Top 12 Most Well Behaved Dog Breeds

Dogs are the most faithful friends any human being can ever have. Their loyalty will melt your heart, and their companionship will give you immense joy and happiness. Owning a dog is like inviting a whole ocean of happiness and joy to your life. But it is almost like becoming parents.

There are countless moments of happiness and passion, but there are also multiple challenges associated with bringing up a dog and giving it a suitable environment to live in. 

As dog parents, one should clearly understand that not all dog breeds are the same, especially behavior and adaptation. If you cannot understand your dog’s natural behavior, then it might be intimidating to train them properly, causing issues in their socialization. The behavioral distinction in dogs varies greatly among different breeds.

Understanding the behavioral characteristics of your dog breed can help you raise them better and become good dog parents. Inherently some dog breeds are timider and have a natural predisposition towards good behavior.

If you want a timid and well-behaved dog to join your family, then here is the list of the top 12 most well-behaved dog breeds to make the perfect pet for you.

1. Bernese Mountain Dog


The dog’s body size may create an illusion that it is aggressive, but in reality, it is one of the timidest dogs one can ever come across. This dog breed belongs to Switzerland. They are also one of the most primitive dog breeds on the Earth, some prehistoric creatures.

You will fall in love with these furry dogs and what adds to their beauty. Since they are mountain dogs, they have high resistance capability; they are strong and hardy breeds. If one has to list the three most important behavioral characteristics of this dog breed, they would be affectionate, patient, and very timid. They love kids and are perfect to be adopted as family dogs. 

2. Beagle


Not very big, Beagle is small to a medium-sized dog who will be your best partner. They are well-behaved, easy to manage, and the most fun-loving dog you could ever get. They have an excellent sniffing capability.

The origin of these dogs can be traced back to Greece, and they existed even if you go back 200 years. Their temperament is very intelligent and intuitive. If you have kids at home, a beagle can be their best friend and playtime partner. 

3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Spaniels are one of the most well-known dog breeds. You must have seen them in the English Royal Pictures. King Charles Spaniel is named after his famous Royal Owner.

The enchanting looks of this dog will melt your heart. They reflect their royal origin in every aspect. The long flowing silky hair and amazing look are beautiful. These dogs are very timid and affectionate towards their masters. It is a small little bag of happiness for you and your family. 

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4. Bull Terrier


Some of you must be surprised by this name. Bull Terrier is known to be one of the most robust dog breeds. Their physique creates a look that they are ferocious and angry. However, that is not true. Bull Terrier is one of the most friendly and loving dog breeds ever.

They are brave ad courageous and originally belong to the United States. Bull terriers are very intelligent and easily socialize. They are great as family dogs. The only thing you need to be cautious about is that they are a bit stubborn.

They can be difficult to tame when they are puppies, but as they mature and grow, they become easier to handle, and there are generally no issues with their behavior. 

5. Labrador Retriever


Labs are indeed one of the best pets you could ever have. Across the globe, they are immensely popular as family pets because of their timid temperament and their loving nature. From being your playtime partner to the best stress-busters you can have, labradors are ideal as pets.

Labradors are also used as therapy dogs, and they are best companions. They are extremely calm and have a stable temperament that makes them very easy to handle. Even if you have guests at home, they will be well-behaved doggo members that will socialize with everyone. 

6. Poodle 


Want some intelligent dogs around, then get a Poodle fr yourself. Suppose you study the history of Poodle. Poodles were found even during the 19th century in France and Germany. The Poodle was always considered as a hunting dog and never as a pet for the family.

But these days, many people are adopting poodles as a pet because they are extremely good companions. Also, poodles are the most well-behaved dogs that can be trained easily without many hurdles.

Poodles are fun to be with and excellent as pets. Poodles have become popular in the ear of the internet because so many people try out different hairstyles on them. So you get an intelligent and fashionable pet at the same time.

7. Pug


A cute, little dog who never grows big in stature. There is practically no one that hates a pug. These cute little fellows are super cute. Pug is the oldest known breed of dogs and is a native of China. Evidence of the existence of pugs can be traced back even to 700 BC.

Later on, they gained wide acceptance across the European Royal Families. Now dog lovers worldwide have fallen in love with pugs because of their timid and socializing nature. Pugs are great as pets, and they can be your best friend.

They are one of the timidest dog breeds. They are extremely friendlAy. Pugs are super cute and have a stable temper. They rarely become angry or aggressive. 

8. Boston Terrier


The name of this breed comes from the place of its origin. Boston terrier is a famous hybrid species formed by crossing two species: White English Terrier and English Bulldog. Boston Terrier is a medium-sized dog. Boston Terriers are friendly, and they are suitable for socialization.

