Our Team


Paul Conwall

Founder/ Chief Editor

Paul is the Founder of Puppies club and leads our editorial team as our chief editor.
He has dedicated his life to learning about dogs and has worked at dog cognition research centers to analyze the way dogs think and behave on various research projects.
For the past six years, he’s been sharing his knowledge with fellow dog lovers around the world.
Paul is the parent of pinky, cute bichon frise dog.


Amie Taylor

Content Writer

Amie is an all-around crazy dog lover and freelance writer specializing in dog content. She is a graduate from Plymouth University where she received a BSc in Animal Behavior and Welfare.
She’s responsible for content production, managing, editing and all in all making sure that we only publish high-quality content that helps the reader.
She loves nothing more than helping other owners raise their dogs to be good canine citizens.


Charlie Broyd

Content Writer

Charlie is a writer at Puppies club, has a BSc in Animal Science and Biological Science and a MSc in Animal Science.
She volunteers for mulitple animal based charities such as the SPCA and works at a Veterinary Pathology Lab. She has an Shih tzu called lazzy, and an Poodle cross called rexy.
She also owns and runs her own training and behavior business.

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