Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds in the World

From the very start of the domestication of dogs, these furry friends are considered as one of the family members. Dogs have the automatic instinct of protecting their owner or trainer.

And because of that, they are usually being used in protecting their livestock and properties. Law enforcement officers also use dogs in their profession. But most of us use dogs as our home pets, which we teach some dog tricks.

It is very noticeable that dogs are one of the intelligent creatures and are loyal and great friends and companions.

Even though they are usually referred to as the “man’s best friend,” some of these dog breeds are not meant to have a close interaction with other human beings.

As time passes by, they have always been a report in regards to dog attacks with humans, usually in their owners.

Even some dangerous situations are uncommon, and it is very vital that you must be knowledgeable about the responsibility and dangers of having several breeds of dogs.

In this article, we have listed the top 10 most dangerous dog breeds all over the world.

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Most Dangerous Dogs in the World

10). Jack Russel Terrier

Most Dangerous Dogs
Jack Russel Terrier

Jack Russel Terrier is a type of dog breed that is not determined by AKC included in a particular group.

It is because of the parent society of the breed. And because of this, it caused the acknowledgment to the Parson Russel Terrier rather than Jack Russel Terrier.

But both of these dog breeds are typically the same but possess minor modifications.

Jack Russel Terriers have a weight ranging from 14 lbs. To 18 lbs. White is their dominant color and often have tan or black markings.

They usually have broken, long-haired, or short-haired coats, which means the mixture of short and long hair. They have shorter patience and do not tolerate children.

9). German Shepherd

German Shepherd dogs

According to the AKC, the German Shepherds are included in the list of medium-sized herding group dogs.

They have the weight that is ranging from 70 lbs. to 85 lbs. In Karlsruhe, Germany during 1800s is the place where German Shepherds were found.

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They were also working as the military dogs for French and German military during World War I.

They are great for being guard dogs as they don’t like to entertain a stranger. They are the very smart breeds of dog. During the early age, the German shepherd is used by blind people as their guide dogs.

Police and military forces are included in the search-and-rescue groups and act as the narcotic and police dogs. They are also popular breeds of dogs in the United States.

They are the dogs that can be your kid’s best friend. They are aggressive, but when they were appropriately trained to become a guard dog, they can be your protector.

8). Siberian Husky

According to the AKC, the Siberian Husky is included in the working group of dogs with medium sizes.

They have the weight that is ranging from 35 lbs. To 70 lbs. Their medium length of hair was being covered with a double coat.

Their colors may vary, but commonly, they are in the shade of silver, white and gray, white and black, or white and red.

Siberia is the first place where Siberian Husky was originated. During that time, they are bred in pulling sleds to the long-distance during the colder seasons.

In these days, the Siberian husky is being used as the dog rescuer. Some studies stated that Siberian huskies are aggressive.

Some people may think that huskies must not be included in the top 10 list of aggressive dogs, but because of their territorial behaviors, they are considered as aggressive.

They cannot create a bond between other dogs easily. But they are great dogs with a family who lives with children.

7). Rottweiler


In terms of the working group, AKC claims that Rottweilers are included in the list of dogs with larger sizes.

Their weights are ranging from 85 lbs. To 130 lbs. They usually have short hair with a denser and straight coat in black with a touch of mahogany or rust markings.

Its name derives from the town in Germany. During the early time, they are commonly called as the “Rottweil butcher’s dog,” but as time passes by, its name was changed to Rottweiler, as a shorter name version.

During the early period, Rottweilers are being used for hunting bears and herd cattle. In the United States, Rottweilers are being used as guard dogs and usually work with the police and army forces.

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Rottweilers do not easily accept people they don’t know. Rottweilers are also protective and loyal to their loved ones and are willing to defend their belongings.

They are very approachable, mostly by children. But due to their energy level and size, these dog breeds are not advised for families who live with kids.

6). Doberman Pinscher


According to AKC, Doberman pinscher is included in the dogs with medium sizes.

They have the weight that is ranging from 70lbs. To 90 lbs.

They usually possess a short-haired, glossy, and thick coat in blue, black, red, or fawn shades.

They first found in Germany, wherein Karl Louis Doberman is the one who bred this dog. Karl is a tax collector and wishes to have a dog that can protect him while visiting dangerous places.

This is a type of dog breed that is very intelligent and is being used primarily for policemen works and guard dogs. When it comes to their owners, they have a protective and stronger instinct.

But when they are trained with good masters, they can be a great friend with kids and other breeds of dogs.

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5). Dachshund (Standard Smooth)

Dobermann Pinscher

According to the AKC, Dachshund (standard smooth) is considered in the group of hound dogs.

Their weight usually ranges from 8 lbs. to 32 lbs. You can have dachshund breed of dog either with short and long hair, with any shade of fur.

During the 17th century is the start of the breeding time of Dachshund. They are usually used in hunting the badgers.

During World War I, these breeds of dogs are on the edge of death, but these days, the Dachshund is considered as the famous dog breeds that you can find in America.

They are also prone to a syndrome called “small dog syndrome.” It is a dog issue that tries to have a large attitude despite its smaller size.

And this can cause problems in their behavior. If they were trained how to socialize during the early age, they would have a stronger connection between humans, especially children, but they can’t perform well in hard activities.

If you have small pets like hamsters, rats, and mice, keep an eye with them since dachshunds have a stronger hunting instinct among these pets.

4). Bullmastiff Dog


Bullmastiff, as its name suggests, is the breed mixture of mastiffs and bulldogs.

They are the dog breeds that have a height of 27 inches and a weight of 100 lbs. At the time of the 19th century, the gamekeeper produced bullmastiffs to break the thieves away from their items.

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Even though bullmastiffs have a strong connection between their owners, if it is not trained to be socialized, they can still be dangerous and tend to create injuries and damages.

3). Caucasian Shepherd


Caucasian Shepherd is also popular in the name of Caucasian Ovcharka, Kaukasische Schaferhund, and Caucasian sheepdog.

These kinds of dog breeds are enormous dogs that can weight for more than 200 lbs.

Caucasian shepherd is meant to guard and herd your properties and livestock against the different types of predators like bears.

These dog breeds are also known to be confident and powerful. Since they are protective, strong, and large, they are also considered as dangerous and aggressive when their training is not properly handled.

2). Kangal

Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds in the World 1

Kangal is a large-bodied sheepdog that was derived from the family of mastiff and can be found in Turkey.

This is a breed of dog that has a stronger and larger body that can frighten the potential predators, including bears and wolves.

But in spite of that, Kangals are friendly and gentle when it comes to its owner and loved ones. But, because of their size and weight, they have stronger bites that are considered as the same intensity with 743 PSI.

For this reason, only a few people have Kangal as their dog breed, since most people are afraid to take care of these delicate yet large dogs.

1). Pit Bull

American Pit Bull

Pit bulls are known to be playful, funny, affectionate, and intelligent breeds of dogs. On the other hand, pit bulls can also cause numerous damages, fatalities, and injuries.

Even the PETA advocates of pit bull dog breeds also considered these as neutered and spayed.

Most dog professionals think that the attacks of pit bulls to humans are due to the increasing popularity of its breeds. They are usually bred to fight.

Pitbull owners also trained these dogs improperly and didn’t have enough knowledge on how to treat and handle it correctly.

I hope to write the article “How to train your Pit Bull,” Keep in touch with us.

Summery about Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

As I mentioned above, I do not mean “Dogs are Dangerous” and “don’t adopt these dogs as pets.” Dogs are lovely friends, and they give enlightenment to our lives. Give them love, proper training, care about them, treat them well, then they will be Good than HUMANS. 🙂

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