French Bulldog Colors: A Complete List Of All 16 Recognized Coat Colors

French Bulldog is among the favorite dog breeds of pet lovers. They are excellent watchdogs and companions. This dog has a muscular, compact body, big, squared head, and a wrinkly face. If you want a cute pet, this dog breed will not fail you.

French Bulldogs have smooth, shiny, and short coats available in different colors. Do you want to own a French Bulldog but don’t know what coat color you’ll get? Don’t worry because we will provide you a list of all 16 recognized colors for a French Bulldog. 

Different Coat Colors of French Bulldog 

1. Fawn 

Fawn is among the approved colors for French Bulldogs by the AKC. Like other colors, fawn French Bulldog has a charming demeanor. This color can vary from light to dark. 

2. Fawn Brindle

Fawn Brindle is one of the Fawn color family. Most fawn-colored French Bulldogs come with white chests, black muzzles, and white patches on their coat. 


3. Fawn &White

Fawn & White also belongs to the Fawn color family. It has a neat look that will make you want to cuddle them. 

4. White & Fawn

White & Fawn Frenchies are also lovely to look at. Meanwhile, make sure to keep them neat since your dog can play in the mud and other messy things around them. 

5. Fawn Brindle & White

This color is also among the Fawn color family. It can range from light to dark. 

6. White

It is also called pied-colored. White French Bulldogs can have patches of fawn or Brindle. 


7. Brindle & White

The French Bulldog with Brindle & White can be light or dark based on the dog’s hair patterns. 

8. Brindle

The brindle color is also known as tiger-striped among French Bulldogs. It has a more elusive pattern with irregular color streaks that can be darker than the base coat. 

9. White & Brindle

White & Brindle Frenchies can also look light or dark based on their hair patterns. The dog can have white patches on the fur. 

They can also have a white chest. White & Brindle belongs to the Brindle color family. 


10. Cream & White

It belongs to the Cream color family for the breed. Frenchies with this color are quick to spot. It is also among the most common coat colors for the breed. 

11. Cream

Cream French Bulldogs are among the most available coat colors for the breed. They can have dark-colored eyes and dark noses. 

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12. Lilac

Lilac is a rare coat color of French Bulldogs. Even though this color is rare, Lilac French Bulldogs are still adorable. Its coat is grayish-brown with white patches. It has a reddish-pink or grey-blue nose. Since it is rare, Lilac can be expensive. 

13. Blue

Blue is another rare color for the breed. It is not recognized for the French Bulldogs by the AKC, but they are popular. It can be prone to some health issues due to breeding practices. Fortunately, some reputable breeders have good breeding practices. 


14. Blue & Tan

Blue & Tan Frenchies are also rare. Like other colors of the breed, they can be cuddly, cute, and adorable pets. These dogs have traces of dilution around their paw pads, ears, masks, and noses. 

15. Blue Merle

This color is also rare for Frenchies. However, its rare color can add appeal to your dog. If you want a cute and unique French Bulldog, Blue Merle is a good option. 

16. Chocolate & Tan

Chocolate & Tan belongs to the rare colors of the breed. They have a cute appearance and lovely personalities. This color is among the most expensive French Bulldog colors. 

What is the rarest color of French Bulldog?  

The rarest color of a French Bulldog is Blue Merle. Since it is a rare color, except that it comes with a high price tag, it is also essential to search for a reliable breeder that practices good breeding practices as you plan to own your Blue Merle French Bulldog. 

Other rare coat colors for French Bulldogs include Lilac, Blue, Chocolate & Tan, and Blue & Tan. Rare-colored French Bulldogs are unique and may add appeal to your pet. Keep in mind that a rare-colored Frenchie can be prone to various health problems because of its breeding. 

Meanwhile, not all rare colors of this breed are bred irresponsibly. There are responsible and reputable breeders that can provide you with healthy Frenchie. It is also a good idea to get pet insurance for your pet.


What is the best color for a French Bulldog?

There are many color options for a French Bulldog, so it can be challenging to say the best color for a French Bulldog. The Brindle-colored dogs are also popular because of their mixed colors. They have darker coats compared to fawn-colored and white Frenchies. So, they can have a cleaner appearance. 

Meanwhile, we can’t deny that all French Bulldog colors are cute, adorable, and loving pets. So, you can choose the best color of the breed based on your preferences. You can have a petite and easy-to-cuddle pet. 

What is the original color of a French Bulldog?

It is a fact that French Bulldog is among the breeds that have different coat colors. The original or standard colors for the breed include Brindle & White, Brindle, Fawn, Cream, Fawn & White, White, Fawn Brindle, White & Fawn, and White & Brindle. 

More often, you can see Brindle Frenchies. It has a dark color coat with lighter color hair strands. It is the most commonly available color of Frenchie. 

Fawn is another standard color for the breed. It has a lighter tan coat that ranges from light to dark reddish tan. 

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Additionally, white Frenchies are also among the common French Bulldog color. They have a porcelain white coat with a darker mask. 


