Mini Australian Shepherd | 14 Amazing Facts About Mini Aussie

Are you currently seeking more information about the Mini Australian Shepherd dog breed? Look no further because this post got you covered! Now, without further ado, let’s dive in!

1. What’s a mini Australian shepherd dog? 

The Mini Australian Shepherd is a famous breed that families and pet owners love. The Aussie is a very driven, energetic, and athletic type of dog as they are a herding dog breed.

In case you didn’t know, they belong to the West Coast of America. Their breeding began around 1804. Breeding this type of dog is famous in Connecticut, where it’s the leading and most preferred dog breed.


Further, keep in mind that the breed is slowly getting attention elsewhere in the nation. Families living on farms and ranches are specifically fond of this dog breed massively because of its sheep herding skills.

The Mini Australian Shepherd also adjusts easily to greater altitudes. That makes them a preferred dog breed for people residing in colder areas.

The breed’s huggable look, charming playfulness, and long glossy coat make it a perfect family member. Most people love the hard-working and lively behavior of this breed. However, not everybody can handle the abundant energy in a forty to the sixty-found-pound body.

Breeders sought to conquer that in the 1960s by creating a new breed from some of the smallest dogs. They were renamed to prevent misunderstanding. That’s how Mini Australian Shepherd came in.

A few dog breeders attempt to breed new small Aussies from a full-sized dog. Such scaled-down breeds will not qualify as Mini Australian Shepherd. That’s because they are a pedigree in their right. Still, they tend to be sold as mini Australian Shepherd.

2. What does a mini Australian shepherd dog look like?


The Mini Australian Shepherd comes in four different colors, including white, red, blue, and black. Nonetheless, such colors are not solid. Keep in mind that the Aussie has a merle – a genetic distinction.

That gene is in charge of making various colored patterns on their body, offering it a marble-like effect on their coat.That gene can also impact the entire look of the dog by changing their eyes’ colors.

Typically, that marbling effect exists on one or all the body parts, including the chest, underbelly, paws, neck, and face. At the end of the day, that merle gene has genetic impacts, even though it improves the dog’s look.

A breeder must be informed of how risk merle dogs could be. As a rule of thumb, don’t breed two merle dogs together. Overall, the look of Mini Australian Shepherd will differ based on the methods utilized to breed them.

Puppies bred from miniature Australian Shepherds over the years tend to look like a shrunken version of the normal breed. These made by presenting dwarfism will normally have oversized heads and short legs.

Meanwhile, crossbreeding to get smaller dogs leads in dogs, which could inherit any combination of traits from either dog parent.

These dog breeds also have white or tan markings. Mini Aussies who aren’t Mini Australian Shepherd may also have one of such unique coats. They may have brown eyes or blue eyes, along with other dogs, have one of each. How amazing is that?

3. How big does a mini Australian shepherd dog get?


Keep in mind that Mini Australian Shepherd is very much smaller than the normal Australian Shepherd. However, you may be wondering how big an adult dog could get.

Well, a Mini Australian Shepherd may grow to be at least 13 to 18 inches tall at the shoulder. When it comes to their weight, they may weigh somewhere between 20 to 40 pounds. Male Mini Australian Shepherds are bigger than their female counterparts.

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4. How much does a mini Australian shepherd dog weigh?

Hence, this typical dog breed isn’t very small. They are approximately 20 to 35 pounds, much smaller compared to the standard Australian Shepherd. Remember that their size is highly adjustable, based on how they were made.

5. Does mini Australian shepherd dog shed?


Keep in mind that the Mini Australian Shepherd does shed. It requires weekly brushing as well. This typical breed shed most of the time and a lot. However, they shed more heavily throughout spring as they lose their winter coat.

One of the tips to deal with the shedding is to brush their coat every week, maybe more often throughout the shedding season, to avoid matting. How much do they shed? Well, it depends. They shed to a moderate to a high amount.

It does depend, though, on the individual breed. However, they shed the same amount as the Australian Shepherd and Border Collie. However, not as much as big.

Either way, they are not the most preferred breed, especially if you do not want to see pet hair inside your home or like having the dog inside your home a lot.

Even the most well-planned anti-shedding strategy won’t get rid of the dog hair. The shedding could be more noticeable depending on the individual dog during the shedding period.

That is a time of the year when they blow their coat for at least two to four weeks, once or twice every year. That’s typical for thick, double-coated pets like the Mini Australian Shepherd.

They grow a much thicker coat for the winter seasons and shed that in the lead up to summer. They shed their lighter summer coat in the lead up to winter. That is a very natural procedure, which helps them adapt to the varying seasons.

