FAQs About King Charles Yorkie Dog Breed

When you have a dog at home, you will not feel alone and sad because they will cuddle you just to make you feel alright. Dogs have intuitions, and they can feel your feelings too. Whenever you are sad, happy, worried, or angry, they can sympathize with you.

If you plan to have new breeds of dog to take care of, like the King Charles Yorkie Dog Breed, but you have a lot of questions on your mind regarding this dog breed, then you can find answers in this article.

What’s a King Charles Yorkie?


King Charles Yorkie Dog Breed is a spunky and adorable small hybrid with a cheerful attitude and cute looks. They are little dog breeds that are very affectionate, friendly, and playful, making it hard to resist and not fall in love with them in just one look. They create an amazing bond with their owner because they are the most loyal dog breed to have.

King Charles Yorkie Mix is popularly known as a designer dog breed because they come from crossing purebred. The parents of this dog breed are a mix of Cavalier King Charles and Yorkshire Terrier.

The combined traits of these two small dogs resulted in a breed with variations in traits and looks, which makes them an ideal companion. King Charles Yorkie dog get good traits from their parents, like being lively, sweet, and eager to please, making them more appealing.

This designer dog is also known as the Yorkalier, York-A-Lier, or the Cava-Yorkie. This kind of mixed breed is very popular with singles, seniors, and those living in an apartment. They have a lot of qualities, which make them very different from other hybrid dogs.

What Does King Charles Yorkie Look Like?


Yorkaliers are little dogs that weigh from 6 to 8 pounds. They can stand tall for about 7 to 12 inches. King Charles Yorkie has flaps over, and they also have a fine, silky, straight coat, which can be long or medium in length. Some of the most common colors a this mixed dog breed has are tan, brown, blue, and black.

How Big Do King Charles Yorkie Get?

King Charles Yorkie size could vary, but there are many ways to know how big your King Charles Yorkie dog breed could get.

This designer dog is classified as one of the AKC Toy Group and considered one of the smallest breeds. The average size that a King Charles Yorkie dog breed could get is from 7 to 8 inches tall, and they could weigh from 4 up to 7 pounds.

AKC standard when it comes to the maximum weight a King Charles Yorkie could have is 7 pounds. But it is not a new thing to kind this dog breeds to weigh several pounds.

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As much as the extra weights they gain are natural and healthy, you don’t have to worry because the King Charles Yorkie dog could make the best human companion even though they are small.

The only thing that you need to avoid is to have an oversized King Charles Yorkie if you are planning to show off your dog.

How Much Do King Charles Yorkie Weight?


King Charles Yorkie dog breeds come from the mixed breed of small dogs, but the Charles Spaniel and the Cavalier King could be double as the Yorkshire terrier. Because of this reason, it is always who fathers these mixed are the Yorkies and not the other way around.

The difference in weight is also the reason for the fluctuation of a size, which is very common for the dog breeds of King Charles Yorkie. Average weight vary from 7 pounds up to 18 pounds, which has a big significant difference.

Do King Charles Yorkie Shed?

King Charles Yorkie dog breed’s coats are silky and long, and you can expect that they have shorter coats in their face. They have longer coats all over their ears. Unlike those other breeds, which are long-haired, Cava-Yorkie dog only have a topcoat, which makes them difficult to groom.

If they shed, will not give you any problem because they are not too bad when it comes to shedding. King Charles Yorkie dog breeds are considered an average shedding breed, so there is nothing to worry about.

This dogs have a single coat, which only means that they don’t have many furs all over their body. They do not shed a lot of fur or as much as possible during changes in weather because they are double-coated dog breeds.

You can expect about King Charles dog breed because they only have a moderate amount of shedding in the whole year, which can be achieved by having several grooming rituals.

How Often Should You Bathe King Charles Yorkie?


King Charles Yorkie Dog Breed do require having a routine of bathing and brushing. These little dog breeds can be bath no longer than six weeks and not as frequent as every week. Bathing them depends on your lifestyle.

The most important thing for your King Charles Yorkie dog is always maintaining its coat and skin healthy. Choosing the best coat and skin products for your dog bathing session will give you the best result.

This dog breed is a wash and wears a type of dog, but it is still very important to give them a good and solid bath.

It is essential to get their coat properly cleaned, their hair separated individually, and divided in a slightly standing manner. With King Charles’ Yorkie dog breed, the cleaner the coat they have, the lesser their coat to the mat, and the shedding could be frequent.

Do King Charles Yorkie Dogs Bark A Lot?

King Charles Yorkie Dogs are very much popular because they are the type of dogs that are sweet, gentle, and at the same time very playful.

