Facts about Fourche Terrier Dog Breed

Dogs are the man’s best friend. It carries a lot of benefits, not only emotionally but also mentally and holistically. Dogs symbolize hope, love, care, and charity. With its paws, wagging tail, and wet nose, a stressful day can be wiped easily.

Nowadays, dog breeds are getting more expansive, but one of the Fourche Terrier’s remaining favorites. Have you heard and seen one before? Well, if yes, then you’re lucky. But if you own one, then you’re blessed.

Owning a Fourche Terrier dog is considered both a blessing and responsibility in treating it like a real child. Given that, below are some of the frequently asked questions about this breed to better understand it. Also, these will serve as guides towards a better way of handling and taking care of a Fourche Terrier.

What’s a Fourche Terrier?


A Fourche Terrier refers to a designer breed of dog that is a beautiful blend of a Yorkshire Terrier and a West Highland White Terrier.

Both of these dog breeds are small in size. That is why a Fourche Terrier is also small, reaching only nine inches of height and 13 pounds as its weight. It has a rough and thick coat that is medium to long.

In terms of their color, it has a color combination of black, brown, and white. Also, this breed of dog is guaranteed alert, cheerful, and able to make families smile.

The only problem here is that Fourche Terriers can be stubborn at some point. This is because of their excess energy that needs to be expressed through running, playing, jumping, or generally being hyper.

Historical Background of a Fourche Terrier


Moving on, let us also discuss its historical background for a better and deeper understanding of the origin of this dog breed.

From Scotland, the West Highland White Terrier was bred in 1800 from other Terriers to hunt animals such as fox, rat, otter, and badger. Some of it is related to Skye, Cairn, Dandie Dinmont, and Scottish.

There is white color because of a mistake in identity that led to the death of a Westie owned by Colonel Malcolm of Poltalloch- a known breeder and hunter.

Also, after this breed was misidentified as a fox, he then decided to own only white dogs. Thus, it moved forwards to the introduction in 1905 in the United States, then recognized in 1908 by the American Kennel Club. Currently, the breed is on the 41st list of top dog breeds in the U.S.

On the other hand, the Yorkshire Terrier is from 1800 in England and was used for hunting mice and rats. This breed was first thought to be a mix of Skye Terrier, Dandie Dinmont, Waterside Terrier, Clydesdale, Paisley, Black and Tan Terrier, and Maltese.

Also, this breed is considered to be the most popular and beautiful, among others. They may be small in size, but their hunting skills are pretty impressive. In addition to that, they have long, gray-blue hair, which makes them stand out. In the list, the Yorkshire Terrier got the 9th spot.

What does Fourche Terrier look like?


The appearance of dogs is the simplest and easiest way to identify them from the rest. This can help us identify what breed it is, its types, features, and many more.

For the Fourche Terrier, its appearance can be remembered easily. It is a tiny designer dog that has a length of medium to long. Its color ranges from black, white, chocolate and dark brown, white and cream, light brown and gold, merle, spotted, brindle, and gray and black.

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The coat is rough and thick usually though some are soft and shiny like a Yorkshire Terrier. Also, their ears are large and a bit pointed, yet they hang down and stand up when listening.

A Fourche Terrier can weigh from 12 to 15 pounds in terms of its weight while having a height of 8 to 10 inches. Their eyes are large and dark; they have a black wet nose, a curious and alert expression, and a small round head.

How big do Fourche Terrier get?

Different dogs have a height difference. For a Fourche Terrier, its height only reaches a maximum of 10 inches since it is a tiny designer dog.

This means that it is a dog made for fashion, design, indoor, and generally for sassy purposes. However, back in the days, this dog breed and its two origin breeds can catch small animals such as mice and rats despite the short legs.

Another thing, their size depends on the kind of diet they have. Although they are tiny, they also have chances to become huge and weigh a lot.

How much do Fourche Terriers weigh?