6. Is there a way to lower the amount of shedding?

You will find no way to make your Mini Australian Shepherd’s shedding stop totally. Nearly all dogs shed at least some hair. Therefore, it is only something you need to come to terms with and understand to deal with.

Lucky for you, dealing with the shedding is not very challenging or time-consuming with a Mini Australian Shepherd. You see, it is all about consistent and proper grooming, not to mention making sure his diet is optimal.

Regular brushing can be your first line of defense. That goes a very long way to maintaining as much of the hair off the clothes, furniture, and floors as possible.

Make sure you also massage his body and spread the oils of his skin. Doing so will support healthy and moisturized fur.

7. How often should you bathe a mini Australian shepherd dog?

Mini Australian Shepherd | 14 Amazing Facts About Mini Aussie 1

You can also bathe your Mini Australian Shepherd more often throughout the shedding months, offered you utilize a good quality dog shampoo, which does not try out his skin, given you do not bathe him too often.

The purpose of bathing could help because it is an excellent way to get rid of old, dead fur in the bath. It also helps loosen it up for the following brush. That’s why brushing and bathing together could make a huge difference.

As a rule, offer your dog a bath every two to three months. However, you should not overdo it to you may risk drying or irritating their skin. You can utilize a dog-safe blow dryer to completely dry their coat and leave them feeling spiffy.

8. Here’s how you can bathe your mini Aussie:

Saturate your dog’s fur, undercoat, and skin with warm water. That could take some time, especially if your dog has thick fur.

Apply a dab or two of shampoo and scrub it away. You can work with the shampoo into the fur along with your fingers, or you can utilize a rubber massage tool made especially for dogs.

Scrub starting from head to toe. Just be mindful enough to prevent the eye section. Do not ignore his belly, behind his ears, under his arms, and inside of his hind legs.

Wipe the area around their eyes with a damp cloth. You can utilize a small dab of tearless shampoo to wash around the eye and head section.

Prevent getting any in your Aussie’s eyes, even though it’s tearless. Wash his whole body carefully with lukewarm or tepid water until the water runs clear.

Washing is an essential part of a Mini Australian Shepherd, as their fur can accumulate lots of residential shampoos, which could irritate the skin. It can also leave a grey film on the fur.

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9. Do mini Australian shepherd dogs bark a lot?

Lucky for you, they do not bark a lot. But this is not to say that every Mini Australian Shepherd is quiet. Keep in mind that these breeds could become barkers, especially if not that careful enough.

Do not forget the fact that they are ranch dogs. They intend to alert their owners with one bark, especially if they feel something and concede to you for more action and guidance.

Typically, these breeds are relatively quiet unless something strange happens, which they feel their family must be alerted.

A bark or two will do so long as their people distinguish the disturbance. Moreover, they aren’t susceptible to too much barking. Nonetheless, they are people-centric and are more likely to suffer if shut out of family life.

They will bark at loud noises, other animals, and strangers. Try to help your dog realize he doesn’t need to bark at passing cars, thunder, or squirrels. These breeds are more likely to be incessant barkers unless they are isolated or bored from the rest of the family.

Ensure you keep his body and mind occupied to help him feel content and happy. Long runs, playtime, and obedience training are perfect.

Aussies need at least thirty to sixty minutes of intense exercise regularly. Further, this breed is more likely to be quiet unless they perceive a danger to their family.

10. Is mini Australian shepherd dog hypoallergenic?


Your family decided to open your home to a brand-new dog. The only concern is that one of your family members experiences an allergy attack every time you are around a dog.

No breed is completely hypoallergenic. However, you will find a large number of puppies that could live well along with allergic people.

Unluckily, the Mini Australian Shepherds are not one of them. As you may know, this breed is sought to have lots of grooming and hair requirements.

Aussies have beautiful fur, cute perky ears, and distinct eye coloring, even though they aren’t the best dogs for allergic people. Apart from that, they have a vibrant personality and lovable nature, making them amazing family dogs.

11. Is a mini Australian shepherd dog easy to train?

Of course! Mini Australian Shepherds are herding dogs, historically utilized to support and help ranchers working livestock in a wide array of scenarios.

Their instinct stays powerful, and this breed is sought-after for their willingness to please, their intelligence, and trainability.

Not just do they respond very well to training, but it’s highly suggested to direct their natural herding skills as well as curious minds. Here’s a short overview of how you can train your Mini Australian Shepherd:

The ideal way to train this breed is by starting your training after a play session. Exhausting them before you begin training will help them concentrate better, making it simpler for you to harness the power of their amazing mind.

