How to Make DIY Dog Toys

Dogs are playful pets, and we love playing with them too. Their play activities mainly involve chewing, pulling, tugging and fetching. Hence dog toys provide an excellent opportunity for such play experiences. However, it is common knowledge the prices of dog toys are highly overrated.

Retail outlets have channeled the love for play by a Dog and his owner to make a fortune out of exaggerated dog toy prices. There is a need for a cheaper and more durable option. This is where DIY dog toys come in. This toys are more inexpensive and can be made to suit the playing needs of your Dog.

Don’t forget all the fun involved while making them. DIY dog toys are the ideal playing tools for any Dog. Below are the simplest and most common dog toys that can be easily made.

diy dog toys

DIY ball dog toy
This toy is suited for a Dog that likes chasing things around. For the supplies, you will need a ribbon, a piece of fabric and an old tennis ball. The procedure is as follows. Cut the fabric into two equal strips.

The size doesn’t matter as long as it’s big enough to be wrapped around the tennis ball. Wrap your ball around this fabric strips making sure it is at the center. One way to ensure that the ball is centrally placed is by folding your strips into two halves and put your ball at the center of the folds.

After wrapping your ball in the fabric, tie a ribbon at the base of the ball making sure it is tightened. Your fabric will have a remaining tail part, cut this tail into smaller equal strips.

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After this braid them into parts while tightening the braids. Finally to avoid the braids being loose tie several knots at the end of the braids. Throw it to your puppy to fetch.

Tennis ball thread

When you want to keep your Dog busy for a while as you run your errands, this is a great DIY god toy to keep him occupied. The supplies you will need are a tennis ball, treats (crunchy and smelly) and your most convenient cutting tool. The procedure for making it is as follows.

diy dog toys

Cut the tennis ball either across or along the felt. The cut should not be too deep at most 2 inches. Now place your treats inside and allow your Dog to have fun with it. Make sure you use safe pet balls that are available in pet stores to avoid the Dog swallowing toxic substances.

Crackling sock
For Dogs who like crackling noises, the crackling sock is a suitable DIY dog tool. You will need one empty plastic bottle and one sock. This is the simplest DIY toy to make, but at the same time, it’s effective in delivering a great play experience.

Take the plastic bottle and dispose of it while squeezing out all the air in the bottle. The bottle will have lost its shape, and you can now place it inside the sock.

To ensure the bottle is tightly fixed tie a knot at the end of the sock. You can tie more than one knot to ensure it’s tightly fixed. Give it to your dog to play with am sure the crinkly noised will make him excited.

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Denim knot

This is a DIY dog tool that is suitable for super chewers. The supplies for this toy include one denim fabric usually tattered old jeans. The fabric should be long and relatively wide. Now tie a knot at the center of the denim. Then tie another knot around the former r one.

diy dog toys

Repeat the same process by tying more knots around the initial one until a small piece of fabric is left at both ends. Cut the extra fabric and give it to your dog to chew it for hours.

The rope ball

For the Dogs who like tossing things and tugging them, this will be the most suitable DIY dog toy. You will need one tennis ball and one piece of rope. Make a hole on each end of the ball so that you can fit the rope through the ball.

Squeeze the rope through the hole till the ball is centrally located. Tie tight knots at each end of the ball to set it in position. Tie two knots at each end of the rope. This toy can be used for chewing fetching and tugging.
DIY dog toys are of a wide variety, and new ones are being invented day in day out.

These are the popular simplest DIY dog toys to make. You can also be creative and make your DIY toy that suits the playing needs of your Dog. Playtime is now simple, cheap and more fun thanks to DIY dog toys.

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