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Boston Terriers are handsome because of their super smooth and silky coats. Boston Terriers can be your lifelong companions, your best friends. Their lively nature and stable mood will make you fall in love with them.

A Boston terrier is that happy-go-lucky sunshine that is not only faithful but also equally intelligent. They hardly react adversely. If you are looking for a well-behaved family dog, you can consider Boston Terrier.

9. Collie


If you have been an ardent fan of the TV show “Lassie,” there is no way that you have not still fallen in love with Also known as sheepdogs because of their appearance, Collies belong to Scotland and are known globally for their beautiful appearance.

They have long flowing fur and a silky coat. These pretty dogs are quite suitable to be family pets. They have certain characteristic physical features like wedge-shaped pointed faces. Collies are tremendously affectionate and loyal as pets. If you deal with them properly, they can be perfect pets.

You need to keep in mind while treating collies because you have to be very kind towards them. They bark a little bit at strangers, but once they become accustomed, it is all good. They are friendly and not at all aggressive. 

10. Golden Retriever


Probably rated as the best pet globally, golden retrievers are those cute doggy babies that naturally attract love towards themselves. These dogs are bags of happiness, and you can append hours cuddling them.

One will be surprised to know that they were originally developed as hunting dogs. Looking at their behavior, nobody will believe that they were hunting dogs. They belong to Scotland but now are found in every nook and corner of the world.

They are very friendly, and in no time they will become your family. Understanding human emotions and being best friends with their human family is a special trait of golden retrievers. They are exactly like human babies, so you will be disappointed if you expect them to guard your buildings.

They are extremely friendly, and they have the charm to make you fall in love with them. If you are looking for well-behaved dogs that you would love as your kid, golden retrievers are the best choice. 

11. Newfoundland


They may not look friendly and hospitable by their looks, but the reality is just the opposite. They are one of the smartest and most intelligent dog breeds you will ever come across. They are huge and have well-built physical characteristics.

But they are very gentle and friendly to humans. They are very calm, and that is why they make the best house pets. These dogs are calm by nature and do not get infuriated generally. Even they are very calm towards strangers.

The breed initially became popular in multiple provinces of Canada, but now it has become popular worldwide. They are intelligent and can be one of the best pets. They have a calm temperament, and it is very easy to tame them. Newfoundland usually has a dark brown colored coat and long fur.

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There are certain precautions one needs to take about Newfoundland, and the most important one is that they need training at a proper age. Also, these dogs become disappointed when you leave them all alone for a long time. 

12. Shih Tzu


Want to try some cool hairstyles on your dog? Shi Tzu can be the right pick. This ultra-cute dog baby can be not only your ideal companion but one of the most well-behaved and timidest creatures on the planet. They are also one of the happiest dog breeds ever.

Tzu can be your companion for a spa day or sit by your side on a date. They cause zero mess and are extremely friendly towards humans. They can get along well in any environment you take them to. You can go to malls, restaurants, and beaches with them.

They will be the cutest and most well-behaved friends. Also, if you love cutie dog babies, Shih Tzu is your ultimate choice. The flowy long hair of the dogs is great to adorn all the pretty hair accessories.

They usually have flat faces, but that does not make them look any less beautiful. Some people have a natural predisposition towards adopting cute and small-sized dogs. A Shih Tzu is great for them. 

Wrapping it Up

Here are the 12 most well-behaved dogs list who would be excellent companions for you. Most dogs can be your loyal and faithful companions, but you need to abide by certain small tips that will help you tackle your dog babies better and not infuriate them.

Certain activities instinctively infuriate dogs. Here are three tips for taming your furry friends and making them calm and relaxed.

  • Don’t leave them unnoticed for a long time. Dogs do not like being left alone for a long time. You must give them all the attention they need. Every 30 minutes, you should check on your dog at least once. Even if not anything else, just sit with your dog for 2 mins after every 30 minutes. This keeps them happy.
  • Your gestures matter a lot to your dog. Your dog loves being hugged and cared for. So, whenever you feel like your dog is anxious, give them a warm hug because they love being cuddled. Your dogs crave attention, and some simple gestures like caressing them can be of great help. 
  • You must learn when to ignore your dog’s behavior. Just like babies, your dogs also seek attention. After any poor or good behavior, you must not make it a habit to give them reward or punishment. In case this becomes a habit, it will be difficult to bring them back to normal. So, learn to ignore their behavior at times. This will make them realize that such behavior must not be repeated. 

Hopefully, now you can get along well with your dog. 

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