You should utilize positive reinforcement throughout such training sessions. Shock collars may appear like a simple replacement for long training sessions.

However, researchers have discovered that dogs respond much better to positive and excellent reinforcement. That can lead to submissive and fearful behavior.

Take note that the only form of punishment you should utilize is negative punishment. That’s something you may have performed already. For instance, ignoring your dog when it jumps on you is a form of negative punishment.

Following that, along with positive reinforcement such as praising them when they don’t jump, will help you solidify good behaviors in your mini Aussie.

Meanwhile, socializing them is somewhat simple as well. You will find numerous ways you can utilize to socialize your pup. All you need to take note of is to keep sessions positive and short. Would you like to know where to begin?

Then you can introduce your pup to another puppy and get him used to have their toys or food bowl taken away from them. Try to utilize group exercise too. A fly ball is an excellent game and sport that your pup can easily compete with.

That supports socialization as he met other dogs and uses his athleticism and speed.

12. What are common dog behavior problems of mini Australian Shepherd?


Keep in mind that the Mini Australian Shepherd is considered a workaholic in all the best ways possible. They could be the ideal laid-back companion at times. However, this small-sized cowhand does require regular exercise and mental stimulation.

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These dogs were bred to take advantage of the face-paced herding life and flourish with owners who have active lifestyles. Aussies are very playful breeds. They will like to spend long hours at a time playing.

Games such as rallies, fly ball, agility, and other dog sports help keep them satisfied and tired. That’s why this breed is not suggested for sedentary owners because their energy levels are very high.

Furthermore, this breed’s unlimited energy can be let loose in the form of excessive and destructive behavior, especially if they aren’t kept busy. Unluckily, many Aussies end up in pet shelters because their owners couldn’t deal with their excessive energy.

All dog is unique on their own, but this dog is known for barking. They may whine or howl with joy as they see their owner go back home for work or make barks or yips while playing along with other pups.

One of the great things about this breed is that they make a wonderful family companion. They also flourish in settings loaded with fun activities. However, they should be kept away from animals or small kids because they are a high possibility to herd, given that they are considered a herding breed.

Apart from aggressive behaviors, Mini Australian Shepherd can also suffer from separation anxiety. Raising mental exercise and enrichment will help them cope with such anxiety. Try giving them calming chews, too, and Dog Appeasing Pheromone (DAP).

Do you still see other serious behavioral problems? Then you can seek immediately from a positive reinforcement expert.

13. How much does a mini Australian shepherd dog cost?

You may be thinking about the price you need to pay for a Mini Australian Shepherd from a trusted breeder. The standard price for this breed is currently between $600 and $800. Female dogs are a bit less costly compared to males.

Besides, tri-colored Mini Aussies are highly popular and are more expensive compared to other colors. Just a warning, don’t purchase a white Mini Australian Shepherd.

They are white, big thanks to a genetic quirk, which predisposes them to suffer from visual and auditory concerns. That’s especially true, even though they look stunning.

Most white mini Aussies are deaf and blind. White Mini Australian Shepherds are the outcoming of mating two puppies, which bring the double merle gene.

A trusted and reliable breeder will have their breeding stock tested to ensure that genetically fault dogs do not lead from the matting. Unlicensed breeders and puppy mills may not be that diligent. That’s why we suggest that you be extra wary about this matter.

14. Where to adopt a mini Australian shepherd dog?


You will find different places where you adopt or buy a Mini Australian Shepherd. Only look for puppies, which are housed in a clean setting.

Ensure they are well cared for and aren’t sick. Moreover, breeders housing their stock in poor environments must be avoided.

Be cautious of Mini Aussie breeders who don’t like to present you all their stock. You may not know it, but they may be hiding something from others.

Keep in mind that small dogs of all breeds are very sought after these days. Poor quality puppy mills and breeders often exploit that trend.

Bottom Line 

Mini Australian Shepherd may not be the perfect companion for families with small animals. However, they are loyal and loving through and through.

This breed is a smart dog, which requires an owner who could harness that energy and intelligence productively.

Exercise and mental stimulation are very important. They are simple to care for when providing the right stimulation and only require regular brushing throughout the shedding months.

To sum up, the Mini Australian Shepherd is an awesome active companion, while at the same time an amusing dog breeds to be around the home.

These dogs truly feel the care and love you put into them while their life may always be on the move.

There you have it! These are the important information you need to learn about the Mini Australian Shepherd.

We hope you enjoyed understanding this small pooch. Are you ready to adopt this breed?

Let us know and share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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