Mini Bichon Frise | 12 Things About Cutest Version of Bichon Frise

Mini Bichon Frise is a gentle and very playful dog breed. It is relatively small in size, making it ideal for apartment dwellers. The good thing about this furry friend is that it does not bark a lot.

If you have seen a Bichon Frise before, you know that it has a powder-puff coat, which looks the same as poodles.

Bichons have a soft undercoat and curly but silky outer coat. They are available in different colors, including gray, apricot, cream, white and buff, and pure white.

Bichons have a quite longer length compared to their height. They feature dropping ears and a well-proportioned head.

Both male and female Bichons usually stand around 12 inches only. Their weight ranges from three to six kilograms or seven to 12 pounds, which is pretty lightweight, making them perfect to be your lap dog.

If you plan to Adopt your own Mini Bichon Frise and have many questions about the breed, you are in the right place.

Here, we will discuss the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and other information you should know about the said dog breed. So, if you want to know more about it, just keep on reading.

What’s a Mini Bichon Frise?


A Mini Bichon Frise, as its name suggests, this dog breed is the small version of white, fluffy Bichon Frise.

Its body is packed with a very big personality despite its petite size. In the early 13th century, the Bichon Frise dog breeds became popular.

Their popularity began when European nobles are highly attracted to this breed’s appearance and personality.

According to the American Kennel Club, this information does not shock anyone considering that Bichon Frise sits at the 46th seat of 193 most popular dog breeds globally.

Mini Bichon Frises are an ideal family companion as they love to run around your small yard and curl up on your lap.

You will surely love this pup breed because they are easy-going, sociable, and can get along with other kids and animals very well.

What does Mini Bichon Frise look like?


As we mentioned earlier, Mini Bichon Frises are a little and playful dog breed that is lots of love to offer to their master.

Considering their white-colored fluffy coat and black-colored round eyes, we can say that Bichon looks like a teddy bear.

You don’t need a long time to realize that these purebred dogs are some of the most enthusiastic and happiest companion you could ever have.

They are packed with high intelligence and love to play with kids and other animals. These make Mini Bichon Frises a good companion for apartment and small-house dwellers.

On the one hand, even though they don’t like to exercise a lot, you should give them enough time to run or jog around the park.

One of the things you would love about this dog breed is that you can leave them alone in your room for a few hours.

Give your Mini Bichon Frise lots of love and attention, and you will get it back a hundredfold.  

How big do Mini Bichon Frise get?


A miniature version of Bichon Frise is ideal for every homeowner for different reasons.

One of these is their cute and adorable appearance. Ask yourself, can you find another dog breed that is cuter than this fluffy white pup?

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Aside from their precious look, you can take Mini Bichon Frise almost anywhere you go without experiencing any hassle.

You can place them in a small handbag for your daily errands. You can also take them for your out-of-the-country travels only if the airlines allow you to take this cute little pup.

These days, most of the hotels and apartment buildings we see have imposed their dog size restrictions. But you don’t have to worry about this when you prefer to have a mini Bichon Frise.

If you have a hectic working schedule or don’t like to exercise regularly, this Mini Bichon Frise is perfect for you as they require only minimal training to keep their body fit and healthy.

Considering their little legs, they’ll get tired pretty quickly after a few minutes of running or jogging.

How much does a Mini Bichon Frise weigh?


Generally, Bichon Frises can stand up to 11/2 inches and weigh approximately 18 pounds.

In this sense, Mini Bichon Frises are way smaller than this standard size. When fully grown, miniature Bichons only weigh more or less four pounds.

Do Mini Bichon Frise shed?

Most dog lovers don’t like to clean up crumpled hairs of dogs. There are only a few dog breeds that don’t shed.

If you ask if Mini Bichon Frise shed, well, it is but not as much as other long-haired canines. Small dogs are known to shed less.

Considering that Mini Bichon Frise sheds minimally, they are perfect for allergic individuals.

Despite that, this small dog breed still requires maintenance. Take note that their hair grows just like how they grow.

That’s why they require a more occasional bath and more frequent brushing and grooming. These things can maintain their powder-puff adorable look.

How often should you bathe a Mini Bichon Frise?


Even though Mini Bichon Frise is a low-maintenance dog breed, you still need to groom and bathe them regularly.

This adorable dog breed features a double coat. This means that they should take a bath a minimum of two to three times per month.

How frequently you should bathe and groom your dog will depend on its lifestyle.

Your dog baths’ right frequency will keep their coat and skin healthy. Besides that, regular baths also help them grow their coat cleanly.

Compared to a dirty coat, a clean coat will tangle and mat less. A dirty coat is susceptible to breakage and roughage, which can cause disastrous damage.

This means that it is important to keep your dog’s coat healthy and clean. This will help them to maintain their powder-puff like coat.

Aside from that, using the right products is also an important factor in maintaining their coat. A well-maintained coat adds fanciness to the overall look of the dog.

Ensuring that the coat is mat free, well-conditioned, and clean are the first steps towards achieving a beautiful coat.

When cleaning and grooming this dog breed, you should thoroughly wash their double coat.

This means that you need to use your fingers in massaging the shampoo through their coats. This is to ensure that each coat is being cleansed very well.

On the one hand, if you use a whitening shampoo, make sure to use it less frequently as it can cause undesirable stains on your pup’s coat.

Before you use this type of shampoo, the first thing you need to is to condition the coat as it will act as the protector of the hair shaft.

Do Mini Bichon Frise dogs bark a lot?


A Mini Bichon Frise is a dog breed that loves people and other animals. Their innate characteristics include being loyal, friendly, and happy.

As we mentioned, this is a perfect breed for people living in small houses or apartments.

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Even though their size contributes to their adorability, you may still notice some symptoms of temperament issues.

