The 15 Friendliest Dog Breeds That Love People

As we know, the dog is man’s best friend. Dogs can be a great companion at home.

Pet lovers treat their dogs as family members. Are you looking for a friendly and affectionate dog?

The following is a list of the 15 friendliest dog breeds that love people to help you choose.

1. Pembroke Welsh Corgi


The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is one of the friendliest dog breeds. They are originally bred as a guard, herding, and companion dogs.

They require more playtime and physical stimulation. This breed is very affectionate and focuses on their human families.

They can weigh about 30 pounds and usually has a height of 10 to 12 inches.

They are available in different colors such as tan and black, red, fawn, and sable with white markings. 

These cute small dogs are active, fun, energetic, loving, and happy. If you wish to have an outgoing friend, Pembroke Welsh Corgi is the best choice.

You can be amazed by the lovable and friendly personality of this dog breed.

This dog is prone to overeating, so you must check their food consumption to prevent them from being overweight. 

2. Beagle


Another friendly dog breed that loves people is the Beagle. They have a cheerful personality and loves to spend quality time with their humans.

The dog breed is also very active and loves to play fetch and go for long walks.

They are affectionate dogs that love to cuddle with their owners.

With this, you must give them love, attention, and more hugs to make them feel happy and appreciated. 

The Beagle can grow up to 15 inches. They can weigh about 30 pounds.

They can have solid build and colors such as brown and white, black and tan, and more.

With a Beagle, you can have a pet that can have an emotional connection with you.

Sometimes, they can be a little bit naughty, but their happy and easy-going behavior makes up for it. 

3. Labrador Retriever


The Labrador Retriever is a picture of friendliness with its happy grins and warm eyes.

This dog breed is bred initially as a companion dog for fishermen and hunters.

They love to be with people. Their height is about 22 to 25 inches and weighs about 55 to 80 pounds.

Labrador Retriever comes with a shot and dense coat.

They have an athletic build and available in various colors like chocolate, black and yellow. 

The breed has a carefree and sweet nature. They are also energetic dogs, so you must provide them with daily physical exercise.

It is friendly both to people as well as other animals. They are easy to please, dependable, and loyal. They are also found in pleasing their human families. 

4. Irish Setter


The Irish Setter comes with spunky, carefree behavior that you will surely love.

They can grow about 25 to 27 inches and can weigh around 60 to 70 pounds.

They have silky and long feathering and fringe. They come in different colors like chestnut, red, and mahogany. 

If this dog’s energy gets confined, they may engage in unwanted actions like chewing or excessive barking.

With that, make sure to provide them with regular exercise for physical and mental stimulation.

It can help them avoid boredom, separation anxiety, and other behaviors that can be destructive. 

5. Golden Retriever


The Golden Retriever is naturally friendly on both humans and other animals.

They are confident and comes with a cheerful outlook that allows them to explore their world easily.

This breed has a height of about 22 to 24 inches and can weigh around 55 to 75 pounds.

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They have a wavy or straight coat, well-balanced body and comes in light to dark golden color. 

It is among the most popular breeds in the United States.

If you want a lovable and appreciative pet, the Golden Retriever is the best option.

They are also intelligent, which makes them a good working dog. 

6. Boxer


Boxer is a dog breed that needs attention. They may have an intimidating look due to their muscular build and square faces.

They are pleasant, friendly, and affectionate. The more love and attention you provide them, the more you can get from their super-friendly personality.

The boxers are the ideal companion for families, even with children.

Meanwhile, you must also provide the with early training to improve their social behavior. 

This friendly dog can grow about 22 to 25 inches and weighs around 50 to 80 pounds.

They have a short coat and colors like fawn brindle and white with a black mask or white spots.

You will surely love the friendliness of this cute dog breed. They are patient and protective. 

7. Poodle


A poodle is one of the favorite dog breeds of pet owners today. They are smart, outgoing, and friendly.

This dog breed loves to be with their human family. It is bubbly and affectionate, so you can feel a sense of belonging with them.

They are also active, so you can provide them with exercise for mental and physical stimulation. 

