French Bulldog Dog Facts and Information (Frenchies)

French bulldogs were originated from the land of England. These dogs are basically the descendants of English bulldogs. French people began liking these different kinds of bulldogs and it became a trend to keep them as pets.

The highlights of these dogs are bat shaped ears and lovely expressions. French bulldogs have the body weight around 24-28 pounds with muscular body and cute appearance.

Bat ears in upright position are the unique element in these dogs. They are happy dogs and clown like smile will always be there on their faces. The legs are short and height is approximately 12 inches. They are found in different colors and coats.

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Brown and tan are the common blended colors in these animals and they don’t require a lot of grooming. These dogs have lesser requirement for maintenance, which is one of the best aspects in them.

French Bulldog Breed Characteristics:

French bulldogs are the best companion mates and a kind of family breed. They make friends with the other members of the family very soon and are happy to wag the tails at strangers. You will find them attached to all the family members and especially one member in the family. They adapt to a new environment very easily and try to be center of attraction in the house.

french bulldog
french bulldog
french bulldog

Frenchies are not easy to breed. There is not too much population of these dogs all over the world. They reproduce mainly by cesarean delivery because of the huge heads and a female can bear maximum three pups at a time.

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The life span of these dogs is about 12-14 years. They are sensitive to heat and can’t swim. You will have to take care of French bulldogs as they get suffocated with overheated environment. These intelligent creatures will make your life happier and add to the joys in your house.

Tips for choosing French Bulldog Pups

French bulldogs are originated from English bulldog breed. They were taken by the English lace workers to the land of France in 19th century. Mini bulldogs made their appearance in several shows in the beginning of 90s and became popular.

French bulldog puppies have clown like appearance and have amicable outlook. They are well behaved and can live in small apartments also. They appear muscular, but have lesser strength in comparison to the English version.

They have affectionate nature and spread happiness all around. They are playful and alert all the time. They can go out for walks and can’t over exert due to their short noses and big heads. This breed grows up to reveal the potato like shape of the face and will love you for everything you do for them.

Male French bulldogs can be hostile to other dogs in some cases, but the majority of them are peaceful in nature. Bulldog pups require a lot of affection to become obedient and right training can make them amazing pets.

Before finalizing your mind for buying French bulldogs, make sure that you follow these important tips:

  • Snuffling, snoring or slobbering is the general nature of French bulldogs and if you feel uncomfortable with these things, it would be better to avoid them.
  • In case, you are getting the pet as a watchdog, don’t choose Frenchies as they can be leisure and don’t bark much. They are slow in making response to the stimuli.
  • Keeping the pet with the busy lifestyle and small apartment will be a good option. French bulldogs can’t bear too much of exercising as they can get respiratory issues.
  • You need to be cautious while having a swimming pool at the home with the French bulldog. They are bad swimmers due to heavy head and muscular body and can’t swim at all.
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