12 Things You Need to Know About Mastador

Mastador is considered as one of the best hybrid dog to own. He is naturally affectionate and loyal to his master. Furthermore, Mastadors are very mild-mannered and show minimal to no aggression unless they are protecting their master.

Mastadors are low maintenance dogs that will thrive in any environment. They are happy to cohabit with you in your town apartment or chase after the kid’s kite in your country house.

Mastadors grow to be large, strong dogs with much energy. Moreover, you will need all the power you can master to contain him.

1) Mastador = Bullmastiff + Labrador retriever

mastiff lab mix mastador dog

His exact origin is not well known though word has it that the first Mastador cross-breed was discovered in the United States.

What we know for sure is that his parents are of English (Bullmastiff) and Canadian (Labrador retriever) descent.

Mastador puppies were crossbred for the main reason of producing loyal family dogs. Being a descendant of the Bullmastiff, a Mastador puppy will turn out to be loyal, brave, hardworking, and very protective.

On the other hand, he will also be fun loving, outgoing, and full of mischief like his parent the Labrador.

2) Mastador puppies eventually grow into large family dogs.

mastador mastiff lab mix dog

So if you intend to own a Lab-mastiff pup, be ready for his excessive energy when he is an adult.

Moreover, being a humongous dog, he will need a lot of your attention to maintain his good health and temperament.

Mastador coat is generally short and smooth. He will also spot a mini Mohawk on his spine as the hairs on his back tend to grow backward.

The color of his coat will depend on the parent, but generally, it should be red, fawn, red/brindle, fawn/brindle, or red-fawn-brindle. He will also spot white patches on his paws and underbelly.

One thing the He is adored for is his droopy face with floppy jowls. He also spots dark, doleful eyes that will win you over.

He always wears a calm look, but when you bring out the Frisbee, his goofy Labrador grin is instantly activated.

3) Height and Weight

black mastador dogs

Mastador’s height and weight is greatly influenced by the dominant parent gene. If he takes after the Bullmastiff, his height will be somewhere between 24 and 27 inches from the shoulder.

He will also be large and heavy weighing up to 200 pounds when fully mature. On the other hand, A Mastador pup that takes after the Labrador will average height of 22 inches from the shoulder.

His weight will also be between 100 to 150 pounds as a mature dog. Height and weight can also be influenced by diet as well as exercise.

Bear in mind that Mastadors are passionate eaters, especially if the Labrador gene is dominant. So it is advisable that you always watch what goes into his mouth.

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4) Mastador lifespan of 10 to 15 years.

mastiff lab mix mastador dogs

Bullmastiffs have a lifespan of 8 to 15 years. On the other hand, Labrador retrievers have a lifespan of 10 to 14 years.

So you can expect your Mastador pup to give you 10 to 15 years of pure joy and loyalty. If you have him on a high-quality diet and plenty of exercises, he could outlive this timeframe.

5) Personality of Mastador

brown mastiff lab mix dog

Despite his towering body, Mastador is a mellow and extremely charming fellow. He is naturally gentle and very affectionate towards his owner.

Moreover, Mastador dogs are very active, playful and always looking for the opportunity to engage in family fun. He is the perfect dog to own if you have kids around or other pets.

Mastador dogs will love any family member including the mischievous cat that loves to play with his tail.

It is this deep love for his people that also makes him quite protective. Mastiff Lab Mix dogs get fierce when they perceive a threat or danger.

His deep haunting bark is enough to scare any lurking intruder. This is why Mastadors make great family and guard dogs.

As long as he knows his family is safe, he will always wear his calm, relaxed look. He is happy to watch your little toddler as you go about your daily house chores. He will also join you on your daily morning runs in case you need a workout buddy.

6) Mastadors are generally very intelligent dogs

mastador mastiff lab mix dogs

As descendants of the Bullmastiff, Mastadors are generally brilliant dogs. In ancient times, Bullmastiffs were known for their intelligence and made great guard dogs.

They were also used as war dogs by Asian empires to warn of impending danger or help infiltrate enemy lines.

In England, Bullmastiffs were considered noble dogs that guarded royal estates. Moreover, they were also used as hunting dogs to track and hunt down game such as bears or wild boars.

In Canada, Labrador retrievers were used by fishermen to bring in lines of hook or fish. When they migrated to the USA, Labradors found new roles in law enforcement.

They were trained to make a great army and police dogs. So owning a Lab-mastiff breed means you have one of the most intelligent dogs on earth.

With the wittiness of the Bullmastiff and the mental alertness of the Labrador, be assured that your home will always be safe from intrusion.

7) Training is really fun

black mastiff lab mix mastador

Mastador is one of the easiest and fun dogs to train. He is perfect for anyone who wishes to own a dog that does not require much concerning training.

Mastadors are eager to please their masters, and their natural intelligence helps them grasp things faster.

Since he is half a Labrador, he can withstand any rigorous training. This is why he makes a great cadet after all.

Mastiff Lab Mixes respond well to behavioral training; therefore, it should not take long for him to grasp the house rules.

