Top 12 Cutest Pomeranian Mix Dog Breeds

Pomeranian dog has been cross-bred by several other pure bred to bring out traits that complement its already charming personality.

Here are twelve Pomeranian cross-breeds that are too adorable not to own.

1) Bichon-A-Ranian = Bichon Frise and Pomeranian

bichon-a-ranian bichon frise pomeranian mix dog

Bichon-a-ranian is a Pomeranian mix with a Bichon Frise. He is sometimes nicknamed Pom Frise and his personality greatly depends on the dominant parent gene.

One thing for sure, he will inherit an energetic personality from both parents. So much so that he will often forget how tiny he is.

Bichon-a-ranian is a tiny fellow with a king-sized personality. He has lots of energy and loves his master to bits.

He is quick to be suspicious of strangers because he is defensive of his family. However, once he warms up to you, his friendly and goofy side takes over immediately.

Pom Frise is an affectionate dog with a hypoallergenic coat. He is perfect for people with pet allergies, seniors, or kids.

He can thrive anywhere as long as he is beside you. Pomachon can suffer separation anxiety if left on his own for too long.

Always be there for him and ensure he gets enough exercise and a healthy diet.

2) Pomchi = Chihuahua Pomeranian Mix Dog

pomchi chihuahua pomeranian mix dog

Pomchi is only 9 inches tall but considers himself to be a tough guy.

Just like the Pom Frise, he adores his human family and will do anything to be with them. If well taken care of, Pomchis can live up to 12 or 18 years.

As a little pup, he loves to play and chase things smaller than him. Pomchis only need a few minutes in the outdoors then they are happy to be left alone with their toys.

This makes them ideal toy breed dogs for apartments or the suburbs. Given the strong bond he forms with his master, he grows very lonely and weary if left alone.

So he needs to know there is at least one family member to keep him company at all times.

Pomchis need a high-quality diet that involves dry kibble. His coat needs to be brushed twice a week and with a gentle brush.

Regular dental hygiene will also keep him healthy and happy.
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3) Dameranian = Dachshund Pomeranian Mix Dog

dameranian dachshund pomeranian mix dog

Dameranian pups are tiny with slender bodies and a slight head just like their parent the Dachshund.

As a Pomeranian mix, Dameranians are quite alert, energetic and very loyal to their masters.

They also develop a fondness for other pets and strangers who come visiting. However, he will always put his master first.

If the Pomdach takes more after his Dachshund parent, he probably will inherit the hunt dog qualities of the same.

So do not be surprised if he likes to run around chasing after toys or mice. Dameranian pups grow up to 15 inches and can live for 12 to 15 years.

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Given how active he is, the Dameranian can work up an appetite. He needs to be on a strict diet of two meals a day and snacks in-between.

In terms of training, Pomdach pups are very trainable, but you have to show them you are boss.

However, do not be as harsh as they have a fragile ego. Be patient with them during training and offer a doggy treat for everything they do right.

4) Pomsky = Husky Pomeranian Mix Dog

pomsky husky pomeranian mix dog

What makes the Pomsky special is that he is a rare toy breed. He is also very expensive if you are buying him from a professional breeder.

Consider getting him from rescue shelters where he could be way cheaper.

As a pup, Pomsky is very playful and adorable. He grows to a height of 10 to 15 inches and can weigh as much as 38 pounds.

Pomsky does not require a lot of space which makes him an ideal apartment dog.

He is also well adapted for the winter given the thick fur coat he inherits from his parent the Husky.

Pomskies are moderate energy dogs. He does not need a lot of activity so a short walk outside each day will do him good.

Get lots of toys to keep him busy indoors and socialize him to stranger sooner.

You may also want to know he is a high maintenance dog given the individual needs a full grown husky needs. Only adopt him if you can dedicate the time to tend to him.

5) Pomapoo = Poodle Pomeranian Mix Dog

pomapoo poodle pomeranian mix dog

Pomapoo dogs are cuddly little creatures that make great apartment buddies.

They are a Pomeranian mix with a poodle which means they are very intelligent as well.

Pomapoo may also inherit a natural inquisitiveness and hunting instincts from his Poodle parent.

His fur coat is soft to touch and can be wavy or straight. This will determine how much brushing he needs in a week.

Pomapoo grows to a height of 14 inches and weighs up to 15 pounds. He is moderately active, and his exercise needs will adapt to your lifestyle.

Give him a few hours outdoor to expel his energy then he will be fine entertaining himself in the house.

Given his intelligence, Pomapoo is easy to train. However, you have to do it when he is a pup as he gets stubborn when he is older.

His friendly playful temperament makes him perfect for families with kids and older people or singles and couples living in apartments.

6) Shiranian = Shih Tzu Pomeranian Mix Dog

shiranian shih tzu pomeranian mix dog

He is a descendant of the Chinese royalty breed Shih Tzu, so he likes to carry himself with poise.

But don’t let that certain look full you, the Shiranian is quite a menace and very playful each chance he gets.

He also makes a great companion dog and will always be on your lap or follow you behind wherever you go.

Shiranians or Pomshi pups weigh about 4 pounds and grow to weight at most 16 pounds.

They reach a height of 7 to 12 inches and can live up to 12 or 15 years. Feed them quality kibble, and they will live this long.

You may also want to know that he sheds a lot but grooming him will help control the shed.

Shiranian pups love the indoors. This makes them great for apartments or homes with no backyard. On the other hand, being a very active dog, he also values outdoor playtime to help expel pent-up energy.

