Everything You Need to Know about Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix

Jack Russell Chihuahua mix Also referred to as a Jack Chi; this is a designer breed that is known for its mild temperament and super active lifestyle. If you could picture a tiny terrier with the head of a Chihuahua, then you have an idea what a Jack Russell Chihuahua mix would look like. Owning a Jack Russell Chihuahua mix is one of the best decisions you could ever make.

Jack Chi goes by other names such as Jackhuahua and Jackahuahua. However, we will make it easy for you by sticking with Jack Chi; the only name recognized by three prominent organizations that recognize designer breeds.

Without further ado, here is what to expect when you buy a Jack Chi toy breed.

jack russell chihuahua mix

Origin of Jack Russell Chihuahua mix

Like all designer breeds, the Jack Russell Chihuahua mix does not have a long history of existence. However, he showed up in America around the late 80s and 90s when crossbreeding toy breeds was popular.

To better understand the Jack Chi’s persona, we have to look at the two amazing purebreds that birthed him; Jack Russell Terrier and Chihuahua.

Jack Russell Terrier was bred in England, in the early 18th century, as a working dog. He belonged to the Fox terrier group and was primarily bred for hunting foxes.

His compact and sturdy body, strong limbs, and tiny chest gave him the advantage of chasing foxes into their lairs. He could maneuver through the many tunnels in the refuge and flush out his prey.

Jack Russell stood at 12 to 14 inches tall and weighed between 13 and 17 pounds. He is always known for his brilliant mind, energy, and friendly persona.

Jack Russell dogs are also known to be very independent, a strong trait heavily exhibited in the Jack Chi and one that can bring problems if not controlled.

On the other hand, Chihuahua was bred purely for ostentation. She is the oldest toy breed in America standing at 5 to 8 inches and weighs at most 6 pounds.

Just like the Russell, Chihuahua carries a huge charming personality in her tiny body. Her sassy, classy, and confident demeanor paired with her compact body makes her the best toy breed to own in the city.

The Chihuahua is recognized by the American Kennel Club, an honor she received in the early 90s. Sadly, Jack Russell is left out from this recognition.

By considering the personalities of both the Chihuahua and Jack Russell, we get a glimpse of what to expect in a Jack Chi litter.

Full grown Jack Chi Appearance

With Purebred dogs, it is easy to determine the features expected in the puppies. For crossbreeds, however, it is a game of chance. Nevertheless, there are those trademark traits you can never miss in a Jack Chi.

A full-grown Jack Chi has typically a short, dense coat that can be one of many colors. A Jack Chi pup can be uni-colored with a golden, brown, chocolate, cream, black, or fawn hue. The coat can have two colors as well in shades of a black-brown, black-tan, black-white, or black-light crown. It is not uncommon to find a pure white Jack Chi dog as well.

The body, unmistakably, will always be that of a Jack Russell. Long muscular body, short neck, and powerful hindquarters. There are Chihuahua aspects as well as large round eyes and short legs. The snout may be long and will stand between that of a Chihuahua’s and that of a Russell’s in thinness.

The ears can be one of two ways; they can be erect or pointy like a Chihuahua’s or folded and floppy like a Jack Russell’s. The tail, in most cases, is curled like a Chihuahua’s but this too may have variations.

jack russell chihuahua mix dog

Height and Weight

Since Jack Chi’s body takes after his parent the Russell, we can expect him to grow to a height of 10 to 15 inches from the shoulder. His tiny body can weigh between 8 to 18 pounds when well fed. However, do not let his little body fool you, Jack Chi is a ball of energy that is almost unstoppable.

Jack Russell Chihuahua mix Temperament

Combine the sassiness of a Chihuahua with the adventurous spirit of a Jack Russell, and you have an idea of what Jack Chi’s temperament. From a small to when he is fully grown, the Jack Chi always shows high energy and playfulness. He is also very friendly and curious about everything he sees or smells.

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The friendliness of the Jack Chi makes him a highly friendly pet. He loves to spend his time in the company of kids or other pets indulging them in play. His sweet affectionate is always seen in how he is eager to greet you at the door or wag his tail at that new face in the house.

When he is not running around wild, Jack Chi does not mind curling up beside you to watch the TV or lay on your lap patting him while reading a book.

His knack for adventure causes him to rely on his nose all the time. Jack Chis use their sense of smell to make meaning of their environment. He will sniff at the new stranger before greeting him or poke his nose in wall crevices or tiny opening in the yard fence.

One other strong trait of the Jack Chi is his go-getter ability and independence. He is the type of dog you can leave at home, go to work, and come back to him happily waiting for you. As long as he has all he needs to get by, toys or a large yard, he will not be any trouble.

This strong-willed side of him can be too much especially for someone with a gentle personality. Nevertheless, there are ways to contain him and ensure you both coexist in peace.

