Top 10 Most Obedient Dogs

Being obedient, caring, and loving comes naturally to dogs. Above all, dogs are pack animals. That is, they always live and survive in and around packs. These packs could be of two feet creatures of four feet creatures.

Also, dogs are very considerate and caring towards their packs their families. They cannot tolerate any interference in their territories. These are respectful, loyal, and obedient companions.

People tend to connect the dog’s obedience to the fact that they are their food providers. But that is not the case with the fact that dogs are obedient. 

The obedience of dogs can be inter-related to their training capabilities. Obedient dogs can be trained easily and are mostly easy to be around.

Even though all dogs have the quality of being obedient, underlaid is a list of the ten most loyal dog breeds in the world:

1. German Shepherd Dogs


One dog breed is also known as the Shining dog because of the many roles this breed can take up. A German shepherd can do it well, from being a military and police dog to being an outstanding pet!

German shepherd dogs are excellent at training with great strength and a muscular build. Despite these body features, these dogs are very obedient, making the training process very easy and convenient.

Moreover, this dog is not just loyal but is very courageous and has amazing guarding instincts. With all the above characteristics, this breed of dogs can be great with kids and children.

With their big bodies and their tense look, they tend to scare off many people, but from the within, they are very affectionate. 

With such attributes, German shepherds also make up for great house dogs! Its loyalty and love towards its owners and other loved ones make them extremely reliable and trustworthy.

German shepherds can always protect your kids from strangers and intruders by being smart and intelligent. They have a sense of identifying danger, which again adds to the list of their characteristics.

This breed of dog can be said to be an obedient and hardworking dog who is not just loyal but affectionate too! 

2. Poodle Dogs


The breed, which is also considered the sophisticated one, is the dog breed Poodle. These dogs are super active, attentive, and very obedient. Does Poodle sound a little like puddle?

This is particularly because this breed of dogs was originally bred to retrieve water stuff for hunters. With such characteristics, Poodles are great with strength and considered a powerful breed. 

Speaking of obedience, Poodles are marked as an A in training because of one sole reason that they are very obedient. They are easy to train and mold into desired ways in terms of characteristics and habits.

With all these facts placed correctly, this dog breed keeps on acing several competitions and dog races.  Along with the above, Poodles account for being great pet dogs too. These are people-friendly dogs who like to stay in and around in their packs.

Packs comprising of people or animals, they wish to stay close to them. With a proud yet cute face, Poodles are friendly with kids too. More than being friendly, these dogs would always be there for the protection of the house as well as the kids.

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Apart from acting as a shield, they are your kids’ perfect playing partners. It is a happy ball of fur that is great to be around with all the above! 

3. Doberman Pinscher Dogs


Doberman pinscher, fondly also known as the Dobie, is the perfect blend of being an obedient, loyal companion and a promising guardian!

With the physical features of an athlete, these dogs are active and very energetic. To keep up with the fabulous body shape and the extra energy, you need to set a proper exercise routine for the dogs.

These dogs are courageous and have a strong build, but, on the contrary, they seem to get a little overwhelmed by the existence of strangers.

With such a strong personality, people seem to get a little scared of the dog, but once they get acquainted, they would love the same company.  Despite these features, Dobies are also perfect for your homes. They are alert, straightforward, and attentive.

These qualities make them an outstanding watchdog. Along with the energy they possess, they will never get tired of playing with your kids for long or accompanying you to walk for longer distances.

A friend, a walker, a playing partner, a protector, and a guardian, so many roles, all at once! And with this, they promise to always be a true friend and a loyal companion for you and your family!

4. Collie or Border Collie Dogs


A medium-sized dog that is not just suspicious of strangers and has a weird sense of understanding for any unforeseen situations. This breed can easily make out if something wrong is to happen.

Collies have a way around kids and can be proved to be an amazing companion for them. She is an extremely intelligent breed that can be cheerful and loyal towards her family and loved ones. This breed is comparatively quiet until someone pokes a finger intentionally. 

Another outstanding characteristic about this breed is that Collies are loyal to the extent that they can save anyone in need, a person or an animal!

It remains super close to its family, just like a shadow. This breed makes up for a great home dog, not just a courageous watchdog but also an obedient keeper.

Above all, the instinct for understanding a bad future incident is another advantage of keeping this dog close. 

5. Australian Shepherd Dog


Next on the list is the Australian Shepherd, fondly known as the Aussie. Intelligent, obedient, and hardworking make the basic characteristics of this dog.

It is a trustworthy breed and remains loyal and protective of its family and loved ones. Traditionally, this breed was used to protect the sheep due to the high energy it possessed.

It requires a consistent need to work or do something to keep himself engaged for the same reasons. Along with that, socialization seems to come naturally to them because they care a lot for their family.

A family of four feet creatures or two feet creatures cares equally!  Due to the above characteristics, it is no surprise that this breed is considered an amazing house dog.

This dog can not just bring great medals from games and competitions but will also keep everyone in the house entertained.

With high energy, Aussies also love to play around with kids and become partners in everything. With obedience comes protection that they provide to your home and loved ones selfless-ly! 

6. Shetland Sheepdog Dogs


Shetland sheepdog, popularly also known as Sheltie, is a breed that lives thoroughly for its owners. It is considered one of the most loyal breeds that behave like your shadow.