In terms of their weight, a Fourche Terrier can weigh 10 to 15 pounds. It is the maximum weight of this breed as it is a tiny designer dog. So, making them weigh a lot is not recommended and might to problems only such as health problems and obesity.

It is also important to consider that a dog breed like the Fourche Terrier needs a healthy and balanced diet. In this way, they can gain the best benefits from the food they eat and utilize it to put their body in the best condition.

Junk and other unhealthy foods must be restricted from their reach since they can harm their health. Also, do not hand them down any food that you eat as it can have different body reactions to it. Be cautious; that’s all they need!

Do Fourche Terriers shed?

Fourche Terrier has a thick, hypoallergenic, and rough coat, requiring a moderate amount only of grooming. Shedding happens to them often with that volume of coat, but it is still required for you to brush their coat daily to prevent them from getting dirty or tangled.

You can also take them to your nearest veterinary center or pet grooming facility to get a trim. This can make your Fourche Terrier maintain its soft and silky coat along with using appropriate dog shampoo and conditioners.

Another thing, prevention is better than cure, so it is only needed for you to take good care of their coat. Ticks, lice, and other pests that can invade your dog’s healthy coat must be prevented.

So, use only the appropriate and proven effective materials for their protection. Also, choose the natural ones more than the chemical-infused as dogs can have body reaction when exposed to a particular chemical type.

How often should you bathe a Fourche Terrier?


Fourche Terrier has a thick coat, and grooming them is essential. With that, you need to brush their coat regularly and trim those hairs occasionally that surrounds their eyes, feet, and ear.

For the bathing, your Fourche Terrier needs it whenever it is needed. Use an appropriate and safe dog shampoo to treat their coat the best way you can.

Also, you need to check their ears for infections every week. Just be careful that you don’t pick dirt harshly, resulting in bleeding or a wound. Another thing, you can pluck their hairs from head to face for them to look round and win a beauty contest.

Take note that bathing is not only to make them look good but also to make them feel good. Fourche Terrier is a dog breed described as a designer dog, so making them both looking and feeling good is a must. Always prioritize their health to expand their lifespan and make them grow healthily.

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Do Fourche Terrier dogs bark a lot?

Fourche Terrier dogs do not bark frequently. They are the dog breed that is great with adults and children. They are also loyal, yet not yappy. Also, this dog breed makes the best dog for training as they are very obedient.

They are also smart, so they can easily learn new tricks or lessons from the training. These are the main reasons why Fourche Terrier is mostly chosen as a dog breed for contests both in beauty and skill-related.

Now, they only need to be trained properly, as well as given enough attention. When these are applied, this dog breed can provide you the best benefits in life. With them, you can experience being a professional dog trainer and might as well join in contests such as Crufts.

Are Fourche Terriers hypoallergenic?


Yes, Fourche Terriers are hypoallergenic.When we say hypoallergenic, it refers to the characteristics of furry animals being below the allergenic line.

In other words, they are unlikely to bring any allergic reaction to human beings. Given that, the Fourche Terrier is best for any home, even though kids are inside. They make the best indoor pet dog that can bond with the whole family without worrying about an allergic reaction.

Another thing, people who have respiratory problems such as asthma can’t be restricted from touching and petting a Fourche Terrier. They are safe to touch, pet, and even hug.

Moreover, Fourche Terrier can also sleep beside the children or adults. This is not only because they are hypoallergenic but also because they are frequently shed only. Given that, only a few strands of fur can be left on the bed.

Are Fourche Terriers easy to train?

Training a Fourche Terrier is a bit challenging because this breed of little designer dogs has an attitude, can be feisty and stubborn. However, they can also be the most intelligent and eager to please the dog breed.

These reasons make them easy to train, especially when they are engaged in the activities. Besides, no matter the dog’s personality, as long as you’re patient and consistent, your dog can easily yield the best results. Also, you only need to stick with positive and reinforcing techniques, including treats, rewards, and praise.