They can grow about 10 to 22 inches and can weigh about 6 to 70 pounds. They have 12 to 15 years lifespan.

You must also provide them with proper training to practice good manners.

You can offer them with regular grooming to maintain their healthy and beautiful coat.

They are protective of his or her home and family. This dog breed is generally healthy, but make sure to prevent them from common health problems.

They tend to be bored easily and get destructive, so you must keep them mentally and physically stimulated. 

8. Boston Terrier


The Boston Terrier is also one of the affectionate and friendly dog breeds. These dogs love to play and meet new friends.

It is adaptable, so they can be comfortable in different situations.

A Boston Terrier has a goofy smile that can melt your heart.

They can weigh about 12 to 25 pounds and can be 15 to 17 inches tall. 

The dog has a smooth coat, short face, and various colors like seal and white, black and white, brindle and white, and more.

With their adorable behavior, you can have more fun spending time with your dog.

They are originally bred as fighting dogs. However, they are considered one of the affectionate and gentle dogs today. With that, they are sometimes called ‘American Gentlemen.”

This dog breed is also prone to some health problems, so you must take care of them to maintain their good health.

So, you can spend more quality time with your loving and sweet dog. 

9. Border Collie

Border Collie

A Border Collie wants to please their owners.

They are also good at dog sports, like a flying disc, agility, and daily training.

They usually grow from 18 to 22 inches and can weigh about 30 to 55 pounds.

They have a smooth or rough coat, bicolor, solid, merle, tricolor, or sable.

They are lively and affectionate and can easily get along with everyone, both people or other animals. 

Their life expectancy is around 12 to 15 years. They have lots of energy, so you can offer them more playtime and exercise.

This dog loves to cuddle and demands attention from its owners. With their friendly personality, they have better socialization skills.

They are friendly, even to strangers. They are intelligent and trainable. It is also prone to overweight, so you better check their nutrition. 

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10. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The 15 Friendliest Dog Breeds That Love People 1

If you want more cuddles, you can make Cavalier King Charles Spaniel as your pet.

They are friendly and affectionate, which makes them a very good companion dog.

This dog breed loves to be with people. They don’t want to be left alone, so shower them with lots of love and attention.

With that, they will not suffer from boredom and separation anxiety. 

This breed’s height is about 12 to 13 inches and can weigh around 13 to 18 pounds.

They have a silky coat that comes in different colors like black and white, black and tan, and more.

Besides having a beautiful pet, you can have a lovable and friendly dog that can make you feel good. 

11. Bernese Mountain Dog

bernedoodle dog bernese mountain poodle mix

If you want a gentle giant pet, the Bernese Mountain Dog is the best choice.

It is warmhearted, affectionate, and sweet, which makes them an adorable pet.

It is also a good companion dog that is good for families and children.

If you want a best friend that can spend time with you at night, you can cuddle this dog breed on your couch while watching a movie night.

They love their human families, so you must also offer them lots of love and attention to make them feel happy and appreciated.   

They are considered as working dogs. They can grow from 23 to 28 inches and can weigh about 70 to 115 pounds.

Their life expectancy is around 6 to 10 years. They have a beautiful and tough coat which is suitable for heavy activities.

This hard worker dog is well-mannered, especially if you provide them with training.

This breed is calm, enthusiastic, and has a positive attitude about life.

They can do well with people, both adults and kids making them a perfect family dog. 

12. Newfoundland


Newfoundland dogs are other gentle giants that are perfect to be your companion dogs.

They are very sweet and called a nanny dog. They are very good with children because of their patience and being watchful.

They can grow about 100 to 150 Ibs and about 2′ 1″ to 2′ 5″ tall. If you want an intelligent and lovable pet, Newfoundland is a good choice.

These dogs are easy to train and have the potential for heroism. This dog is happy when he or she is around his or her family.

Make sure not to leave them alone for a long time to avoid boredom and separation anxiety.

Just like other dog breeds, you must offer them with early socialization.

You must expose them to sounds, people, and other experiences to be a well-rounded pet at an early age. 