What’s the most popular French Bulldog color?

Brindle is considered the most popular French Bulldog color. It has a dominant dark color that comes with lighter strands. It is the most dominant and oldest color for the breed.

How to take care of a French Bulldog?  

Owning a French Bulldog comes with great responsibility. You need to know how to take care of your Frenchie to keep them healthy, happy, and active. The following are essential ideas to take care of your French Bulldog. 


French Bulldogs have low grooming needs. You can brush the coat of your Frenchie weekly or as needed. They are also prone to dental problems, so they brush their teeth about three times weekly.

It is also essential to clean the ears of your pet. Make sure to check the eyes and facial wrinkles of your Frenchie. Thus, their eyes and skin may collect debris. 


You can provide your pet with regular exercise. You can provide them with inside play and daily walks. However, Frenchies can be sensitive to warm temperatures, so avoid prolonged exposure to heat stress. 


Proper nutrition is essential to help your Frenchie enjoy a quality life. Make sure to provide your French Bulldog with healthy and nutritious foods. Feed them consistently and don’t provide them with human food. Feed your pet with quality food that is right for their age. 


Medical needs 

It is also essential to be responsible for their medical needs. Provide your pet with a regular medical checkup to monitor their health status. With this, you can know if they are suffering from a health issue and treat them early. Since Frenchies are prone to common health issues, you need to seek the help of a professional vet. 


If you want your French Bulldog to be a well-mannered dog, you can also train them positively. Give them early socialization to reduce their destructive behavior. 

Spend quality time with your pet 

One of the best ways to take care of your French Bulldog is to give them enough time, love, and support. You can play more with your pet to make them special. It can help to reduce the occurrence of separation anxiety, boredom, and loneliness. Treat your French Bulldog like a child that needs support and love. 

By considering these ideas, you can take care of your French Bulldog in the best possible way. 

How to maintain the coat of your French Bulldog?

If you have a French Bulldog, you need to be responsible for its coat maintenance. So, you can maintain your pet’s beautiful and smooth coat. You can bathe your French Bulldog about four times yearly if they frequently play outside.

Dry your pet after a bath. Make sure to use a leave-in conditioner and dry shampoo for bathing your pet. Additionally, brush your dog regularly to remove parasites, dirt, and loose hair. 

What are the common health issues for a French Bulldog? 

Like other dog breeds, French Bulldogs may also suffer from health issues. The common health problems for the breed include:

Ear infections

Ear infections are among the common health issues for Frenchies due to their narrow ear canals. The swollen glands can create an abnormal amount of wax that can result in inflammation. 

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Another common health problem for this breed is conjunctivitis (pink eye). It is a conjunctiva inflammation, or the membrane covering the whites of the dog’s eyes. It can be caused by infection due to a response to bacteria. 


GI and stomach problems are also common in the breed. French Bulldogs can be sensitive to different bacteria like parasites, e-coli, or viruses that can result in diarrhea.

Prolonged diarrhea can result in dehydration. If you observe that your dog has wet, bloody, runny, or unusual foul-smelling droppings, there’s a tendency that your dog suffers from diarrhea. 

Breathing problems 

French Bulldogs have short muzzles, so it is possible that regular breathing and panting can lead to shortness of breath. They may have difficulty breathing due to posture-related problems. 

Skin problems 

French Bulldogs may also suffer from skin problems. They are prone to allergies that can lead to skin rashes which make them itch and bite. 

Color dilution alopecia 

The color dilution alopecia is common for blue dogs in any breed, so French Bulldog is no exception. It is also called blue dog alopecia. This condition can lead to chronic skin inflammation and hair loss. 

The inflammation can also result in skin cracks, ruptures, and injuries. With this, your dog can be prone to infections. 

Is it worth it to have a French Bulldog as your pet?


Is it worth it to have a French Bulldog as your pet? Well, the answer is yes. Aside from their cute appearance, they are also charming and cuddly pets. They are available in various colors, but rare colors can add to the appeal of the dogs. 

However, you should remember that rare French Bulldogs may suffer from various health problems because of their breeding.

Fortunately, many reputable breeders practice good breeding to offer you quality and healthier rare-colored French Bulldogs. It is also essential to get pet insurance for your French Bulldog. If you want a cute and best companion, the French Bulldog will not fail you. 

What is the personality of a French Bulldog? 

Aside from their cute appearance, French Bulldogs also have adorable personalities. They may be small but tough. If you want an affectionate family dog and companion, this breed can be for you. They are playful, sweet, and friendly. Meanwhile, you should train your pet to enhance their behavior.  


To sum it up, the colors of French Bulldogs can depend on the genes of their parents. With lots of color options, you can choose from light to dark color coats of your pet. Whatever is the color of your French Bulldog, make sure to provide them with enough love and care to enjoy happy, healthy, and quality living. 

Like what we mentioned above, there are common and rare coat colors, so you can choose the best color that suits your standards and preference. The breed is one of the most attractive dogs you can make as your pet. Get your French Bulldog now! 

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