A Lifespan of Jack Russell Chihuahua mix

The Jack Russell Chihuahua mix is estimated to live for a period of 13 to 15 years. This is dog years, convert them to human years and you have an estimate of 76 years. So you have all the time to enjoy this little fellow’s madness as well as affection.
jack russell chihuahua mix dog


This is one area that will demand a lot of your time and energy when raising a Jack Russell Chihuahua mix. Exercise is of uttermost vital if you are to grow a well-mannered Jack Chi as opposed to an aggressive hot-tempered one. Jack Russell Chihuahua dogs have much pent-up energy in them that needs to be expelled each day.

You will have to walk him at least twice a day to let him explore new sights and smells. If you live close to a dog park, schedule time for him to go chase after his ball in the grass or interact with other dogs; he has excellent social skills that will charm other pups. If you have a home compound, let him run around the yard as you go about your chores.

Check up on him occasionally to ensure he is not up to some mischief. Jack Chi is known to be a menace and may dig up an escape hole in your perimeter fence. Besides, he is a talented jumper and will hop over any wall that is not a challenge for him.

Training Jack Chi Puppies

Training a Jack Chi is a bitter-sweet affair. On one side, his sassy and energetic personality will always have him willing to come to the training sessions. On the other hand, Jack Chi can be bossy, and he still wants to be the lead in everything; including his training.

So expect plenty of resistance while training him. On the right side, he is brilliant and gets new commands fast. So do not spend so much time teaching a skill he can quickly master. He gets bored quickly, and his mind wanders to other things.

jack russell chihuahua mix

Please do not forget about his fragile ego while training him. Never use harsh words or violence to get him to submit to authority. Instead, use positive reinforcement to remind him that you are in charge.

Also, ensure you have some doggy treats with you when teaching him new tricks. Reward him every time he obeys and learns a new trick. Reward him again if he manages to make through a full training session.

Training should be done in an area the pup is comfortable with. If you do not own a backyard, your next best chance is training him at the dog park. Never fail to seek a professional trainer’s help if your Jack Chi is just too uncooperative. Some experts have the skill and patience to train just about any breed.

Feeding a Puppy

Jack Chi is a very hearty eater and will gobble up anything he is served. He has no stop button when it comes to feeding, and he is a vulnerable pup to obesity.

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Control his meals by feeding him small portions two or three times a day. Incorporate some healthy doggy treats in between filled with nutrients for his healthy body. Remember he is a high energy dog, so you have to feed him a high-quality diet consisting of either premium dry kibble or choice raw food.

Grooming Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix dogs

Fortunately, all Jack Russell Chihuahua dogs are born with a short, dense coat that requires less attention. You only need to brush his coat once or twice a week to keep it neat and clean.

Occasionally wash him with pet-approved shampoo to get rid of dander and any developing odor. A disclaimer though, should your dog inherit the coat of a long-haired Chihuahua, then brushing should be done more than twice a week.

Like all toy breeds, his teeth need to be brushed regularly to maintain proper dental hygiene. Also, ensure you only feed him dry foods to prevent issues with his teeth.

Invest in quality dog toothpaste or canine dental floss to ensure he always has clean teeth and fresh breath; especially if he kisses you good morning every day.

jack chi jack russel chihuahua mix
His eyes and ears need cleaning as well. His eyes tend to tear up when he runs around wild chasing after things. These tears collect and dry under his eyes building what is called a dog’s eye booger. His eyes will begin to stink if the booger is left to sit for days.

If your Jack Chi inherits the floppy ears of a Russell, dirt is likely to build up inside his ears too. When you are grooming his coat, ensure to check inside his ears as well. Clean out the ears with a soft cloth dubbed in warm water.

Health Problems of Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix

Crossbreeds are bred partly for the reason of canceling out the health issues suffered by the purebred parents. To be aware of what ailments to be aware of in your Jack Chi, we have to look at the health problems his parents are predisposed to.

For Chihuahuas, most of their health issues stem from their tiny bodies. Teeth crowding is a common problem in Chihuahuas because of their small mouths. Obstructed labor or dystocia is also rampant in Chihuahuas because of their small wombs and pelvis.

Other health problems that face Chihuahuas include hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and hip dysplasia which can cause joint inflammation and pain.

Jack Russell dogs are mostly faced with eye problems. Glaucoma is common in aging Russell dogs which can lead to blindness. Besides, lens luxation is another health concern in Russell which is when the lens in the eye moves from its normal position. Jack Russells also suffer from ear infections, deafness, and hip dysplasia.

As a crossbreed, the Jack Chi is well-placed to stave off some of these unwanted diseases. However, it is possible, that your Jack Russell Chihuahua mix may develop eye problems, joint dislocation and heat problems.

Jack Chi pups may also develop allergies to grass or gut reactions to sudden diet changes. Also expect some issues with adapting to cold climates, especially if he is more of a Chihuahua than a Russell.