It is the other half, the Bullmastiff side, which you need to be cautious about during training. Your Mastador will always exude confidence, stamina, and masculinity just like his Mastiff parent.

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So you need to show him that you are the boss or else he will take matters into his hands. Since he is naturally protective, you need to socialize him with people, new sites, and smell when he is a puppy.

Doing so will help him grow into a well-adjusted, confident, and non-aggressive dog.

8) Mastador dogs are very active and full of life.

mastador mastiff lab mix

They need to be exercised daily to help them expel their pent-up energy. However, unlike toy breeds, lack of exercise won’t make him restless or aggressive.

He will withdraw to his natural docile state, which is not good for him. He needs plenty of play to keep his male body strong and healthy.

Also, bear in mind that he will be huge and strong when he grows up. If you will be taking him out for walks, he needs someone who is strong enough to restrain him on a leash.

Otherwise, he will drag you across a field when he chases after a jackrabbit. Fortunately, Mastador dogs are never demanding when it comes to finding quality time and place to play.

They will have a great time whether it is in the outdoors or indoors. If you do not have time to go out, your Mastador will be happy to play with you in the confinement of your home.

You will grow to appreciate this about them especially during winter when they find the weather too chilly for their paws and coats.

9) Mastadors dogs also do well on a raw food dog diet.

mastador dogs

A Mastador’s diet is not very demanding although he can work up an appetite like his Labrador parent. Meals should be divided into two or three portions a day with doggy treats in between.

Ensure you always control his meal portions to prevent your Mastiff Lab Mix from overfeeding himself. About 2.5 to 3 cups of quality dry food are enough to nourish his enormous body.

Ensure that you buy pet food that is designed solely for large breeds of dogs. Occasionally, he will not mind joining you at the table for dessert.

However be mindful of his dental health when indulging his sweet tooth. Mastadors dogs also do well on a raw food dog diet.

Just make sure that his daily raw food is rich in calcium and phosphates to help him build strong bones.

His plate should also contain plenty of lean meat to serve him his daily portion of proteins. Never feed your Mastiff Lab Mix a high calorie or fat diet; it will make him unhealthy and sloppy.

10) He is low-maintenance Dog

black mastador

One more thing you will love about the Mastador is that he is low-maintenance regarding grooming. Mastador dogs are born with a natural silky coat that only requires moderate brushing.

However, his coat is not hypoallergenic there you will need to vacuum your carpet and seats occasionally.

Bathing time can also be much work given his size. However, he does not mind a playful splash with the hose as you wash your car on the weekends.

Alternatively, take him to the beach with you for a swim. This should be enough to keep his coat clean and free off pet dander.

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The only major concern about his hygiene is his ears. Mastiff Lab Mix’s droopy ears are prone to wax build up and infections.

Make a point of regularly cleaning his ears to prevent infections. While at it, don’t forget to brush his teeth too. Teeth brushing should be done at least thrice a week for better oral hygiene.

11) Health Problems

mastiff lab mix dogs

There has always been a debate about whether hybrid dogs inherit the same health issues as both their parents.

Some dog-breeders do believe that hybrid puppies have a better ability to fight diseases than their purebred parents.

Nevertheless, the only way to know for sure is by asking the breeder if the parents to your Mastador had health issues.

Generally, Mastador dogs are prone to ear infections if not cleaned properly. Moreover, lack of frequent teeth cleaning may expose your Mastiff Lab Mix to gum infections.

His coat is also likely to develop a funky smell due to a buildup of pet dander. Skin infections are also rampant if the Mastador’s coat is not regularly cleaned.

As he grows older, your Matador pooch might develop hip dysplasia. However, this should not be a worry if you are correctly exercising and feeding him the right diet.

Mastadors are also predisposed to heart issues when they are old. Nevertheless, with proper nutrition, that is free of excess fat and calories, he should be able to maintain a healthy heart even in old age.

12) Watchdog Ability

black mastador dog

We have said it already; the Mastador possesses the bravery and fierceness of the Bullmastiff. His senses are also acutely great thanks to being a descendant of the hunting Labrador.

Rest assured that no intruder will escape your eye when he is guarding your home. Mastadors also make excellent guard dogs when going out for walks.

He will stand between you and the threat and will not hesitate to attack if the intruder continues to advance towards you.

Mastiff Lab Mix seldom dogs back, but when they do you know, there is some serious problem that needs to be addressed.

Though Mastadors make excellent watchdogs, you have to ensure that your Mastador pooch does not back at everyone he sees; even the mailman.

To him, everyone is a stranger, and he may not be able to distinguish between a friend and foe. This is why you should socialize him with people and other animals when he is small. As he grows up, he will learn to gauge people and their intentions.


If you have plenty of time and energy in your hands, you have to get yourself a Mastador dog. He is one of the few hybrid dogs that are easy to train and generally get along with everyone.

He is the perfect addition to your family as he will always be willing to play with the children. Mastadors also make great companion dogs for the elderly.

Their calm and compassionate nature makes them the perfect company for grandpa as he watches his favorite shows.

Mastadors even get along with other pets and do not require much regarding training.

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