7 Cutest Playful Small Dogs

Playing makes someone happy. Happiness is being comfortable in anything that you do and with the people or things surrounding you.

Being playful is natural to many dogs, especially small dogs. Dogs, just like a human, also love playing. And just like young children, dogs also love to play. 

There is plenty of small dog breeds that are very playful and fun to be with. Do you love to play with small dogs? If yes, check out the following seven active dogs who are best to be with.

Here, you will be guided in choosing the best playful small dog just right for yourself. Choose the one that is suitable for your lifestyle.

1. West Highland White Terriers 


Many people commonly know West Highland White Terriers as playful, alert, and very energetic dogs. However, among the kinds of terriers, the West Highland White Terrier is the most playful one.

This breed of dog was naturally born happy. Westies, as they generally called, get along not just with other dogs but also with humans. 

They are seen as calm indoors, but they have total energy, for they love to move and run outside. But don’t you worry because Westies want to have some fun.

They enjoy many during playtime activities. Just learn their personality for you to understand them better. The more you know them, the more you can make them happy, and for sure, they will enjoy your company.

2. Brussels Griffon


This breed of a small dog is described as having a “monkey face.” However, having a solid body type, Brussels Griffon dogs are best fit for physical activities such as exercise and other forms of games.

With this bodybuilding, they are always ready to play with other dogs, even the larger ones. Their curiosity, sense of humor, and being intelligence make them more playful. 

These dogs are best suited to many activities, both indoor and outdoor. They do love hiking, jogging, fetching, caching, and many more.

They also prefer to get along with humans, especially the family dog owner. However, watch out for these dogs because they sometimes intimidate larger dogs even if they are small in size.

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Always check them out even they are playing outdoor. It would be advisable to keep an eye on them. It is still better to watch them as they play, or you can even join them playing.

Just enjoy their company because they will indeed feel the same way.

3. Border Terrier

border terrier teddy bear dog

This small dog breed is born to dig underground. They are proven to be friendly and have strong-willed busybodies. They used to burrow underground to chase away rats and even foxes.

They do love hunting small prey. That’s why they run through underground tunnels. It is natural for them to play with this kind of activity. Therefore, you better learn how to stimulate this kind of dog to play using their instincts. 

Borders enjoy much as they catch and chase other animals. If you want them to be happy, you better find a better place for them where they can dig.

Always be sensitive to the things that your dog loves to do. Make them enjoy your home by providing the enjoyment that they need.

Much better if you can join them in doing the things that they love. It is your time to have a bonding with your dog.

4. Papillon


This dog got its name from the French term, which means “butterfly.” This is because its ears, which are extended upward away from its head, are like an insect’s wings.

Papillons love to chase balls, play with toys, and spend most of their time playing. They also love to watch and soon learn the tricks being taught to them.

They are highly trainable small dogs. These dogs also love to get along with siblings in the family. However, they are not aware of the size of other dogs. That’s why they tend to become a bully to them. 

They might bully other dogs larger than them; therefore, watch out for them as they play outside. Papillons are considered great family dogs.

But be careful because if they are mistreated, they might be able to defend themselves from those who bully them. Therefore, watch out for your children as they play or get along with Papillons.

5. Boston Terrier


Before, Boston Terrier is called the “little American gentleman.” These dogs need a lot of regular exercise and mental activities that can stimulate them.

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By stimulating them, they tend to stay away from any trouble. Like other small dogs, Boston Terriers enjoy playing fetch, hiking, or even going for a walk or jog.

Since they are easily attracted to chewing toys, you can give them some to play with. They also love playing aquatic activities such as getting a ball from the water and even swimming.

Their appearance attracts people because they have a friendly face having extensive and comprehensive eyes. However, they can be aggressive with strangers and other pets in the house.

As young as they are, they need to be adequately trained, especially on how to socialize with other pets, family members, and other people surrounding them.

Proper discipline is always a necessity for all dogs. If they are well-behaved, then many people and other pets will love their companionship.

6. Jack Russell Terrier


This type of small dog is known for its being a fearless, energetic, and intelligent breed. Jack Russell Terriers like to chase other animals and even objects.

They also enjoy fetching and playing tug of war. They want much in any physical activities. These games help the terriers burn their reserved energy.

They also prefer to hide and seek. It is a wonderful game for them because it works with their mental muscles. There are other things that Russell loves to do.

They are very comfortable even if they are in the water. They are good at diving and jumping into the water, especially if they retrieve something such as any floating object.

However, you still need to train these Russells to do any water activities because they are not born to be swimmers. You can use a life vest during their training. 

Training them would require passion and patience, but you will surely love the result if they can already apply their learnings.

Russells can easily get along with people but can be aggressive when dealing with other dogs and pets around them. Just like other dogs, they are not conscious of sizes.

That’s why they are like a boss to many dogs, even those larger than them.

7. Cockapoo


This kind of dog is born to be happy and playful. It is natural for these small dogs to show happiness and enjoyment. There are certain reasons for their being joyful and happy.

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One is that Cockapoo is the new breed of Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle. These two dogs are known to be cheerful dogs. Another reason is that they are perfect for people who have allergies.

And lastly, they are so adorable that many will love playing with them. They are one of the most popular small dog breeds because of their good attributes and personalities. 

Cockapoos love everyone in their surroundings. They are good even to strangers that they met. During playtime, they play with whoever is nearest to them, be it a pet or an object.

They are an easygoing breed of small dogs. They are eager to be pleased as long as they are treated well and cared for properly by people around them. It is really fun and enjoyable to be with Cockapoos.

They love strolling and rolling in the grass. They also enjoy hunting, camping, and even love shopping. The playground is already a world for them. They just keep on enjoying their place. 

With all the dogs mentioned earlier, all of them are playful and lovable. They are other small dog breeds that are considered as playful. You can still check them out in the online sources.

For sure, you will learn more about them. The more you are familiar with them, the more you will understand their nature, especially how they behave in every situation.

Being a dog owner comes with a great role and responsibility. It is like being a parent to your dog. Everything about them is a concern for you. From the basic needs and other necessities should be attended by you.

As a dog lover, it is a good sign that you show respect for animals’ lives. Whatever small dog breed you have in your home, just treat them well and attend carefully to their needs to be happier and healthier.

Dogs are also humans. They also have feelings and needs to be taken care of. Be kind to them for them to be nice to you. Remember that, treat dogs the way you wanted to be treated by them.

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