7 Low Maintenance Mixed Dog Breeds

Dogs are the man’s best friend. They are a companion in life, school, and even at work. Dogs can be found anywhere, inside the house, on the streets, in parks, and so many more.

Dogs are like humans. It only just they have lesser rationality and physical abilities compared to human beings. 

Also, dogs come in different sizes, colors, especially the breed. Different dog breeds around the world keep a home happy than it used to be.

If you are a dog lover or starting to love a dog, choosing the best dog breed is a must. In this way, you can easily adapt and bond well with the dogs you bought or adopted from the animal shelter.

If you still find it hard to choose, fortunately, we have already provided a list of seven low-maintenance mixed dog breeds that you need to check out. So, let’s start! 

1. Border Collie-Sheltie 


It might be surprising to you hearing that a Border Collie-Sheltie is considered a star of rare courses is included in the list of low maintenance dog breeds despite having many better options out there.

However, Border Collie-Shelties are mixed breeds of dogs that do not need too much attention nor guidance to grow up.

One example of that is exercising. Border Collie-Shelties do not need to exercise too much as a simple 30-minute walk is already their workout.

Also, they aren’t for stamina but speed. It can run after anything, such as a bus or car, due to its speed.

Border Collie-Shelties do not require too much grooming in terms of the coat as their hair is already good.

Their coat is just average, which means that grooming isn’t that necessary, but still, it is a must for their hygiene. 

Moreover, Border Collie-Shelties are great with kids. If you have kids, getting a Border Collie-Sheltie to be the guard is an excellent choice.

This mixed dog breed has a soft heart with children, even other animals; however, the tiny ones are the favorite toys of this dog breed as they endlessly chase it. 

2. Shorkie

white brown shorkie puppy

Next on the list, we have the Shorkie, a mix of Shih Tzu and Yorkshire terrier. This dog is popular due to its size.

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It is a small breed of dog that is lively and devoted to bringing out positivity.

It mostly comes in color brown with hazelnut round eyes and their asset, which is their tiny and short legs.

Now, due to their legs and size, a Shorkieis low maintenance. They don’t need to be walked for hours.

A few minutes around a block will already do as their exercise. They also don’t need much time to be at the dog park as they get tired easily.

But still, bringing them to that place is a must for them to meet new friends and discover new things.

Another great thing about this breed of dog is that it can be left out for training, you only need to bring them toys, and they’ll happily play with them.

3. Chiweenie 

chiweenie dachshund chihuahua mix dog

Another great choice as a low-maintenance dog breed is the Chiweenie, a mix of Chihuahua and dachshund.

We’re sure that you already heard of this fierce yet tiny dog breed. It has the reputation of being feisty, fierce, and intelligent.

That’s why even if you left it alone for a couple of hours, it would stay calm and active.

Chiweenie can also become aggressive, just like a chihuahua. That’s why a lot of homeowners choose it as a guard.

It doesn’t get clingy that much and can sense anyone new trespassing the house.

It also has a loud bark enough to wake up people in the house when an invader enters.

This mixed dog breed does not need too much grooming as its fur is soft and short.

Regular baths will already keep them clean and fresh, but taking them to the veterinary office to be checked and groomed is a must, let’s say, after every three months. 

4. Pomsky 


Originally, Pomsky is a Pomeranian and Siberian husky mix, and they make a good house dog.

This breed has a good personality which means that they can be left inside. Just make sure that you left them with toys and other enrichment stuff.

In terms of taking care of them and their health, a Pomsky does not need too much grooming at the veterinary office; however, their fur must be brushed regularly, especially during their shedding season.

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With that, you need to make an effort to brush off their old coat, or if you don’t have time, you can take them to the grooming center.

Don’t forget to take them on a walk as a healthy way to stimulate their mentality and body

5. Chug 

chug chihuahua pug mix dog

If you are looking for a playful dog breed, then you must take a Chug.

This dog breed is a tiny and playful source of happiness without requiring too much work or attention.

Chugs are happy mixed breed dogs which makes them the best choice for those who are just starting to have dogs at home.

They are the dog breed that can meddle and adapt easily to different environments, making them a good companion. 

In terms of their grooming, Chugs do not need much to have only short fur and coat.

But still, they must take their regular baths and be groomed after every three months.

Also, their fur must be brushed to keep it healthy and shiny. Chugs can be taken to an hour-long walk in the neighborhood or a dog park for their exercise.

Here, they can meddle with other dogs and be friends with them. Above all these, Chugs have one problem: they can’t be left alone for a couple of hours or minutes.

They hate the feeling of being abandoned. That’s why they whine once their human companion leaves. 

6. Siberian Retriever 


Next in line, we have Siberian Retriever. This mixed dog breed is another low maintenance as it doesn’t need much attention.

If you are into average-sized dog breeds to take over the couch, then Siberian Retrievers are the best choice.

This dog breed, due to its size, does not have much endurance and energy level. That means then that you don’t need to take them on a walk regularly.

This is the best if you have work to attend. Also, Siberian Retrievers mostly lay down and sleep.

They play, but it only lasts for a couple of minutes. Another thing, as they grow old, Siberian Retrievers tend to be lazier than ever, as well as become more affectionate towards their human companions or families.

They are gentle dogs that can already burst out happiness with a simple treat or toys. 

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Moreover, this mixed dog breed’s lifespan is around 12 years. At the age of 8 to 12, they become lazier and sleep all day.

However, there are problems to look out for when taking care of a Siberian Retriever.

First, their health is not that great all the time. Due to their weight and size, they tend to have only fair health.

Another thing, they mostly encounter orthopedic problems due to their weight again. 

7. Cavachon 


Lastly, we have a Bichon Frise and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel product, which defines the word cute.

If you are one of those looking for a dog that seems to not age and stays like a puppy, then this dog breed is yours.

Cavachon is a mixed dog breed filled with gentleness, adaptive, affectionate, and well-mannered personality.

Their size makes them look cute despite the age behind it that can be years already.

Also, despite its cute size, a Cavachon can come and protect its owner.

Its aggressiveness comes out once they can see and sense that their owners are in danger. 

It weighs about 11 to 20 pounds that make them train and handle.

Typically, they are considered healthy pets as they don’t get sick easily or inherit anything bad from the environment.

However, there are instances wherein they can develop heart diseases. Cavachons have a weak heart compared to other breeds.

That’s why regular monitoring of them, especially during their old years, is a must. In terms of grooming, this dog breed does not need much.

They need regular baths, brushing, cleaning of the ears, and often visit the groomer. When all of these are done, they can be the happiest dogs alive. 

These are only seven out of other mixed dog breeds that are low maintenance.

If you are looking for some, then these provided breeds must be considered.

Rest assured that all of it does not need that much attention nor service to survive.

These breeds are already born independent, but sharing love with them will make better results if you plan to have your dog, hurry and take these mentioned breeds as your options. 

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