8 Amazing Health Benefits of Having a Dog

Dogs are the only animals that have been close to people and enhanced friendship as well as emotional support.

They are leading service animals that are a common prescription from mental health services providers.

Owning and caring for a dog helps you cope with anxiety, stress, and depression due to the fun and affection they bring.

Dogs come with pretty powerful mental and physical health benefits.

Here are the eight most popular ways dogs bring you amazing health benefits:

1) Dogs Can Detect Cancer

dog sniff-skin-cancer
Due to the growing interest of healthy purpose of owning a dog and the health problems common to many people, research has revealed that dogs can sniff cancer.

Exactly what type of cancer can dogs sniff? Trained dogs can smell skin cancer.

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Melanoma is a common type of skin cancer that dogs can detect. They detect because they have an excellent sense of smell as compared to humans.

The dog’s olfactory abilities are so high that they can sniff out Melanoma within human skin.

2) Dogs Help You Stay Active

Owning a dog require a commitment to exercise. While dogs can take much of your attention and time, they will help you stay fit due to frequent vigorous exercise. You will need to take your dog for a walk frequently.

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Dogs will initiate running, and you have to follow them. These exercises are fun and rewarding.

People who own dogs are likely to meet daily exercise requirement if they have to take their dogs out for a walk.

3) Dogs Help You Become More Social

dogs stay active
If you’re patient with the behaviors of a dog, then you will be patient with any other person you interact with.

In addition to providing companionship similar to what people offer, dogs are a great source of meeting new people.

These animals are social lubricants that help you start and maintain a close friendship with other people who own and love dogs.

Even though dogs can destroy a neighbor’s property and result in a potential lawsuit, they remain a great way to stop and talk to people on walkways, during hikes and attending a dog park, which is a social event.

Dog owners also meet new people in pet shops, social media groups, in clubs and training classes. With a dog, you will need more time to others.

4) Dogs Help Relieve Stress

kids and dogs
Dogs can help provide sensory stress relief. They do so by touch and movement.

A dog can come close to you to find comfort. They can detect that you’re not in your usual moods.

They can know and understand when you’re in physical pain, and they can do something. Stroking your dog when you’re in pain lowers your blood pressure.

This way, you will quickly feel more calm and less stress. Dog companion help relieve stress, anxiety, and depression that is triggered by events such as loneliness.

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Caring for a living animal makes you feel wanted and responsible hence focusing away from the problems you may have with other humans.

5) Dogs Can Help Kids Grow Stronger

kids dogs together
Kids who grow up with dogs are more rounded regarding learning responsibility, compassion, and empathy.

Kids like funny things. In addition to toys, a friendly dog is a sense of security for children.

With an ever-present dog in the home, children will not feel extreme separation anxiety when parents are not around the house. A loyal and friendly dog will help the child feel important.

Such a dog will help kids develop an ever-lasting self-image.

Dogs can help hyperactive and overly aggressive kids to calm down and better able to relate and attach to other people.

6) Dogs Can Make You a Better Person

resistance allergies
The first way a dog can make you a better person is helping you become patient. Training a dog, especially a puppy is not an easy task.

Much like children, puppies have a notoriety of waking people up even in the middle of the night or when owners are busy concentrating on other activities.

Dogs also help improve communication skills. Dogs cannot use words to express self, but learning their verbal and non-verbal gestures help owners to understand the diversity of communication skills.

A dog is another family member that teach people how to be responsible and balance time between work, rest, family members, and guests.

With a dog, you must be responsible and balance life. In addition to providing a sense of humor, dogs are a source of health, teach you time management and enhance your confidence.

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7) Resistance to Allergies!

Resistance to allergens through the mechanism of constant exposure is a big debate.

Allergic reactions are a medical condition that is better left to medical professionals.

However, there is evidence indicating that some people who are allergic to animal dander can develop resistance for that specific animal allergen.

However, it is important to note that resistance can occur if the allergic person is exposed to mild animal allergen from the beginning as compared to a large amount of exposure.

Mild exposure will slowly develop immunity because allergen shots in the hospital work in this same principle of mild exposure as compared to massive quantity exposure.

8) Better Heart Health!

cute pug puppy
The many health benefits of owning a dog include improved heart health. Owning a pet dog improve the health of your heart in several ways.

First, owning a dog increases the number of active exercises that the owner takes.

Active exercise decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Pet owners are using a reasonable strategy to exercise hence lowering the risk of heart disease.

Dog owners are likely to have a low blood pressure because of the friendly and calming effect of these animals.

Pets have a pet effect to people who are feeling physical and emotional pain hence reducing the chances of raising blood level due to stress.

There are more reasons for owning a dog. Importantly, those with dogs are better with them, and their absence is more stressing that the responsibility they need to care for them.

Different people have different pet needs, but dog owners have an additive benefiting impact.

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