Golden Retriever Dogs Breed Information, Personality, Pictures

Golden Retriever has been on top of the list of many aspiring American pet owners. According to the American Kennel Club’s popularity rankings, it ranks number 3. It’s no surprise because golden pups have been seen on greeting cards, posters, and calendars.

What makes golden retriever the leading option is their natural cuteness and jolliness. They are affectionate and intelligent. However, still adopting one can be a challenge. Knowing everything about the breed is a great start.

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Are Golden Retrievers good family dogs?

Just like other breeds, Golden Retrievers love to play. They enjoy playing fetch. They are also a natural swimmer. If given a chance, they will attempt to catch a waterfowl. Don’t be surprised when your dog does that.

Golden Retrievers are very energetic from a young age until adulthood. That’s why Americans and other people across the globe love to have a dozen or two at home.

They are a real pain reliever for many. Whether you’re stressed or worried about your work, the smile and hugs of your golden pups are a good remedy.

Golden Retrievers are also responsible. They are easy to train. Whatever your background in dog training, it will help. Seek assistance from a friend if necessary. Plus, train your dogs at a young age to avoid any worries throughout.

Cute Golden Retriever Dogs

Golden Retrievers make a wonderful pet for your family. They are fiercely loyal to owners. They love companionship. When left alone for a few hours, they will not do well. When you hit the gym, it’s better to bring your golden retrievers with you. It’s fun and fulfilling.

What is the life expectancy for a golden retriever?

The average lifespan of Golden Retrievers is from 10 to 12 years. However, when you provide proper exercise and food, they can be with you for an additional decade. What’s most important is your unconditional love and time. Be a responsible and loving pet owner too.

Full Grown Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever puppies are hard to raise. From proper training to healthy food, taking care of your little pups can be a challenge. However, as years pass by, all your efforts will be worth it. Having a dozen responsible Golden Retrievers is fulfilling and enjoying.

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Full grown golden retrievers are cute at a young age. Everything will be different when they are fully grown. However, still, they are cute, energetic, loving, affectionate and loyal.

When it comes to the size of males, they are 23 or 24 inches tall. They usually weigh from 65 to 75 pounds. On the contrary, the height of females is around 21.5 or 22.5.

Also, they weigh from 55 to 65 pounds. They typically reach their full height as they get one year of age. At the age of two, they achieve their mature weight.

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Do Golden Retrievers, Shed?

Golden Retrievers shed moderately all year long. Regular brushing can be an advantage. If you are a meticulous homeowner, a golden pup is not the ideal breed to raise. When you love much cleaning, it’s the breed you should have.

When there’s hair around the rugs and pieces of furniture, don’t be surprised. You know the real reason. The worse scenario is that the hair can become a condiment. It’s disappointing but fun.

For you to keep your home clean and comfy, constant vacuuming is highly needed. The good news is that the hair of Golden Retrievers doesn’t have sticky quality. However, a good vacuum cleaner can still make a huge difference.

Are Golden Retrievers a Good Family Dog?

Golden Retrievers are among the most popular dog breeds in the US and other countries. They have a friendly and tolerant attitude, making them a good family pet. Not only that, their intelligence makes them a capable working dog. They excel at tracking, sniffing out drugs, and retrieving game for hunters out there.

More than that, Golden Retrievers serve as a therapy or assistance dogs. They are perfect for cancer patients. It’s no wonder because they have that certain cuteness. They also serve as natural athletes. They do well in competitive obedience and other dog sports.

Are Golden Retrievers Aggressive?

It is a rare case. However, it can happen. The Golden Retrievers are one of the most beautiful breeds. They are intelligent, affectionate and faithful.

For aggressive Golden Retrievers, there are several causes. The number one factor to blame is poor breeding. Another thing is fear. When a big dog has bitten retrievers at a young age, they may react aggressively when meeting a new puppy.

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Facing this aggression can be dangerous. One of the best things to do is not to ignore the situation. Deal with it as fast as possible before it’s too late. Another practical solution is to give them opportunities to socialize with other dogs. The best period is from 6 weeks to 14 weeks.

Are Golden Retrievers Hypoallergenic?

Golden Retrievers are a great family pet. Unfortunately, they are not hypoallergenic. They are a breed that remarkably sheds. So, they are not a perfect match for those who suffer from severe allergies.

Well, no dogs can be 100% hypoallergenic. However, there are many options that best suit for people with pet allergies. However, these energetic and loving Golden Retrievers are not included in the list.

Over the years, there are myths about hypoallergenic dogs. Contrary to the belief, no dog breed can be hypoallergenic. Most dogs can cause acute allergic symptoms. It can include irritation and allergic reaction. Consult a physician to avoid other health issues.

Are Golden Retrievers Smart?

Golden Retrievers are smart. That’s why they are easy to train. With enough positive reinforcement, you can see good results within a short period.

When training, start from the basic to complex. Teach them potty training and other basic skills. Every time they get the job done right the first time, reinforce them with tasty and healthy treats.

As a trainer, don’t punish them when they commit mistakes. It’s not expert-recommended. Whether you’re not patient and persistent, hire a specialist instead. It helps.

Do Golden Retrievers Bark a Lot?

People talk to communicate. Golden retrievers are no exception. They bark when they have something to say. However, do they bark a lot compared to other breeds? Of course, not. Golden retrievers are one of the most peaceful and friendliest pet dog breeds you can ever have.

Well, they do bark. However, they are fewer than other breeds. Golden Retrievers are a quiet breed. They bark occasionally. Plus, their bark is a friendly one. So, don’t worry! They are an ideal choice for you.

As with aggression, barking can also happen. The causes can include distress, excitement, and aggression. Physical pain, boredom or an urgent call of nature are good examples of a distressing situation. For aggression, seek assistance from a specialist at once.

What diseases are common in golden retrievers?

Generally speaking, Goldens are healthy. However, just like other breeds, they are prone to health conditions. The good news is that not all Golden Retrievers will get any of these terrible diseases. However, it’s imperative to know them if you want to have one at home.

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Common health problems are listed below:

Hip Dysplasia. This disease is a heritable condition. It’s where the thighbone does not fit into the hip joint. Some Golden Retrievers and other breeds show pain or lameness on each of their rear legs. As they age, arthritis can develop. When adopting a golden pup, ask the breeder for documents that prove the parents are free of problems.

Elbow Dysplasia. As with the hip dysplasia, this condition can also be heritable. Common to large-breed dogs like Golden Retrievers, a variety of factors causes elbow dysplasia. This leads to joint laxity and painful lameness. Luckily, veterinarians offer surgeries to correct the problem. There are also certain medications to try.

Cataracts. Just like humans, Golden Retrievers may suffer from canine cataracts. Characterized by any dark spots on the eye lens, cataracts can grow over time. It can happen at any age, impairing vision.

Allergies. Like other breeds, Golden Retrievers can be allergic to different substances. This ranges from food to pollen. If your pets have been licking their paws or rubbing their face for days, consult a qualified and certified vet. Your dogs may be suffering from severe allergies, so it’s better to let a professional check them ahead.

How Much Do Golden Retrievers Cost?

Golden Retrievers have been gaining in popularity these days. It’s no surprise because they are a great family pet. They are friendly, loyal and affectionate, making them the best companion to have.

However, have you been wondering how much do they cost? The price for golden puppies ranges from $500 to $3,000. It’s quite pricey. However, it’s worth it. Whether you’re suffering from nervous breakdown or depression, cute retrievers are your buddies.

So, now that you know everything about Golden Retrievers contact a trusted breeder today. Be a responsible pet owner and enjoy your new friend. Train them and provide the best food or exercise.

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