15 Perfect Family Dog Breeds | 2023 Updated

Adopting a puppy or a dog as a new member of your family is a nice idea so that you can have a companion at home.

However, selecting the ideal one for you might be quite difficult, especially if you want a dog breed that would be compatible with your attitudes, behavior, and overall personality.

Perhaps, you may want to consider dogs that can accompany you during your usual routines. It would be better to pick the right type of dog before taking a plunge. 

Dogs can do several things, but their custom determines whether they can do things better than the other breeds.

Some dogs like Terriers instinctively want to dig, and some do not do it. At some point, a Golden Retriever wants swimming, but other types are not fond of doing it.

So, what specific kind of activities would you want your dogs to do? Activities like these are another factor that you need to look into when picking a dog breed.

Be careful when you are about to select a breed dog with you for a couple of years. 

If you want some pieces of information and notions about the best dog breeds suitable for your family, then keep in touch with the succeeding discussion.

This article will provide you the best and ideal options about dog breeds that are good for you, your kids, and your whole family.

Choosing a Dog Breed


There are several dog breeds that you can choose from. So, where will you start your quest for a perfect pet for your family?

The first thing that you need to do is to take a glimpse at the six categories of breeds as defined and categorized by the AKC or American Kennel Club:

  1. Working group
  2. Utility group
  3. Terriers
  4. Toy group
  5. Gundogs
  6. Pastoral group

You may notice that those dogs in every category are slightly the same in temperament and behavior.

Learning the different types of dogs under each category will help you pick an ideal dog breed for your household pet. 

Some of these groups may typically have attributes that may not suit a family environment.

For instance, dogs in the pastoral group were raised to guard and herd livestock.

With this concept, it is understandable that you have a clear idea about the different kinds of god breeds under every category.

Choose wisely depending on your activity, tastes, and preferences as well. 

So, for you to choose a specific dog breed that is good for the family environment, then a list of 15 dog breeds are provided for you.

In this way, you can finally choose a perfect one who will be your companion for many years.

1. Labrador Retriever


This breed is one of many people’s favorite dogs. They are intelligent, highly trainable, friendly, and most importantly, tolerant of kids.

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This is a perfect choice for your family since it has a gentleness and chilled-out attitude.

Although Labrador dogs may sometimes become lazy, they have strong stamina, which can even play with your kids the whole day.

If you would like to consider these dogs, you need to provide them with proper regular exercise and routines.

Their weight may be increased if they will not perform more tasks in a day. This is the reason why these dogs are considered working dogs.

2. Golden Retriever


Another member of a gundog group is the Golden Retriever. They are well-known because of their relaxed and friendly character.

They are also good with kids. Aside from that, they are always loyal to their owners.

These types of dogs don’t need plenty of playtime routines and exercises. These dogs are quite big and need spacious both outdoors and indoors.

If you have a wide area and spacious house, this is a perfect choice for you and your family. 

3. Beagle


This dog type became prominent as a pet for the household in the last years. Beagles are jolly and fun-loving dogs with enough stamina in playing all day long.

With this, Beagles also love to be cuddled on your lap throughout the whole day.

However, these dogs may be somewhat naughty, which makes them tough to be trained. 

4. Labradoodle


This is a crossbreed and not a pedigree dog type. Labradoodles are crossbreed offspring from Poodle and Labrador Retriever.

These types of dogs are candid about training, and they are usually good with children.

These are medium-sized types of dogs that do not shed too much. This can be a good option for you if you have family members who have a dog allergy.

All crossbreed dogs take some of the traits and personalities from their parents.

So, if you want to consider Labradoodles as your family pets, it would be better to ask the dog breeder about their parents’ personalities.

In this way, you will also learn how your pets behave according to your expectation. 

5. Boxer

boxer puppy

Intelligent, fun-living boxers have so much energy and personality. They don’t know what to do with all these energies.

These dog breeds may be a perfect choice for you if you have an active family who always spends lots of time outdoors.

Even though these dogs have boundless energy, they are not characteristically aggressive.

They have a perfect bonding with everyone. With this, you need to provide them with proper training to not be unruly when they grow up. 

6. Bichon Frise


This pretty, chirpy little dog type is a canine pack of joy that will thrive as a center of attention in a busy household.

Bichon Frise has a natural attraction with people. Its gentle and quiet personality makes him a loving lapdog, which your kids will surely adore.

This dog breed has a low shedding hair coat, making this perfect option for those with allergies on dogs. 

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7. Hungarian Vizsla


Hungarian Vizsla dogs or Velcro dogs are very friendly and love their family. These dogs love children.