However, you should expect that they bark a lot depending upon their personality on how they were raised, and the environment they have. One of the most common reasons King Charles Yorkie dogs bark a lot is separation anxiety.

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Aside from that, they can also bark a lot because of fear, boredom, injury, or illness. King Charles Yorkie dog breeds crave a lot of affection and attention from their owners, so once you leave them for a long time, they will surely bark a lot.

Is King Charles Yorkies Hypoallergenic?


King Charles Yorkie Dogs are not hypoallergenic dogs. There is no such thing as dogs being completely hypoallergenic, but some dog breeds are much better to have because their owners do not suffer much from having allergies to dogs.

Are King Charles Yorkies Easy to Train?

You will find it not hot hard when it comes to the training of the King Charles Yorkie. You will not find it difficult to train them, especially if you are just a beginner. But there is a need for you to be aware that this kind of hybrid dog and most toy dog are very notorious for committing housebreak.

If you have previous experience with potty training dogs, it could be a very big challenge for you to train your King Charles Yorkie on how to go to the bathroom. For those people who know the right approach, then training this designer dog will be just a piece of cake.

Unlike those other dogs, this dog will give good response into a positive reinforcement method of training. Using rewards like treats and praise would be a very good way to give your dog the motivation they need for them to learn.

King Charles’ dog breed comes from both intelligent parents, so giving them picking up tricks and commands would not be a very big issue to address. If your pet is showing bias, then it is a great opportunity for you to train them in several competitions like flyball or agility.

King Charles Yorkie Behavior Problems


There are a lot of amazing reasons why King Charles Yorkie mix dog has been created. One of the main reasons is their behavior and temperament. Both it’s parents, the Charles Spaniel and the Cavalier King, have been bred for a long time to have the idea of having a dog that can become a companion, and the mixed breed that they have in their offspring stands a lot of lovely qualities that they inherited from their parents.

King Charles dog breed’s sweet and affectionate nature and their loyalty made them a true man’s best friend not only in name but also in practice. To make your dog more friendly to people outside your family and animals, it is very important to train, socialize and train them on time.

This dog brings love and devotion to their owner, making them turn into Velcro dogs. This dog breed doesn’t want to be away with you, and they will always trail you in your house. This dog breed also wants to be present on all your family occasions.

They are undeniably cute, but they might develop separation anxiety because of the closeness you develop with them. If you are working for long hours and away from your home, it is not good for you to get a King Charles Yorkie dog.

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This mixed breed is intelligent and alert, which makes them a great watchdog. They will give their best to protect you; that is why they tend to bark a lot whenever someone is coming around. They will probably greet those strangers with their tails wagging, so you can’t count on them as one to ward off those intruders.

How Much Do King Charles Yorkie Cost?


The King Charles Yorkie dog breed is a mix of the Yorkshire Terrier and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. This little hybrid dog is very talented, especially in guarding, tricks, hunting, and being a watchdog.

It has a lifespan of 12 to 14 years, also known as the Cavayorkie and Yorkalier, and a very patient-loving dog.

King Charles Yorkie can cost from $ 400 up to $750, which can vary depending on the type of breeder and location, are some of the things being considered. Dog needs to have a carrier, a crate, collar, leash, and other necessary items.

Yorkalier also need to be microchipped, spayed, vaccinated, examined, and have their blood test done. This breed also needs to be dewormed to maintain a healthy digestive system.

Overall, the cost for all the things you need to have, including the King Charles Yorkie dog breed, is more or less around $365 up to $400. You also need to prepare an annual cost for their non-medical needs such as treats, grooming, license, food, toys, and other needs for their basic training, which goes around $535 up to $635.

On the other hand, when it comes to their basic medical needs like shots, checkups with a vet, their pet insurance, and flea prevention could cost you an amount ranging from $435 up to $535.

Where to Buy/Adopt King Charles Yorkie Dog


There are many online stores you can watch out online. One of these is Adpot-a-Pet.com, where they will help you find one at the nearest place to you.

The only thing you need to do is to fill out the link they provided. The link will ask you about the breed of the dog you desire to have, your exact location, how far the distance of your home, your postal zip code, and the age and sex of the dog you prefer to have.

Aside from Adpot-a-Pet.com, other online stores can also help you, such as puppyfind.com, nextdaypets.com, and greenfieldpuppies.com, for a wide range of choices. It will be very cute to give them their names once you already have your dog on your arms to cuddle at home.

They are well raised and could be a nice dog to take good care of and be a companion, most especially for those single people out there, couples who wanted to have a pet or even senior citizens.

King Charles Yorkie dog breed will surely bring a lot of energy and life to your home because they are truly sweet and affectionate by nature. King Charles Yorkie dog breed may be small in size, but their love for their pet owner is bigger than what humans can give.

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