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He does not take up much space given his tiny body, but his personality will be felt in the entire house.

7) Pomston = Boston Terrier Pomeranian Mix Dog

pomston boston terrier pomeranian mix dog

Pomston is a Pomeranian mix with a Boston terrier. The little chap is active, playful and has a big heart for everyone.

As a pup, he will come in shades of black, white, black with tan, or brown and white. His fur coat can be long or short depending on which side of his parents he takes after.

Being a descendant of the Boston terrier, he may exhibit some level of bravery. He is also quite intelligent and responds well to training.

It is recommended that you start training him as a pup and expose him to different environments as well. This will help get him socialized with other pets and children faster.

A Pomston pup will grow to a height of 11 inches and weigh 14 pounds. He is very athletic and loves to dash around during playtime.

Exercising him daily is vital for his well-being. Being a low-shed dog, Pomston does not need frequent brushing. Once a week is enough for a short coat and twice a week for long coats.

8) Maltipom = Maltese and Pomeranian Mix dogs

maltipom maltese pomeranian mix dog

Maltipom has a tiny hairy face that spells mischief. He loves to play and never lacks a trick up his sleeve.

He can also get ferocious and dominant especially when protecting his turf and owner.

Otherwise, he is a jovial fellow who doesn’t mind accompanying you for walks or resting on your lap as you watch your favorite show.

Maltipom pups grow up to 8 or 12 inches tall. They weigh at most 9 pounds which makes them one of the tiniest toy breeds.

When well taken care of, Maltipom dogs can live up to 15 years showing you nothing but love.

Maltipoms are naturally intelligent so training them should not be hard. However, they tend to be ferocious, dominant and overprotective.

You have to teach him to like people and other pets if he is to get along with them.

His diet comprises of quality kibble which he needs to fuel his active lifestyle. Fortunately, his coat is hypoallergenic which makes him the perfect family dog.

9) Yoranian = Yorkshire Terrier and Pomeranian

yoranian yorkshire terrier pomeranian mix dog

Yoranian is a tiny fluffy fellow who likes to exaggerate his personality.

You cannot fail to notice him when he stands legs far apart, chest out, and eyes are staring right at you. He just likes to show dominance, but deep down he is a goofy fellow.

A full-grown Yoranian or Yorkie Pom weighs 7 to 8 pounds at the height of 10 inches from the shoulder.

He never lets his tiny body get in the way of showing how dominant and sturdy he can be.

Yoranian loves to play and at the same time be close to his master. He makes the best companion dog for seniors or young children. However, be sure to monitor him around children below the age of 10.

Yorkie Pom spots a long thick coat with a wiry texture. He does shed fur but not excessively.

Brushing his coat daily should help get rid of loose hair and pet dander. He is a moderately active dog and will do with short walks in the morning and spend the rest of the day with his toys.

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10) Pomeagle = Beagle and Pomeranian

pomeagle beagle pomeranian mix dog

The Pomeagle or Beagle Pom is very playful but can be stubborn too. He is a Pomeranian mix that grows to 11 inches tall and weighs up to 20 pounds.

He is one of the largest toy breeds around, but he does not let that deter him at all.

You are owning a Pomeagle means being subjected to a life of laughter and adventure. Beagle Pom is a very intelligent dog and is naturally curious.

You will notice how he goes on wild hunts chasing each scent he picks up, which is why you should keep him behind a secure fence to prevent him from wandering off.

However, if you don’t own a backyard, a Pomeagle will still make a great housemate in your apartment.

There is plenty of things he can sniff around the house when he is not chasing after his toys.

Training him should be easy given his intelligent, but he may also show traces of stubbornness derived from his parent the Beagle.

11) Pom-A-Pug = Pug and Pomeranian Mix dogs

pom a pug pomeranian mix dog

Pomapug is tiny, and if he takes up after his parent the pug, he will be the smallest of toy breeds.

But even with short stature, he has a personality that will fill an entire room. Pompug is naturally friendly, affectionate, and very playful.

You have to get him as a pup to enjoy his full mischief. He may have a tiny muzzle with big eyes or relaxed ears with a furry face.

How he looks is dependent on the dominant parentage, and this can differ within the same litter.

A full-grown Pomapug is 13 inches tall and weighs 16 pounds at most. He has a high pitched bark that can nudge you out of your sleep.

But don’t worry, he rarely lets his bark out if he is well socialized. He also gets along very well with other pets in your home.

Pomapug can adapt to any living space provided he is next to his master. He thrives in warm climates but does not do well in extreme temperatures.

12) Cockeranian = Cocker Spaniel and Pomeranian

cockeranian cocker spaniel pomeranian mix dog

Cockeranian is a high energy dog that will make a great addition to any family.

He is well adapted for the urban apartment life as well as the quiet rural suburbs.

However, Cockeranian or Cocker-pom is a high maintenance dog and is demanding when it comes to fending for him.

He inherits the intelligence of the Cocker spaniel and the graceful attitude of the Pomeranian.

Nevertheless, patience is needed when training him for he can be stubborn. On the other hand, training is necessary to stop him from developing a habit of mischief. He also tends to bark a lot if not properly socialized.

Cocker pom has a soft feathery fur coat that needs to be brushed regularly. Otherwise, he will mat and look scraggly.

He needs a quality dry kibble diet designed only for toy breeds. Cockeranian also needs plenty of exercises to keep him in shape and even for his mental well-being.

He can be a lot, but with some patience and attention, you will grow to adore him.

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