One good thing about them is their loyalty to their owners. Because of this, they become very protective of their family.

These dogs are highly trainable, making them good playmates and companions with your kids. 

8. English Cocker Spaniel


Cocker Spaniel is a type of dog that is lively and busy. Children love interacting with Cockier Spaniels because they are playful, jolly, and active.

These dog breeds are medium-sized dogs, a practical and ideal size for family homes.

They are trainable; so, you can also teach them a wide array of fun tricks. Since they are playful, you need to invest more time in them, which will serve as daily routines and exercises.

These dogs need regular grooming to maintain their hair coats’ good condition. 

9. English Springer Spaniel


Other prominent types of spaniel dogs are the English Springer breeds. They are renowned for boundless energy.

These dogs require lots of exercises to keep them happy. Adopting these dogs is a nice idea since you can make sure that they are compatible with you and your family.

They are very affectionate and friendly with kids too. Aside from regular exercise, the Springer Spaniel type of dog needs proper grooming to maintain its good health. 

10. Pug


If you’re living in a small type of house or apartment, then the best type of dog that would be good for you is a pug.

This dog breed will be a perfect size pet for your family. Pugs are said to be fun and comical because of their appearance.

You don’t need to worry about its grooming since they only have short hair coat.

You don’t need to invest more time preparing regular routines or exercises for them, although a little walk outside your house is necessary.

Pugs are known to be friendly with kids and other types of pets. It is advisable to take care of these dog breeds if you’re living in an average or cold region.

If you live in hot climates, then pugs might not be the perfect option for you. 

11. Dachshund


This is a family-friendly type of dog which is good with children and young kids.

Dachshund dog breeds are perfect for your apartment since they only have standard sizes.

However, if you still want to have a smaller puppy, you may consider a miniature dachshund.

Generally, dachshunds have a short, wiry coat and smooth coat. Sometimes, they can be long-haired coats.

These dogs need a modest and proper way of grooming. One of the best things about these dogs is that they do love kids because they are playful.

If you think that these dogs are suitable for your family, you also need to know some of these dogs’ conditions and problems.

These dogs may be prone to spinal issues because of their long body. To avoid injury to your pets, it is essential to teach your kids to take care of them properly.

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Don’t let these dogs run up & down the stairs or jump onto the furniture because their backs may be negatively affected. 

12. Boston Terriers


These dogs become very prominent as family pets for numerous reasons.

Most dog owners want these dogs because they only need minimal grooming, great with children and young kids, and do not require a lot of exercise.

These dogs are also good for your apartment or house because of their ideal size.

Boston Terriers love by their owners because they are loyal, affectionate, and trainable. They earned the nickname “The American Gentleman” because of their nice behavior. 

13. Bulldogs


Despite the bulldogs’ stern appearance, many people want these pets. Bulldogs have a flat face, sagging jowls, and furrowed brow.

If you want to have these dogs at home, then make sure to provide them with a little walk or even moderate types of exercise.

Daily routines and exercises will keep them from being overweight. Bulldogs have short hair coats that only need daily wipes to make them clean.

Bulldogs don’t shed too much; so, these are perfect for you and your household, especially if you have family members who have dog allergies.

These faithful dogs will spend a couple of hours playing with the children before they curl up on your lap for napping.

Bulldogs are perfect for your house since they can guard the vicinity even at night.

No strangers will somehow break your home, especially when these dogs are on the loose.

These dog breeds must be sheltered in cold or average temperature because they don’t do well in a humid or hot climate. 

14. Bull Terrier breeds


These dogs may look fearsome and impressive, but they have a big and soft heart.

Bull Terrier can play with your kids for a couple of hours with no problem. They are exuberant, energetic, playful, and sometimes cheeky.

They also show their affection to their human family. With this extraordinary behavior, these dog breeds are also trainable.

You don’t need to be fret anymore about its grooming requirements since they only shed moderately. 

15. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


This type of dog has a perfect blend of affectionate, gentle nature of lapdog and the athleticism & energy of the working spaniel.

Cavaliers are widely known because of their loyalty and fondness for children.

Even though these dogs have silky and lustrous coats, their grooming requirements are modest.

They don’t need too much compared to some other dog breeds out there. They need lots of playtime and exercise to maintain good health and fitness.

These are just some of the dog breeds you can choose for yourself and your family.

With those dog types mentioned above, you can at least know what to choose that would be suitable for you.

So, take your time and do your research, and you can surely find an ideal dog breed for you. 

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