18 Adorable Maltese Mix Dog Breeds

Maltese dogs mixed with other breeds will give you an adorable type of dog who has different personalities. It would be quite challenging on your part if you wish to have a dog companion at home who has a breed of Maltese and other types of dog breeds suitable for your pet.

If you’re longing for the best dog mixed type of Maltese with other dog breeds, then you need to do your research. You may ask some of the dog breeders in your locality and ask them the best type that would be perfect for you. 

If you still have no idea about these specific Maltese mix dog breeds, you can consider the following Maltese mix dog breeds. This will help you decide which one is right for you.

1. Malteagle


This type of dog is a combination of Beagle and Maltese mix. Mixing these two breeds will create a hybrid called “Malteagle.” It is lively and said to be extrovert.

This is a good choice as a family dog. It is lightweight but can live up to 15 years. Its coat is soft but thick, and it comes in various colors such as white, brown, black, or even cream. Proper grooming is necessary for this dog to look good.

2. Lhatese


Its parents are the Lhasa Apso and Maltese mix. This is a small dog yet an independent one. It weighs about 15 pounds. When it comes to personality, it dislikes strangers.

Therefore, they bark if they saw a stranger coming to him. But when it is with the family owner, it is happy and contented.

In terms of activities, Lhatese loves mental and physical exercises. Therefore, it is suggested that you keep them busy with toys and let them enjoy playing in the yard most of the time.

Just be flexible in making a schedule for his activity. A variety of activities for Lhatese can be done to make him happy and healthy.

3. Silkese


This is a breed of Silky Terrier and Maltese mix. This dog has dark eyes, a round black nose, furry ears, and a curly tail. It looks like a teddy bear.

However, it could grow up to 12 inches and can weigh almost 14 pounds. It has a long, dense coat, so it needs proper daily brushing to avoid itchiness and tangles to Silkese. It is also playful, and a daily walk is enough for its exercise.

4. Maltichon


The parents of this dog are the Bichon Frise and Maltese mix. This is a well-built dog with strong and round heads and black-rimmed eyes.

Though it is a small dog, it is brave and a good watchdog at home. It is an ideal companion and a good choice for a family.

5. Scottese


This kind of dog is a breed of Scottish Terrier and Maltese mix. It is a tiny and fluffy dog. It usually weighs about 20 pounds and can stand up to 10 inches tall.

Training this kind of dog is quite challenging. You can start with basic training and applying a reward system. During exercise, it is better to do it outdoor because Scottese is energetic.

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6. Peke-a-tese


This dog is the result of breeding Pekingese and Maltese mix. It is a short, stout, and furry dog. It has a round face and hanging ears that appear to be lovable.

It is also independent as well as assertive. However, it needs proper and regular training because it is not that obedient. This training can surely make a difference in terms of discipline. Its lifespan is amazing, for it can live up to 16 years.

7. Cairmal


This dog is the product of breeding Cairn Terrier and Maltese mix. This dog usually weighs about 13 pounds and can grow up to 13 inches tall. It can exist for up to 15 years.

Cairnal loves eating. That is why it easily gains weight. To avoid overweight issues on Cairmal, monitor the amount and type of food you give to this dog.

Cairmal is an obedient dog. However, deal with it properly because it may be stubborn sometimes. When you notice this behavior in this dog, you must set rules and be consistent with them.

Remember also to appreciate them as a form of incentive or reward.

8. Havamalt


This is a combination of the Havanese and Maltese mix. This is an agile hybrid of dogs that loves to stick with people.

Usually, when it is tired, it enjoys on the owner’s lap. Its weight is around 13 pounds, and it can grow up to 12 inches tall. It is known for its droopy ears, blunt nose, and short pointy tail. It also has a double coat covered with long and silky fur.

9. Malti-Pug


It is a mix of Chinese Pug and Maltese mix. It is adorable and fun to be with. It is quite common to be lively and vigilant.

It requires regular and proper grooming, just like other dogs. Includes also its regular check-ups and dental cleaning to avoid health problems in the future. This type of dog is suited to families with children.

10. Mauxie


This type of dog is a result of breeding Dachshund and Maltese mix. It is said to be naughty and vigilant, just like its parents. It can stand up to 10 inches tall. 

The texture of its coat is fine and silky. It comes in secondary shades like tan, gray, and chestnut. Hunting is natural to a Mauxie dog.

Therefore, take them outdoor daily. When it is indoor, give him plenty of toys. This kind of training will help him enjoy and have fun.

11. Boston Malterrier

maltese-mix-dog-breeds-Boston Malterrier

The parents of this dog are the Boston Terrier and Maltese mix. This type of dog is best suited to senior citizens, for it loves a companion.

It is usually gentle. Its color can be black or white. Dental cleaning is necessary for Boston Malterrier. Regular trimming of its fur is also needed.

