therefore, listed below are some of the most significant dog facts that all owners should know about:

1. The average life span of a dog is very less, in comparison to that of humans.

The life span of the dog differs according to the breed that you have at home.

For example, Pomeranians can live up to 12 years, while Golden retrievers have a life span of 10-11 years. At most, a dog can live for 20 years and not more than that.

Therefore, you need to start caring for your dog and show some deep concern for this four-legged creature. Make the most use of this time count!

2. Sometimes, fear or any distinct thought can make the dogs aggressive.

In order to calm down your pet dogs, you have to train them and teach some basic socialization skills.

When dogs learn to mix with people, they start to recognize the smell.

In this situation, they fail to be aggressive and show their gratitude by wagging their tail.

Therefore, by means of confidence, shower some faith and love on your dog!


3. Children growing up with dogs are not that healthy.

However, such kids tend to be better humans and are more mature as well.

It is often said that dogs carry an immune system, which is sensitive and are prone to fewer allergies.

Therefore, kids that are raised with pets, especially dogs, are considered to be intelligent, happy, and a lot more caring.

Dogs tend to bond with kids easily, just like kids love to bond with dogs!

4. Did you know that dog kisses can improve your overall health?

This is an extremely shocking fact, quite relatable.

Dog’s saliva contains some essential microbes, which are considered to be probiotics.

When dog’s kiss you, these are automatically transferred onto your skin. This keeps you healthy!

5. A common fact that very fewer owners know about is that dogs love to have some job assigned to them.

When you instruct your dogs, they tend to accept that with confidence.

Assigning any kind of job to dogs keeps them focused, healthy, and happy too.

Like it’s said, ‘’a tired dog is a happy dog!’’

6. The main reason why dogs are considered to be man’s best friend is simply that they want to love and keep their human friends happy all the time.

Thus, owners should make an effort to teach their dogs some new tricks, behaviors, and further develop bonds.

Studies have consistently proved that dogs naturally bond with humans, very similar to babies, bonding with their parents!

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7. A common fact that owners already know about is that dogs can reduce your stress and help in activating ‘’happy hormones’’ in your body.

This is pretty much right, as you get more stabilized when dogs are around you.

Owners love their dogs as much as they love their kids. Thus, the emotional bond is pretty high here.

Dogs help to reduce heart rates in humans too!


8. When in need, dogs will also look up to their owners for any form of help.

Dogs always know that their human friend is present for security and comfort at all times.

9. Dogs never get angry.

They are psychologically active than humans. In fact, even a small gesture that you show for your dog can make the creature happy.

You can instantly capture the precious reaction as they wag their tails and jump with joy.

The more time you spend with your dog, the more love you will receive in return!

10. The tenth most important fact that is necessary to understand is that dogs are sensitive to all sorts of environments.

This is possibly true when the weather is too hot or too cold. Therefore, you must build some shelter for your dog.

The extreme summer heat can cause damage to the fur. 

11. Owners should know that physically grooming is extremely important for dogs.

This means bathing and brushing are mandatory, along with trimming the toenails.

The fur should also be brushed daily. Brushing your dog’s teeth helps in avoiding cavities and other diseases. 

12. When humans are upset, your dog stands by you and keeps you emotionally strong.

Researches have proved that dogs tend to cry when their fellow human friends are sick.

Dogs will then try to comfort you and shower love in the best manner possible. In fact, dogs are so emotional that they tend to comfort strangers too. 

13. You can never leave your dogs alone for too long.

Dogs love to mix with people and are, therefore, known as ‘’social animals’’.

On that note, when dogs are left alone, they go through a period of anxiety.

Separation for too long can make dogs restless, and they might also cry.

Thus, you must give your dog’s company all the time. 


14. Dogs can never understand any long speech that you give.

What dogs understand are some special keywords, a few vocal tones, and certainly, their owner’s body gestures.

Your dog interacts with you by means of these gestures only!

15. Dogs love to eat.

They immediately start to wag their tails, when it’s time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

However, owners must make sure that they are not fed any sort of unhealthy food.

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This means that richly fried and toxic foods should be avoided.

If your dog is fed raw meat, make sure that the meat is tender for easy digestion. 

16. Dogs thrive on positive energy, and they love spreading happiness.

When you train your dogs, always keep in mind they are going to be with you in your toughest times.

As a result, you should not impose any sort of harsh training conditions or be too strict towards your dog.

To avoid problems of excess anger or aggression, you must show a positive attitude towards your dog. 

17. A good fact about these four-legged creatures is that they are quite expressive in nature.

This means that they love to show that they are happy or sad. Although they cannot speak, their expressions are strong enough to convey what they really feel.

Thus, you must pay attention to your dog’s feelings in order to know them better.

18. At times of your illness, your dogs might not be as energetic as you think.

Therefore, if their actions have suddenly changed or they are acting too violently, it is because they are not feeling well.

Even an illness can trigger mood swings in your dog. Thus, it is on the part of the owner’s responsibility to understand the indications and be there for your dog at all times. 


19. Remember your dog and its waggy tail when it first arrived at your home as a little puppy?

Well, dogs grow up pretty quickly, and old dogs deserve to be treated well, just like small puppies.

Even senior animals, especially old dogs, are equally loyal and loving as puppies.

20. The loyalty of dogs is unquestionable.

These animals have always proved this fact.

Your dog will always stay by your side, no matter how hard the situation is. Dogs are like a foundation, quite stable in nature and that you can rely on.

Therefore, when your dog is too sick or is deceased, you feel the pain.

Thus, show your dog all the care in the world, and it will show you the same!

With all of the above impressive dog facts, it’s now time to check on some important duties as an owner of the dog and understand the meaning of this beautiful bonding!

There are so many things that you can learn from your dog, most importantly, life lessons that no one else can point out to you.

Thus, when you think of getting a new dog at home, make sure that you understand all dog facts.

Learn more about feeding and health tips to keep the creature happy and jolly. 

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