Labradoodle Dog Colors: A Complete List of All Coat Colors

Cuteness overload may be the best way to describe labradoodle dogs. These “cuties” inherited the traits and genetics of Labrador Retriever and Standard Poodle. The fusion of the two genetics had resulted in the genetic make-up of the Labradoodle dogs.

These dogs sometimes may be mistaken for a “teddy bear” or a “stuff toy” for its beautiful coat, which is amazingly hypoallergenic. 

Labradoodle dogs come in different variations, sizes and even their beautiful coats have different types and colors. This may be attributed to the fact that a Labradoodle dog is a crossbreed or a designer dog.

The breed Labradoodle dog was introduced in 1988 after Wally Cochran, an Australian breeder who had crossbreed Labrador Retriever to a Standard Poodle. 

The crossbreeding had resulted in the Labradoodle’s beautiful coat colors, and it is now becoming fancier as more dog breeders are getting into different types of crossbreeding.

Labradoodle coat may have a hue of gold, blue, white, chocolate, or a multicolor like the parts Labradoodles or the phantom Labradoodles. Let us take a glimpse at the different hues of the Labradoodle coats that make these dogs huggable;

Red Labradoodle Color

Labradoodle Dog Colors: A Complete List of All Coat Colors 1

The coat is rich and dark-colored that may even be compared to a color of a mahogany shade. This type of Labradoodle is very popular for they look like a “living” teddy bear.

A beautiful red coat and a black nose make it resembles one’s favorite stuffed toy. However, this type of breed is considered “rare” and difficult to breed. 

The color “red” may not be classified as the official color of neither the Poodle nor the Labrador Retriever; however, it may be the crossbreed of a darker shade poodle to a cream or tan Labrador Retriever.

Golden Labradoodle/Apricot Labradoodle Color


If you love a sweet-looking teddy bear, surely you will fall for the Golden Labradoodle. It is considered the most popular Labradoodle dog’s color.

The physical traits of this dog are similar to a sweet teddy bear for its nose, toenails, and eye rims have black features with a golden and apricot coat. This may be the reason for its trending popularity among Labradoodle dog pet lovers.

The golden or the apricot color may have been the fusion of the genetics of darker brown, silver, and blue traits. As they age, the Golden Labradoodle shade wanes and fades and may even be mistaken for a Cream Labradoodle later on for the faded coat color.

The Apricot or Golden shade is the last official color of Labradoodle that is being recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC)

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Black Labradoodle Color


This may be the “paw in black” for the black Labradoodle is all black from the nose, paws, eyes, and of course, the eye-catching black coat. The black color may result from the breeding of a black poodle to a chocolate Labrador Retriever.

The black color is made possible when both of the parents are of the darker shade. However, this may not be a hundred percent guarantee that having a breed of both darker shades will lead to an offspring of black Labradoodle. Sometimes, it may result in brown color or chocolate Labradoodle.

Since the black color may be classified as a recessive trait, having a black Labradoodle is a popular color.

Cream Labradoodle Color


The lighter shade of the Labradoodle that is constantly being mistaken for a “white” color is the cream Labradoodle. The AKC had recognized the color cream as the official color for the Poodle. 

It may be the color that is usually being used to breeding for a variety of colors in Labradoodle. The color shading of cream is noticeable even in fancied multicolor Labradoodle like Parti Labradoodle, Phantom Labradoodle, and Merle Labradoodle. 

Each cream Labradoodle is ‘special” for each one has different traits. The difference in the physical attributes of the cream Labradoodle may primarily base on the parent breed.

Brown Labradoodle/ Chocolate Labradoodle Color


Labrador Retriever’s standard brown color and Poodle’s darker shade when crossbreed will produce a chocolate Labradoodle or a brown Labradoodle.

Despite that, the chocolate Labradoodle may be categorized as “common” and not of “rarity.” However still, this Labradoodle has cuteness in it, for it has a dark hue of brown and mahogany.

Blue Labradoodle


Rarity is beauty, and that is true with the silver Labradoodle or the blue Labradoodle. This is the type of Labradoodle that cannot be spotted repeatedly in a public park. It is rare, and the color blue or gray is sometimes mistaken for an “off-white” or “off-black” color. 

Its shade is somewhat a gray coloring dominant in multi-colored Labradoodles like Merle, Sable Labradoodle, and the Parti Labradoodle.

Tuxedo Labradoodle Color (Black and White Labradoodle)


The ultimate show of being classy is the tuxedo, and surely this Labradoodle lives up to its classiness. It may have been mistaken for a black and white Labradoodle due to its black and white coat, but it has certain character traits different from the black and white Labradoodle.

Its coat is entirely black except the tummy and leg area covered in a white coat. It resembles a classy tuxedo.

Caramel Labradoodle Color


The distinguishing feature of the Caramel Labradoodle, which makes it different from cream, chalk, apricot, and red color, is the brown nose. Its beautiful coat color ranges from light yellow to the hues of red. 

