10 Things ONLY German Shepherd Dog Owners will Understand

The German Shepherd Dog is one of the most recognized dogs mainly due to their amazing qualities. This breed was initially developed in Germany to guard a shepherd’s flock.

The dogs have been courageously used as K-9 police dogs. However, their agility does not rule them out of being a man’s best friend.

They are ideal companions and protectors and have been praised for possessing versatile intelligence.

By owning this dog, you become a subject to private things that only German shepherd dog owners could understand.

This section is aimed at giving an overview of this thing about the noble breed.

1. You develop a fear that your dog could be smarter than them.

German Shepherd puppies

German Shepherds are among the top 3 smartest dogs. They are trained to carry out a surprising number of commands which includes a better response to the environment and alter itself to keep clean always.

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2. Chewing is just a part of life.

German Shepherd dogs

These dogs do not like to laze around all day; they are intelligent dogs that need mental stimulation through physical activities.

Don’t grow rage when you get your dog chewing your favorite shoe, it’s a familiar character, and every owner should understand this fact.

3. German shepherds are toy holders and don’t like sharing.

German Shepherd puppy

These dogs like chewing and this is the main reason they are known to be toy holders.

You should acquire a chewing toy for your dog to keep them away from chewing stuff that may be unsafe for their health. They are lots of online shops selling these toys at great deals.

4. German shepherds are keenly in tune with your feelings and eager to show it.

German Shepherd dog running

Dog owners believe that these dogs have emotions just like human beings.

They are energized and eager to display their positive feelings to their loyal friends and will always reward you with a lifetime love and loyalty.

5. You will no longer receive solicitors, packages at the doors or girl scout cookies.

German Shepherd dogs

Most people tend to develop a massive fear of these dogs no matter how many times you have told everyone your dog is friendly.

However, these dogs are a ton of fun contrary to that popular speculation. Owners have proved as the most loyal friends.

6. You need to spend so much money on training but don’t mind it; they are just smart.

German Shepherd dogs

The most important aspect of training German shepherd dogs is that you’ll always remain guaranteed of the good-quality pup.

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Spending that much money is worth it because your dog will always remain reputable.

7. Being tired or Sick means nothing to a German shepherd.

German Shepherd dogs

These dogs will always try to keep off falling in depression. Missing exercises for a single day is not an option anymore.

It becomes hard to observe any stress specifically due to an illness. You have to bear the fact that there are things you need to know to keep clear of your dog’s health situations; some little veterinary training.

8. Privacy not anymore with a German shepherd.

German Shepherd dogs

It’s no secret that these dogs are highly intelligent, they will know how to open your door to your bathroom unless you completely lock the door.

9. You will always need to add the word “dog” so that people won’t assume you are talking about a German Shepherd.

black german shepherd

Too often, you will hear people incorrectly assume that the word German shepherds only refers to the famous German herdsmen.

To convince people that you are talking of a Shepherd dog, you have to include this word.

10. You must ensure careful socialization with these dogs.

german shepherd puppies

At the same time, their companion is not always compact, and you should always put in a lot of exposure to create a more intimate friendship with these dogs.

Sometimes they are prone to bouncing back and being potentially harmful. In conclusion, if you are in the market for a gorgeous dog, look for a German Shepherd.

It’s great to have an animal at home especially when it is this one. It’s a beautiful and a great pet as evidenced by those who own them.

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Amazing stories have also proved this kind of dogs. An example is a story of a German Shepherd that saved some dying fish that were draining from the water.

Rush out and get yourself this wonderful companion.
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