13. Staffordshire Bull Terrier 

cavalier-king-charles-spaniel cavalier-king-charles-spaniel

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is among the friendliest dog breeds out there. It has a big smile that shows their friendliness.

It is sweet, easy to forgive, and considered one of the most loyal dogs. They love families and children.

They can be your favorite pet since they are intelligent, affectionate, and courageous. 

You must also need to train them early for socialization. This breed is playful, so you can provide them with more playtime, physical and mental stimulation.

It is also friendly to strangers. They can grow about 14 to 16 inches and can weigh around 24 to 38 pounds.

They have a lifespan of about 12 to 14 years. It is trustworthy and energetic.

If you want to have a cute companion, Staffordshire Bull Terrier is the best choice.

They can be your perfect partner in various activities like walking, running errands in the car, agility, therapy work, and more.

14. Bichon Frise 


The Bichon Frise comes with a fluffy white coat and black eyes. They love people and can be your energetic and happiest companion.

They need more playtime, so you must provide them lots of games and activities.

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However, you can offer them lots of love, care, and attention to show their adorable side.

They are smart and fun to spend time with. If you want a cute and lovely companion dog, Bichon Frise will not fail you.

They are friendly, even with children.

They can grow about 9 to 11 inches and can weigh around 7 to 12 pounds.

Their lifespan is 12 to 15 years, so you must be responsible for your pet’s good health.

Meanwhile, Bichon Frise is prone to separation anxiety, so you must give them more love and attention to make them feel loved and appreciated.

They can easily adapt to different lifestyles. It can be a good dog for apartments too.

Since they have more energy, you must give them with daily exercise, games, and walks. 

15. Chihuahuas


Chihuahuas is a small dog with a big personality. They are available in different coat colors and types.

They are also good at dog sports like obedience and agility. This breed is one of the top 10 watchdogs which are advised by experts.

They love to be with their people. Chihuahuas need minimum exercise and grooming.

They can weigh about 3 to 6 pounds and grow about 6 to 9 inches.

They have 10 to 18 years lifespan, so you must take care of them to prolong their life. 

They are a fun and lovable dog that loves to spend time with their human families.

They are also fast learners and smart. You must provide them with great training to improve their socialization skills. 

So, that is the list of the top 15 friendliest dog breeds that love people.

You can choose the best dog breed that suits your needs and personality. 

Taking care of people-friendly dog breeds 

Dogs are a great companion at home. However, if you want a pleasant and friendly dog, you must look for those raised around people.

With this, they can easily adapt to their environment, especially to different people.

You can give them proper training to enhance their behavior towards individuals. 

  • Health 

You must take note that friendly dog breeds are also prone to health issues.

Therefore, you must offer them the right nutrition, regular exercise, proper grooming, and lots of love, care, and attention.

You can also bring them to a professional vet for regular checkups. With that, you can monitor their health. 

  • Lifestyle 

Just like humans, your friendly and lovable dog deserves to enjoy a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Provide them with more playtime, exercise, and other activities for mental and physical stimulation.

Always make your dog feel loved and care to prevent separation anxiety, boredom, and loneliness. 

  • Grooming 

Proper grooming is essential for the overall health of your pet. Give them a regular bath to make it clean.

With that, it will not cause any allergy. Every dog breed sheds, so you need to keep them clean to maintain their beautiful coat. 

  • Nutrition 

Remember that dogs tend to be overweight due to overeating. Monitor their eating habits to keep their healthy body weight. 

To sum it up, taking care of your people-friendly dog needs dedication and full attention.

By offering them their basic needs, they can extend their lifespan and spend more time with you. 


A friendly dog can be a good family dog. They can be an acute and loving family member you can cuddle with on the couch.

They are also good with kids. However, you must also provide them with early training to practice good socialization. 

Dogs deserve to be loved and appreciated, so shower them with your love by offering them their basic needs.

Take them to a professional vet to monitor the status of their health.

Do you want to have a new member in your family? What are you waiting for? Get your friendly dog now! 

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