Living with a Jack Chi

A Jack Chi is one of the easiest toy breeds to live with. His small size makes him suitable for an apartment lifestyle or grace life in the countryside. He does not require much concerning space; he only needs a sleeping rug and plenty of chewable toys beside him, and he is good. If you own a backyard, he will be happy to indulge his sense of smell in discovering new scents.

The only difficult part of living with a Jack Chi is the amount of exercise he needs. You will have to set time aside to exercise him. Unlike most toy breeds, the Jack Russell Chihuahua mix requires regular exercising to keep them from developing destructive behaviors. The Jack Chi’s intelligent mind is always yearning for new adventures, and you must be able to provide this.

If you have kids, then, by all means, get a Jack Russell Chihuahua dog. The little fellow loves kids and will not mind being their playmate. Jack Chis also get along well with other pets so if you have a cat or another dog, he won’t get bored.

However, you need to be careful about leaving a Jack Chi with an underage kid; 3 years and below. He is likely to prey on a toddler and hurt them with his teeth.

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Jack Chis also have an incessant chewing habit. They like to sink their teeth in anything they find, and you do not want your shoes or cushions to fall, a victim. Get him plenty of chewable toys to keep him occupied and prevent destructive behavior.

jack chi dog

Do Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix Shed?

Jack Russell Chihuahua dogs don’t shed a lot. Their short, thick coat will shed a few strands or two but nothing to raise health concerns. However, if he gets the coat of a long-haired Chihuahua, then he is likely to shed a lot.

To mitigate this, ensure you brush his coat twice (for short hair) or thrice (for long hair) every week. This should get rid of pet dander and loose hairs.

Also, limit his access to areas you do not want him to leave pet hairs. Don’t let him visit the baby cot when your child is sleeping. If you are hosting people, confine him to a crate to prevent him from getting pet hairs all over your guests.

Is Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix Hypoallergenic?

A Jack Chi’s coat type will determine whether he is hypoallergenic or not. If it is short and thick, then the amount of shedding is manageable even for someone with pet allergies. Long-haired Jack Chis may not be suitable for people allergic to pet hair. Consider this carefully when choosing to adopt a Jack Russell Chihuahua mix.

How Much does a Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix cost?

Since Jack Chi pups are very rare to find, they also tend to be costly. Several factors determine how much a Jack Chi pup goes for.
chihuahua mix- ogs

If you are buying the Jack Russell Chihuahua pup from a celebrated breeder, then you are likely to spend much money. Also, consider the cost of feeding, training, socializing, and vaccination incurred by the breeder while raising the pup.

Breeders start selling their puppies two weeks from when they are born. You may want to get a puppy then when the breeder hasn’t spent a lot to raise it.

Besides, note that a litter of Jack Chi pups is bred two to three times a year. This adds to why it is rare to find a breeder selling Jack Chi pups.

Ensure you build rapport with a local breeder, so they get you on the waiting list for the next litter. The wait can be long, so you have to be patient until you get your puppy.

When choosing breeders, consider a professional breeder who selects the best-purebred parents to produce the next litter. You also want to visit the breeder’s vicinity to see how the dogs are handled.

A good breeder should take proper care of a new litter and ensure they are healthy and properly socialized. Also, ask to see the parents of the litter so you can understand what physical traits and temperament to expect in the resulting puppies.

Adopting a Dog from a Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix Rescue or Shelter

Always be cautious about the temperament of a dog adopted from a rescue or shelter. Like said before, Jack Russell Chihuahua mix dogs are a rare find, so getting one in a shelter is sheer lack. Even then, you first have to know about the history of the dog itself.

Is the dog from a loving home that ran out of resources to take care of him? Maybe his previous owner finally realized the burden of raising a toy breed and sort to give him out for adoption.

Alternatively, his previous owner was moving to a different state, country, or new apartment that has a no-pet policy. It would be harmless to adopt the little fellow because he came from a home filled with love.

However, it is also possible to find a Jack Russell Chihuahua puppy that may have undergone some ill-treatment in the past.

He may have been picked up from the street after weeks of wandering about hungry and sickly. Perhaps his previous owner was abusive, and he had to be taken away from that brutal home to save his life.

An abused pup won’t exhibit the joy and liveliness you would notice in a dog raised in the perfect home. He will be irritable, scared, and too suspicious of anyone who comes near him. However, this does not mean he cannot be loved.

You only have to be extra patient as you nursing him to full health and socialize him. Ensure you inquire about the medical history of the dog as well. This information should help you know whether you will be able to bear the medical expenses that will come after.


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  1. I have a Jack Chi that I absolutely adore! He was a rescue and I got him from a rescue group he was approximately a year old, according to my vet’s best guess. The rescue group found him in a shopping cart at a Walmart parking lot. Have had him for two years now, and he is the sweetest, most loving little dog I have ever had. Usually he stays right with me, always wanting me to pet him. I consider myself lucky to have rescued him!


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