10 Things ONLY French Bulldog Owners Understand

French bulldogs are understandably the holders of the top spots in America’s list of popular dog breeds.

Their look and attitude symbolize their tenacity, and that is why you’ll find them drawing everybody’s attention anywhere they go.

I am sure that it’s well known how these fur balls bring alive the third-metric values of wisdom, giving and well-being.

Those privileged to be having one at their home can attest to the lively experience this dogs impact in their daily life.

If you are thinking of getting this spot-on Frenchie and I guess you are, then here are the facts only their owners will understand.

You are frequently asked if your pup is a pug or a Boston terrier.

french bulldog puppies
The two breeds might look similar in their general appearance.

They are often a subject of casual comparison, but of course, a person who has had an experience with a french bulldog will not find any teasing similarity between them.

French bulldogs are big on being stubborn.

french bulldog puppies
A French bulldog is an independent thinker and can quite challenge you in training.

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They quickly lose interest in repetitive activities and so tricking him to continue being with you during the training session can be a discouraging task.

Meanwhile, these dogs are very faithful to their owners.

They frequently fart but will seem very surprised with what they have just done.

french bulldog puppies
French bulldogs will pass gas frequently but will hilariously give a shocked look.

They are a kind of funny dogs you will always find humor out of their famous characters.

They prefer to be the center of attention everywhere.

french bulldog puppies
The Frenchies are known to be very lively and will enjoy a lot the loving feel when everybody is engaged with them.

French bulldogs rarely make noise.

french bulldog puppies
Having a dog that barks all through can be very annoying.

This is a behavior not prevalent with Frenchies as they rarely raise their voice.

You can rest assured of remaining at peace with fellow apartment dwellers.

While on a leash, French bulldogs can transmit their 25-pound weight to 200-pound.

french bulldog puppies
We earlier saw these dogs as overly stubborn, and in case you are leading them on a leash to a place they don’t feel comfortable, they will resist and not move even an inch.

While on walks, be prepared for forced stops.

french bulldog puppies
They prefer to get all errands done before making the next step forward. They have to sniff a neighbor’s bag and try to diversify the route you are heading them.

French bulldogs are a bit dirty when eating.

french bulldog puppies
They will get the food all over themselves, on the floor, walls and almost anything nearby.

You can always stay prepared to take him back to the bath and also clean your floor.

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They are experts at laziness.

french bulldog puppies
Frenchies love hanging around without much of tiring encounters.

You try to trick them to continue walking, and they will stick an eye on you without making any step unless you remove and hold their bag of treats.

After a long walk on the street, you can be assured of carrying him back home in your bag.

Your dog will be better when dressed up.

french bulldog puppies
Just bear with this fact though it is always more for the owner than for the animal. Getting your dog dressed up like a cowboy can make him very adorable.

Summarily, a french bulldog should be on the short list in your next outing to get a house pet.

They are charming little dogs and a good choice especially if you want an active breed not requiring much of exercises.

I bet you are already formulating a budget for getting yourself a member of this quintessential breed.

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