Parchment Labradoodle Color


Labradoodle color is exciting for there are colors that resemble a teddy bear. This parchment Labradoodle partakes of the image of a cup of coffee that is perfectly blended with milk. It also has a cute distinguishing nose feature which is pinkish.

It had a “milk chocolate” coloring when it was born, but as it grows, it develops to a coat of parchment, which is best described as a creamy beige chocolate color.

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Café’ Labradoodle Color


If sipping a cup of coffee gives a certain adrenalin rush, surely this Labradoodle will just do the same. It is fondly called Café’ Labradoodle for its coat color ranges from light milk chocolate to almost beige color.

The cute little nose has a sweet pigment of a rose color. The coat color develops during the first one to three years.

Chalk Labradoodle Color


The purity of the color white can be seen in the chalk Labradoodle, but if scrutiny is made, it is not exactly “white,” but it may partake the color of a “chalk-white.” It has a beautiful white coat with a tiny black nose. 

Lavender Labradoodle Color


This Labradoodle dog has a coat that is a fusion of smoky lavender and brown chocolate coloring. It may partake in the shade of lilac or pinkish.

When they were born, the coat is not yet of a lavender color, but it is most likely a chocolate coloring, but the lavender shade eventually develops over the years.

Silver Labradoodle Color


The beautiful coat of this Labradoodle is a fusion of light pewter and dark charcoal. It may have a solid color or a layering of color which may be even or patches. This cute pup has a solid black color when it is born, but the coat gradually develops into silver over the first few years. 

Parti Labradoodle Color


They are considered fancy multi-colored Labradoodle with spots and patches of the solid Labradoodle colors. The coat is almost fifty percent white which is being blended with spots and patches. The pigment of the nose corresponds to the solid color.

Sable Labradoodle Color


You will surely be amazed by the multi-coloring of the Sable Labradoodle, for every single strand of hair is banded by color, which is a fusion of two colors.

You can see that the root end of the hair has a hue of red, apricot, or tan, and on the tip of the hair, the strand may be typically brown or black.

When this pup is born, the coat has a solid darker shade of black or chocolate. The multi-coloring in the hair strand becomes visible once the hair grows about an inch long. 

Merle Labradoodle Color


When we talk about the term “Merle,” we are referring to the genetic coloring in the Labradoodle, and it affects all types of coat coloring.

It may be said that this type of genetic coloring may be a multi-coloring that may have the hues of red, black, chocolate, blue, and patches of grays and creams. Its eyes have distinguishing eye coloring of “bluish” or “greenish.”. 

Phantom Labradoodle


The coat of this Labradoodle usually has a solid base shade and the second color gives a defined marking which is usually found on the areas around the eyes, on the sides of the muzzle, on the throat, the four legs, and below the tail.

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There is a fusion of the acceptable colors, which can be seen in the Phantom Labradoodle. The coloring of the nose usually follows the solid base coloring.

What is the rarest color of Labradoodle dogs?

They say “rarity is beauty,” and it is even true to the Labradoodle coat colors. Among the sixteen notable Labradoodle colors, one stands out as being the rarest Labradoodle color. The red Labradoodle is being held as the rarest color, which may not be commonly seen.

It is also considered much loved because it bears a resemblance to a stuffed toy or a teddy bear. The real red Labradoodle dog has a black nose.

What is the best color for a Labradoodle dogs?

The concept of the best color for a Labradoodle has no definite answer considering it involves purely subjective. The best coloring is a matter of perception and choice of every pet owner. The choice depends on his or her favorite shade or hue.

All the sixteen coat coloring of Labradoodle may be categorized as the best color or shade. You will just pick the kind of color that suits your taste, preference, and of course, of the price tags. The rare Labradoodle color also goes with its price tag. 

Some superstitious beliefs may sometimes persuade a pet owner’s choice that the coat color bears the dog’s temper. This traditional belief has no scientific basis for the dog’s behavior, and its temper is being honed through the way it was being trained, raised, and treated. 

What’s the most popular Labradoodle dogs color?

You cannot go out of style when the color is black and amazingly. The black Labradoodle is being classified as the most popular color among the sixteen known Labradoodle colors.

The solid black coat of the Labradoodle may be a product of the genetic make-up of a black Labrador Retriever and a darker shade Poodle or a standard black Poodle.

It may no longer be surprising that black Labradoodle may be common or popular, for it is also common to have a black Labrador and a black Poodle. 


Regardless of the coat color of your Labradoodle dog, the primordial importance is the grooming of the Labradoodle’s coat. This type of dog is much bigger than a standard size of a Poodle, and of course, it is much “cuter” and “huggable.” To maintain the Labradoodle “cuteness,” proper grooming is needed.

The grooming requirements of the Labradoodle entirely depend on the type of their coat. If you have a curly coat Labradoodle, a weekly brush may not be sufficient for it needs daily grooming. It may be entirely different if the Labradoodle is similar to the lab, of which a weekly brush will already suffice.

Being a proud owner of Labradoodle has an intertwined responsibility of making sure that it is properly taken care of and groomed. Proper grooming will maintain the beauty and the color of its coat. You must have the time and exert an extra effort to keep your Labradoodle cuteness and be huggable.

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