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It is not an unknown fact that dogs are, in fact, a man’s best friend. The special bond of friendship that is shared between human beings and dogs has been there since time immemorial.

There are several beautiful feelings and bundles of support that are generated from this love for both – the dog and the humans.

Dogs are truly valued companions, known for their unquestionable loyalty and constant need to put a smile on the faces of their owners’.


Why dogs make great pets?

There are several reasons as to why dogs make the best pets. Interaction with dogs causes our oxytocin levels to shoot up.

This hormone is primarily responsible for social bonding, so the release of the hormonal bundle of love boosts our psychological state of mind and ensures our mental wellbeing.

Dogs, as pets have also been acknowledged to aid in the reduction of symptoms of depression as well as bring stress levels down.

The presence of the canine beings around us also makes us more trusting and deserving of such trust.

Thus, it can be understood as to why they are used for therapy.

Furthermore, more than anything else, dogs as animals, in general, are known to love unconditionally, while expecting nothing in return!

Poodle as a dog breed


Dogs come in all sizes, colors, and breeds. Different breeds are known for distinct characteristics that define them as pets and animals in general.

While some are more observant and active, such as German Shepherds are in the police force, and some such as pugs who tend to be calm and, eventually, lazy are domesticated as pets.

One such breed of dogs known for their beauty, behavior along with intelligence are Poodles.

The Poodle is a breed with the inherent traits of being active, intelligent while being extremely elegant.

Their body is square built and are said to be well proportioned. They tend to have a leggy sort of appearance with a long muzzle and tend to move ahead with a lively gait.

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They have dark eyes, which are in the shape of ovals and always put up an alert intelligent expression.

Their ears fold over close to their heads or at the eye level. Their coats are one of their most distinguishing traits.

They carry a fairly dense coat which has a curly texture. Their size is determined by height rather than weight.

And poodle come in a variety of colors such as white, grey, brown, black, cream, red, and apricot.

Poodles and Their Intelligence


When the question comes as to how smart poodle dogs are, the answer is quite simple.

Intensive study and research suggest that Poodles are ranked the second most intelligent dog breeds right after the Border Collie.

They are skillful when it comes to commands, tricks, dog sports, and activities inclusive of a strong sense of agility, obedience, tracking, herding, and performance of abilities.

Poodles are the seventh most popular dogs across the globe, and the reason for the same is not surprising.

How smart are poodle dogs might surprise you, not only are they highly intelligent canines but are also active proud dogs.

Their intelligence can be seen in different circumstances and areas.

Poodles are also highly infamous when it comes to their intelligence and ease of being able to be trained.

Since they thrive on attention, they love the response they get when they respond to a trick accurately.

An interesting fact to keep in mind is the fact that poodles are mainly hunting dogs with elegant attire and appearance.

Thus they do require a degree of training to make the best domestic companion dog.

Poodle Temperament and Learning Skills


How smart are poodle dogs, is often associated with their temperament, which is portrayed to be alert, brilliant, undisputedly loyal, easy to train, and highly instinctual.

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When it comes to commands with canines, the average dog has the ability to learn and remember a new command with about 25 to around 40 repetitions.

Poodles are at least five times faster when it comes to learning the same command and don’t require the same amount of repeated practice to grab a grip over what they are expected to do.

They have an incredibly strong knack to pick things up quickly, especially if it’s a pattern.

Even when it comes to being obedient, poodles are about 70% more obedient that your average pet dog.

They also have their good instincts that allow them to instantaneously pick up the moods of their owners.

If you’re having a tough day or are emotionally in a bad place, your pet poodle is most likely to notice this and attempt to mimic or copy your mood, so they start to have a bad day as well.

Whether pet or not, they display an excessive tendency to be able to constantly “mark their territories.”

These instincts also make them respond to animals they perceive to be their prey such as squirrels or birds seen outside the house.

Talent and human affection


They are naturally talented learners and don’t even need treats or rewards when it comes to learning a new order from their owners.

House training poodles are considered to be a breeze when as compared to other breeds. They, for nothing in return, love to learn and please their human family.

One can teach them to pick up newspapers or even bring your slippers to your feet. They as canines appreciate every and any opportunity that they get to learn, that’s how smart are poodle dogs.

Because of their high intellectual capacity, they are one of the most alert breeds of dogs.

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They have quick responses and instincts when it comes to strangers or the approaching of strangers into the territory they have perceived to be theirs.

They are so smart when it comes to socializing with human beings.

Poodles will be the most content when they are the center of attention when it comes to people and have the unique ability to sense behaviors and adapt to the same

When it comes to how smart poodles are, it can be seen from the top honors they take in several dog shows.

Their smart personality and willingness to learn is one of the reasons as to why they win many competitions.

They sweep the first prize in almost all of the categories because of the skills, intelligence, and agility.

There is no doubt that poodles are, in fact, a dignified breed of dogs. The abilities of your Poodle in case you are looking to adopt one does depend upon the environment they have around them and the people that make up their family.

They are likely to continue to use their skills and exhibit along with maintain a cheerful temperament as long as they are in a healthy, loving home.

So, the personality and extinct to which they choose to use their skills depends upon the type of love and care they receive, the type of home they are living in, and how much activity they are exposed it.

They end up being a member of the family and love every human without any differences.

When their needs are met, and they are given the right care, Poodle make great pets and even better companions in the long run.

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