These signs indicate that they are not feeling well. A miniature Bichon Frise does not bark a lot.

But if you notice that they chew and bark excessively, you should know that there’s something wrong about them not you need to address.

If you notice that your dog barks more often than before, do not give them harsh punishments or excessive cuddling. These two actions can make them think that what they’re doing is right.

Considering their gentle, sensitive, and affectionate nature, many owners tend to treat them as a baby when they start to act or bark inappropriately.

Mini Bichon Frises are also susceptible to separation anxiety. You can leave this dog breed in one room for a few hours with proper training.

Take note that Bichon Frise requires a lot of attention. They tend to bark, chew or cry excessively just to get your attention.

They are also good as a family dog as they aggressively bark at a stranger who tends to enter their territory.

Are Mini Bichon Frise hypoallergenic?


100 percent yes. Mini Bichon Frise is a hypoallergenic dog breed that drools or sheds minimally.

That’s why we highly recommend this breed for people with allergies. Their appealing round eyes and wool-like coat makes this mini Bichon Frise popular, coupled with innate cuteness and personality.

Even though this is a non-shedding dog breed, you still need to groom and brush its coat regularly to prevent hair tangle and keep it in good condition.

Is Mini Bichon Frises easy to train?

Mini Bichon Frise is known to be bouncy yet quiet, easy to train even though aggressive, and they have high energy levels but even-tempered.

Considering these traits, this dog breed can be considered the best and ideal for dog owners with small apartments or houses.

This adorable dog breed’s charm and intelligence make them perpetually and undeniably appealing.

One of the things you will love about Mini Bichon Frise is that they are fast learners in almost every aspect.

The problem is that you may find it hard to train them how to poop properly.

You don’t need professional dog trainers for your Mini Bichon Frise. You can train them in the comfort of your house without experiencing any hassle.

Mini Bichon Frise behavior problems


A Mini Bichon Frise is one of the dog breeds ideal to live with. They are cheerful and enjoy the company of other animals and humans.

They love to snug into the pillows and their master’s laps. They don’t have high exercise requirements.

If you have a small backyard, you may encourage them to run or jog for at least 15 minutes. They just need to stretch their little legs to keep them in good condition.

Even though many think that Mini Bichons have an independent nature, they can’t still be considered a dominant dog.

Yes, he responds to training very well, but you need to allow some time for their potty training.

You may notice three common behavioral problems with your Mini Bichon Frise. These are the following:

  • Some Mini Bichon Frise bark excessively when not trained properly. In most cases, they have high-pitched barks, which can annoy anyone around you. So, make sure that you do your thorough research about their personality and nature before you own this dog breed.
  • As we mentioned earlier, Mini Bichon Frise is very friendly and usually relies on their human parents’ companionship. Although you can leave them for a few hours, make sure to allot enough attention for them to prevent separation anxiety.
  • You may find a hard time housebreaking Miniature Bichon Frises.
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Do Mini Bichon Frise love to cuddle?


Mini Bichons are very affectionate. They get happier when their master cuddled, loved, and hugged them.

That’s why they are considered to be one of the best pets for young kids and hypoallergenic individuals.

Their cloudy-like hair coat makes them very cute. They are known to be one of the most affectionate and sweetest small-sized dogs worldwide.

Does A Mini Bichon Frise sleep a lot?

Generally, yes. Mini Bichon Frise tends to sleep a maximum of 14 hours a day. How long they sleep depends on different factors, such as their age.

A young Bichon tends to sleep more than 18 hours per day. On the one hand, adult Bichon Frises require more sleep.

How much does a Mini Bichon Frise cost?

If you plan to adopt a Mini Bichon Frise, the first thing you should know is its cost.

If you don’t know the average price of this dog breed in your area, many puppy farms may take advantage of you and give you a higher price.

There are several sellers in every region where you can avail this adorable pup. If you are in the United States, you may purchase a mini Bichon Frise for 600 US Dollars.

Keep in mind that the price may still change because of the pup’s demand. Depending on your area, you may end up buying a Mini Bichon at a lower or higher price.

Besides that, remember that the pup’s prices usually fluctuate, making it hard for you to say when the Bichon’s price will go down or up.

Some factors affect the cost of this dog breed. You should know these factors to help you know what you should look for when buying this breed.

Generally, three factors greatly affect the Bichon Frise’s price. These include the purebred status, parental history or lineage, and gender.

On the one hand, if you don’t have the budget to purchase a Mini Bichon Frise, there’s still another way for you to acquire one.

There are different dog welfare where you can adopt a dog breed of your choice. Many dog lovers prefer this method to give “unwanted or stray” dogs a brand new family.

Another notable reason a lot prefer the adoption approach because of the low cost.

Even though this is the normal case, take note that dog centers still require some documents you need to comply with to help them determine if you are trustworthy.

Where to buy/adopt Mini Bichon Frise dog?


Several agencies and online websites sell or offer Mini Bichon Frise for adoption, as we mentioned.

If you are willing to purchase or adopt this dog breed, we highly recommend visiting You may also browse other websites or agencies in your area to adopt or buy a Bichon.

If you prefer to buy online, make sure you deal with a credible and reliable agency to avoid getting scammed.


A Mini Bichon Frise has a fluffy white coat. They are known for being a playful dog breed. This dog loves to cuddle and very sociable. They tend to play with other dogs and humans.

Bichons were among the most favorite dog breeds of French royal families back in the 16th century. Despite their small size, they are also good for being a family watchdog.

They tend to bark aggressively when someone is trying to invade their area or notify their masters about a possible intruder.

Mini Bichons do not require frequent exercise, but it would be great if you will give them some time to walk around the park.

If you are looking for a small but terrible dog breed, a Mini Bichon Frise is a must for you.


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