Another thing, if the Fourche Terrier is excessively barking, especially when the bell rang, just command it to be quiet. Do not command with an angry tone but make it sound reinforcing. In this way, the dog can feel and know that you are its owner. Be soft but show power over them.

Moreover, if you are doing crate training for your Fourche Terrier, you need to be aware of their tendency to dig out. Given that, you need to teach them how to use a crate and preventing getting upset at the same time.

Here, you can try incorporating commands such as sleep or crate or make a cozy crate space filled with treats, as this can encourage them to be obedient.

Fourche Terrier behavior problems


In terms of behavior, a Fourche Terrier can show you random problems.
Fourche Terrier is a breed known for its smart, friendly, and lively personality. It is also independent and curious; that’s why it likes to wander around.

There are also times wherein the Fourche Terriers can be stubborn and aggressive, but they are loyal and alert and are willing to do anything to protect their loved ones.

Also, due to they have a curious and suspicious personality, Fourche Terriers make the best watchdogs. They can easily sense a suspicious movement or invader at your place and alert you about it.

Many cases were already shared and reported in which this dog breed helped scare stealers and criminals. Thus, they can make you feel and live safe.

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Another thing, if you are spending a lot of time at work or have been stuck in the middle of traffic, this dog breed is not recommended for you.

This is because a Fourche Terrier has the risk of suffering separation anxiety. They are dog breeds that can’t be left alone, especially for a long time.

They are fond of having their human owner beside or just close to them. If not, they’ll feel lonely easily and be stressed out. With that, they can suffer from different effects on their mentality, physicality, and health.

So, once this dog breed made time and effort to bond with you, that means that they love you for their whole life, and they are willing to make you happy with their silly personality.

Just remember to handle them gently and with care so that they can get along with you and your kids as well. Also, when they are introduced to other pets properly, they can be the best of friends in life.

Common Health Problems of a Fourche Terrier

Like any other dog breeds, a Fourche Terrier is also prone to various diseases and health-related concerns. The diseases are commonly seen and taken from their parent breeds, but the guarantee of them having it is low.

This is because a hybrid canine is way harder and healthier than its parent breeds. So, it may make them prone but lesser to any form of dog disease.

The health problems that can commonly affect the parent breeds of a Fourche Terrier include patellar luxation, lung issues, hypoglycemia, and eye ailments such as cataracts, and progressive retinal atrophy, portosystemic shunts, Legg-Calve-Perthes disease, and craniomandibular osteopathy.

With these, you only need to provide effort when taking care of your Fourche Terrier. First, they need to consume only healthy and nutritious foods.

They also need regular bathe and grooming to help them be safe from pests that carry different diseases related to skin and coat. Also, providing them with their prescribed vitamins and medications can help them be free from any form of dog disease.

But above all, the only thing they need is your utmost care and love because everything comes from these. As long as love and care are sparking in between you and your dog, then both of you can look and feel good.

Life Expectancy of Fourche Terrier


In terms of the life expectancy of this breed, it can live an average of 12 to 15 years. During these years, you have the responsibility to make them look and feel great.

Also, it depends on the way you treat them, so as long as you give them the best care, love, and attention, they can live a long life.

How much do Fourche Terriers cost?

In terms of the cost, a Fourche Terrier costs around $500- $1200. However, it still depends on the place you live, the puppy’s general health, and where you bought it.

Aside from the cost, you also need to buy the essentials such as a dog cage, toys, medicines, vitamins, and even clothes. After all, all of these expenses are going to be worth it when your dog is in its best health condition.

Where to buy/adopt Fourche Terrier dog

Lastly, buying or adopting a Fourche Terrier dog can be done either in a pet center or a dog pound. If you are looking for a puppy and have the best health condition, buying from your trusted pet center is the best.

On the other hand, if you want to make a new life for a Fourche Terrier, adopting one from a dog pound must be done.

We now hope that all of your questions about a Fourche Terrier dog are answered properly and accordingly. Now, decide if you are going to adopt or buy one.