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This breed was originally considered the best friend of the Scottish farmers. This is particularly for one reason: it is used to scare away any stranger that would invade the farm and send an alarm across about the same.

It also used to shoo away any animals that would try to get into the land to damage the crops. This breed is obedient and considered one of the smartest out of the lot. 

Shelties are often affectionate companies for all family members, including kids. On the other hand, they turn out to be a little shy around strangers, and they tend to fire up with rage and bark if they feel somebody is trying to invade their territory.

Some credit of the same also goes to the training that keeps shelties in place and under command. Training them seems to be easy because they are very obedient.

Another astonishing characteristic of this breed is that they cannot be jobless at any time. They always need to do something or the other. Moreover, they are very capable of entertaining themselves and can find something to do all the time.

7. Labrador Retriever Dogs


The go-to dog breed is the Labrador retriever! With a muscular build and the quality of being obedient, the dog is very active and sporty.

With the many characteristics that are yet to be opened, this breed is considered a true friend, a loyal companion by adults and kids.

Ideally, this breed of dogs was supposed to assist their owners for different work, and the sole reason behind the same is that they are very active.

By far, most people consider it an ideal home and family dog by most. An easy routine of taking care and an amazing intent to protect and play makes the dog perfect for families

Labradors are intelligent, sophisticated dogs that have a sweet nature and can mingle with multiple people at once.

It is also considered a therapy dog! Some Labradors are also kept in adult homes and therapy sessions because of their friendly and caring nature.

Other than a family dog, Labradors are considered excellent rescue and search dogs due to their outstanding instincts. One of the biggest issues of Labradors is that they love to eat and tend to become fat.

For maintaining their strength and active body, a proper routine of running and walking around becomes a must for this breed.

Loyal, caring, and loving are the main characteristics of Labradors that make them not just amazing pets but also good protectors. 

8. Golden Retriever Dogs


It is believed that it is all good with Golden! A Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dogs around the world.

This is particularly because of its friendly, caring, and obedient nature. One can never keep off his or her smile when around a Golden Retriever.

This breed is lively, quirky, highly intelligent, beautiful, and, most importantly, loyal! These dogs require an everyday dose of running and walking around freely to maintain their bodies, but because of the excess energy.

As the name suggests, the Golden retriever was originally bred to retrieve things like fish with their owners. Along with the above characteristics, this breed makes for a perfect family dog and is required to be with his family members throughout.

A little hungry for love and attention, this dog can never leave its playfulness and cheerfulness behind. These dogs are great with kids and can spend most of their time walking around like a show for you and your family.

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The Golden Retriever should not be left on his own as a family dog, and he requires being around people and taking their love and attention. A bubbly, friendly, active, and loyal friend and companion is what defines a Golden Retriever right! 

9. Rottweiler Dogs


Rottweiler breed, affectionately called are Rotts, or Rotties, is often referred to as a loyal and loving guardian! Traditionally this breed was used in Germany by framers to pull carts.

It is now reflected in how their body is structured with a broad chest muscular body. One movement or walk by the Rottweiler displays strength and power.

With a very contrasting personality, this breed possesses eyes that have the power to comfort anyone displaying affection and care. The slight difference between protectiveness and aggressiveness is known well to this breed.

Here is where the importance of training the dog comes in! These differences need to be instilled in the dog by the handler. This makes the Rottie an ideal guardian for your home and kids. 

Rottweiler, the breed, tends to get angry when someone tries to harm or threaten their loved ones or family members. This breed can be considered the perfect house dog due to its protective nature and caring attitude.

With abundant strength and an active body, Rotts make a good playing partner for the children, and with the extra energy, they can also accompany you for a walk.

Rottweiler dogs tend to get destructive over time if they do not receive adequate exercise and attention. Due to the same reason, people consider this breed a little dangerous.

But, deep down, all this dog requires is love and attention and needs to be with his family. Rottweiler dogs make the perfect package for being home dogs that are protective, caring, loyal, and the ultimate guardian! 

10. Papillon Dogs

Papillon Smartest dog breeds

A compact yet loving breed is that of the Papillon! These dogs are a complete package of fun-loving and friendly characteristics. They are cute and very visually appealing at the same time.

Almost everyone can fall in love with their butterfly-like open wings that seem to make for the reason for such a name. Despite these looks, the dog is considered one of the most obedient dogs who are easy to train and keep around in the house.

Speaking of obedience, this breed tends to win all games of the obedience section in any match! They are also thought of as lap dogs, but that can be mistaken because of the loud energy they tend to have.

These dogs always tend to find something or the other to do and keep them entertained throughout. Playfulness seems to occur to them naturally.

This dog breed is great for homes with children. They are very cheerful and playful, which can keep everyone in the family entertained.

These dogs are very easy to train and make as you feel with obedience. These characteristics make Papillon a good, happy, and loyal friend and companion for adults and kids. 

Summing up:

We like to end the list of the top 10 most obedient dogs here! But these are not just all! All the dogs in the world are obedient and loyal. These characteristics occur naturally to these creatures.

With the capacity of entertaining themselves, these creatures would never harm you until you would harm them. We hope you find the perfect companion for your family and your kids. With paw-love, everything is easy and nice!