10 Amazing Things About Maltese Dogs – Maltese Facts

Maltese is the most affectionately responsive dog among the diminutive sized breeds. Maltese have been bred since the medieval times and have always served as gentle companions.

Their exceedingly lively and loyal nature makes them ideal family pets. However, it determines the way you raise it.

Being too vigorous might start a temperamental character in your pet. These quick-moving sprite dogs are known for their amazing facts that we will see in this article.

1. Maltese have gained the reputation as brave dogs.

Toy Dog Breed Maltese

Their teeny size should not lead you to undermine them. They are always ready to stand in for themselves and their owners. They are rather a fearless bearing in mind their tiny physique.

2. Maltese can read your emotions.

maltese dog

The study shows that these dogs can form abstract mental representations of positive and negative emotions and recognize how their owner is feeling. This makes them an exceptionally amazing breed way far than any other breed can do.

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3. Maltese’s sense of smell is 10,000 to 100,000 stronger than ours.

maltese dog pictures

It may be related to lateral guessing, but we know that a dog overpowers our sense of smell by a significant magnitude. From some researches, it shows that dogs use their smell to interpret their world.

4. Over their course of its existence, they come in different monikers.

matese dog snow

The crossbreeding of Maltese dogs combines the best qualities in each kind. Some of the most popular types include:
– Melitaie dog.
-Maltese Lion dog.
-Roman Ladies dog.
-Shock dog.
-Spaniel gentle.
-Maltese + Poodle (Maltipoo).

5. The Maltese was the favorite among the Royalty.

cute while maltese dog

For a period edging to 28 centuries, the Maltese been the aristocrats of the dog world. They are universally known to be a hit of the royals. The royals cherish these lapdogs to the extent of feeding them on golden dishes.

6. The nose of a Maltese dog can change color depending on whether he is in sunlight or the shade.

white maltese puppy

It starts from the time of birth such that if a pup is born with a black nose, it later fades. The coating of the nose gets sun bleached only with a few hours outdoors.

7. Maltese dogs don’t shed.

maltese puppy blue bow

Despite possessing a long silky hair, these dogs do not shed. Many people consider these dogs as hypoallergenic which makes them ideal companions for people with allergies. However, they will need continuous cutting and brushing of the fur to keep them more checked and appealing.

8. A member of this breed was a millionaire.

white puppy maltese dog

A lapdog named ‘Trouble’ belonging to a millionaire by the name Leona Helmsley was turned heir of the multi-million dollar wealth. Trouble was 12 years old when she drew fame and vituperation after her adorable owner died having signed the dog as the immediate inheritor of all the wealth.

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9. The Greeks had a unique way to commemorate their dead Maltese.

maltese cute puppy

The Greeks ritualized the sending off of a Maltese dog. The whole antiquity would grieve for their dead Maltese and even draw sketches to commemorate him.

10. The Guinness book of records authenticates a member of the Maltese.

maltese puppy bathing

A Maltese named ‘Lucky’ holds the record of having sat on the laps of the most number of worshiped celebrities. These celebrities include Kristine Stewart, Richard Branson, Kim Kardashian, and Hugh Grant to shorten the counting.

In conclusion, it goes without saying that a Maltese is a cute little dog. Everybody has to talk about them and train themselves how to suit in the Maltese dog world.

If you are in for a perfect touch to make your home more special, then you should get a Maltese dog. In case you already have one in your home, it is time you start celebrating its lovable personality.

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