10 Most Sensitive Small Dogs Breeds

Any type of dog may be emotional and sensitive anytime. But it is more common to rescue dogs, especially if they have unfortunate past experiences.

Dogs in any breed are sensitive because of numerous reasons. Some of these reasons are because of fears, traumas, and just part of their attitudes and personality.

It is also a mere fact that some dog breeds are more emotional than other dog types, no matter what they have been through. 

Being sensitive is not a bad thing. It simply means that they have adapted well to their parents’ emotions, which makes these dogs loving companions.

If you are looking for dog breeds caring, loving, and with a sensitive soul, you need to adopt dogs based on their attitudes and personality. 

It is also important to know exactly their moods and attitude so that you will know how to handle their personalities at home.

Those sensitive small dogs are not usually fond of surprises, reprimands, or chaotic situations. Most of the time, they prefer such things to remain calm, cool, and predictable.

It would be good to provide focus and great attention to your sensitive dogs, especially if you have a huge get-together or even small children at home.

Try to explore the different sensitive small dog breeds which you can adopt for your household. Here are some of the small dog breeds that are sensitive and emotional:

1. Maltese


This type of dog has a lively personality but sometimes sensitive because of some reasons. These dogs are people-oriented, and he loves daily training sessions.

Maltese dog breeds respond to some positive reinforcements like play, praise, and food rewards or treats. These dogs have compassion for humans and other animals.

However, you may even notice that some Maltese dogs have a bad temperament. It is because of some factors that affect their personalities, such as training, heredity, and socialization types.

Those Maltese puppies with proper training and good temperament are playful and curious. They are also willing to be held by other people and approach other people too. 

2. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dogs have a wide range of personalities. Some of them are quiet, sedate, raucous, and rowdy. These dogs are also prominent because of their sensitive personality.

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Some of the Cavalier dogs will inform you if some people are nearby because they ferociously bark, especially when the strangers approach them.

So, always give your attention to your Cavalier dogs when someone approaches you or your property because these dogs might attack other people, especially when being shocked.

3. Chihuahua


This confident and bold type of dog is often being described as Terrier-like. You can make these dogs watchman type of dogs because of their alertness and the nature to suspect strangers.

Chihuahua dogs are also sensitive, emotional, and always want companionship and affection. These dog breeds are sometimes bond to one person, but they also love to make friends and be friends with other people if they are properly introduced.

However, at first, you may notice that they are a little reserved. If not being properly introduced, then they are naturally timid.

These dogs need early socialization too. In this way, they will be well-trained as they grow mature, resulting in becoming well-rounded types of dogs. 

4. Boston Terrier


This is a type of dog that is quite small and sensitive at home. However, Boston Terrier dogs are smart, affectionate, and lovely.

They are sometimes stubborn and persistent during training sessions. Like any other dog breeds, Boston Terriers dogs need early socialization.

They need to be exposed to many people, sounds, sights, and different experiences, especially during puppyhood.

With early socialization, you can make sure that Boston Terrier dogs at home will grow as well-rounded and well-trained. 

5. Chinese Crested


These small dogs are always happy and alert. You can expect a lot of kisses and snuggle time on your lap if you have this kind of dog at home.

These dogs are not fond of dealing with strangers, but when Chinese Crested dogs started to love others, you will surely be amazed at how they respond to you whenever they see you.

There are some instances that these dog breeds are stubborn and intensely social. If you have these dog types at home, you need to provide them with proper training sessions and daily routines.

In this way, they will become well-rounded and good companions at home. If proper training at early stages was given to them, you could guarantee that they will grow based on your wants and expectations. 

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6. Miniature Pinscher


This type of dog is also called Min Pin and is considered the “King of Toys.” Min Pin dogs have a confident personality that may delight and exasperate their owners.

Although Min Pin dogs have sensitive personalities, these types of dogs are excellent watchdogs.

Many people tend to adopt these dogs at home because they are always active and prepared for action, which means that they are dependable to watch your vicinity from thieves and strangers.

These dogs are known for being fearless, extremely curious, and high-spirited. They also possess nonstop energy throughout the day.

Since they are sensitive, active, and always aggressive, early socialization and proper training are needed. These dogs are trainable; so, you don’t need to worry about your training sessions or daily routines.

Despite their aggressiveness, these dogs are loving and affectionate to their dog parents or family. 

7. Schipperke


One of the sensitive small dogs that would be suitable for you and your household is the Schipperke dog breed. Schipperke dogs are curious, active, and always confident.

Many people tend to adopt these dogs because of their compassionate and loving personalities. They are also loyal to their owners, making them an excellent dog guard who can protect their families once in danger.

These dogs are clever enough to understand their training sessions. So, you will no longer exert more effort and time in teaching them various dog commands and requests to do. 

8. Coton de Tulear


This small type of dog is smart and trainable. They respond well to play, praise, and some food rewards. These dogs form a strong bond with their family members.

Because of this, they don’t want to be disconnected from them. Coton de Tulear does not typically bark just for fun. 

9. Yorkshire Terrier

yorkshire terriers

Many people love this type of dog because of its good personality. Although they are small, they still have big hearts, which makes them loving companions.

Yorkshire Terriers may be aggressive sometimes, especially to other stranger dogs. No squirrels are safe from these dogs since they always love to catch them and take a bite.

If there are some visitors in your house, then these dogs should be given extra care and attention because they are sometimes curious about the visitors.

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But if proper training and early socialization are given to them, you don’t need to worry as they grow up. It is because you can have a guarantee that they will grow mature with discipline. 

10. Yorkipoo


Yorkipoo dogs are mixed breeds of Yorkshire Terriers and a Miniature Poodle. They are gentle, affectionate, and intelligent, making them loved by many people, especially their owners.

They are also active and excellent as a watchdog because of their alertness and activeness. If there are some strangers at home, you need to focus on these dogs since they are quite doubtful and curious about other people.

If you utilize some positive reinforcement and proper training procedures, then these dogs are easy to train. Since they are sometimes sensitive, you need to provide them their needs and attention to let them feel that they are not alone. 

These dogs are just some of the sensitive small dogs. You may still know some dog breeds which you may want to adopt for your households. Some of these dogs can be purchased by dog breeders.

You can also find these small dogs – be it a purebred or mixed-breed –at any rescue shelters. So, if you want to own these kinds of dogs for your household, then you may find them in any dog breeders nearby.

You may also try to find them in any rescue shelters in your locality. Perhaps, they have some of these small dogs who are ready for adoption. 

If you want to adopt new small dogs at home, then you may simply locate your nearest dog rescue shelters online. You can easily have the best types of dogs that are ready to be loved by their new owners.

You may personally visit the nearest dog shelters in your locality to see the different dog breeds which are available in their place.

Once you started to adopt these sensitive small dogs, make sure to provide them the best things and attention that they need to make them happy and active.

Sometimes, they became lonely and sensitive because of their past experiences, which traumatize them. 

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