Always attend to this dog to avoid behavioral issues. Proper training when it comes to socialization is always a must for this dog.

12. Ratese


This is the product of breeding a Rat Terrier and Maltese mix. It has a multi-colored coat, long, straight fur, and eyes that can be brown, blue, or hazel. In training, this type of dog, apply a positive and consistent tone to develop discipline.

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For grooming this dog, apply a mild shampoo and conditioner as well during bath time. Trimming of nails and ears should also be done regularly.

13. Maltipom


This kind of dog is an offspring of Maltese and Pomeranian mix. Many dog lovers wanted to have this kind of dog because of its good personality and behavior to its family.

Their owners love Maltipom dogs because they are intelligent and very friendly to its family. Maltipom dog breeds are said to be possessive sometimes, and they even maintain distance from those who are non-family members.

This type of dog may come in a wide range of colors. Their hair coats are straight and quite dense, which need regular grooming and brushing.

If you want to make sure that these dogs are well-cleaned and groomed, then their ears should be checked as well. You should remove some debris and dirt which remain trapped in their furs. 

14. Highland Malti

maltese-mix-dog-breeds-Highland Malti

This kind of dog is an offspring of West land White Terrier and Maltese mix. Many people describe this dog as graceful and elegant.

Highland Malti dogs are said to be adorable because of their black nose and playful brown eyes, which peep out from their long, dense fur.

This dog needs regular brushing and grooming because of its long wavy fur. If you want to get rid of the tangles or mats and have proper grooming for this dog breed, it is advisable to use a shampoo and conditioner that preserves their body’s natural oil.

During your grooming session with your dogs, you can also check their conditions if they have sores or injuries, eye irritations, and ear infections.

This dog doesn’t shed too much; so, you don’t need to worry anymore about allergic reactions.

When it comes to its proper training and daily routines, you may give them daily walks, play with them, and provide them competitive games since they also want to have run and roam around your vicinity. 

15. Tibetan Spaltese

maltese-mix-dog-breeds-Tibetan Spaltese

If you cross-breed a Tibetan Spaniel with a Maltese dog breed, then you may have an adorable Tibetan Spaltese. And since the parents of this dog breed have lots of contradictions, you may notice that this hybrid may have well-combined personalities and attitudes.

Tibetan Spaltese dogs are sociable, but they also remain suspicious of strangers. These two opposite personalities of this hybrid were inherited from the personalities of both parents.

With these combined personalities, it would be advisable to give this dog breed proper training at an early stage to learn to be disciplined once they grow mature. 

Moreover, this dog requires early socialization to be more adaptable in any situation, and they will also learn how to socialize with other people well.

Tibetan Spaltese dogs also need regular exercises and daily routines despite their low level of energy. For you to maintain their proper body weight, then you need to give them daily walks.

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With this simple way, you can also help them to be active and dynamic. This hybrid also loves more attention from their dog owners. So, if you have this kind of dog, then give them extra love and care to boost up their mood. 

16. Malti-Poo


You will get Malti-Poo dog breed once you cross breed Poodle with a Maltese type. With a good combination of these two adorable purebreds, you will have an adorable offspring that weighs anywhere from 5-20 lbs.

Most of the Malti-Poo dog breeds have an average lifespan of 12 years. When it comes to the appearance of Malti-Poo, it comes with a long, dense coat in various colors.

Most of these hybrids are in white; however, some hybrids may come in grey, sports black, silver, and red coats. 

Malti-Poo dog breeds don’t shed too much since both of their parents are hypoallergenic. Several people want to have this kind of dog because this is a perfect companion at home.

This dog is full of good personalities. Malti-Poo dogs are friendly and loyal to their dog parents.

They get along with kids and other pets in your house too. So, you don’t need to fret anymore when it comes to socialization and interaction with people and other animals in your house. 

17. Papitese


This dog – Papitese – is a combination of Maltese and Papillon. You will surely love this kind of dog since Papitese dog breeds inherit all good features from their parents – good personality, attitude, appearance, and many more.

This hybrid has a strong structure of bones, a medium-sized black nose, and big round eyes from Maltese parents. On the other side, this hybrid also inherits the multiple colors and butterfly-look coats from the Papillon.

18. Yorktese


A good combination of Maltese and a Yorkshire Terrier comes now the Yorktese. This hybrid is affectionate, loving, and loyal to its dog owners.

Even though Yorktese dog breeds are small, they are also so protective of their family members. You need to give them proper focus and attention, especially if there are some visitors or strangers nearby. 

These dog breeds that were mentioned above are the best combinations of Maltese with other dog types.

The offspring from Maltese types and your chosen dog breeds will surely produce an adorable dog type that will be suitable for your personality.

So, after deciding on the best Maltese dog breed for you, be aware of things that you should do to give ample and sufficient time for your dog.

Being a responsible dog owner is a must. So, you need to do some preparation first before adopting a new dog member for your household.

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