Poovanese Dog | Havanese Poodle Mixed Dog Breed

Poovanose dog breed is a small, fluffy, and small dog. The Poovanese puppy is the ideal combination and pet for families out there, especially for those having kids.

In other words, Poovanese is the perfect four-legged friend you can cuddle with without the fear of triggering your allergy. Like its parents, a Poovanese is intelligent, simple to train, and extremely affectionate. Those charming qualities make this hybrid appealing to many potential dog owners.

A Poovanese is moderately active too. That characteristic makes it ideal for families living in apartments and small spaces. This guide will help you understand more about Poovanese and learn if it is a suitable dog breed for your family.

What’s a Poovanese Dog?

As mentioned earlier, Poovanese are a hybrid or mixed breed. They have one Havanese parent, and the other parent is Poodle. The first Poovanese was likely bred for the past twenty or thirty years. This breed is not one of those extremely high-energy dogs, like most other breeds that make a decent pet for families or people living in an apartment.

It’s worth mentioning that Poovanese is smart, loving, and relatively simple to train. Further, they are playful, friendly, and get along well with their owners and other pets.

What does Poovanese look like?


Typically, Poovanese has wavy or curly coats. Their specific look can differ based on whether the Havanese or Poodle genes are stronger. Typically, they have a medium to long coat, which might be a variety of colors like red, cream, gray, brown, or black.

Poodles are hypoallergenic, and a Poovanese will not shed as much thanks to the Poodle genes it inherited. Those dogs go by a series of names such as Havanoodle, Island Mini Doodle Havapoo, and Havadoodle.

Here’s a piece of more detailed information on what Poovanese look like:


A puppy of Poodle and Havanese mix has a tiny rectangular body shape and a fluffy tail, and short legs. It looks like a toy, particularly if a parent is a miniature poodle. Given that Poovanese likes to stay in their owner’s lap, its height will be 20-38cm. Their weight ranges from seven to 20 kilograms.

Bear in mind that the size of a Havapoo puppy will depend on the Poodle parent, either miniature or standard. Its tiny body size makes it the perfect pet living in apartments or small home spaces.

It also loves to play around and bounce. It has moderately-sized and laidback shoulders. Ultimately, you can expect this mixed breed to not grow anymore when it turns one year old.


Poovanese has a roundish and small head and dark and round eyes, typically brown. Its floppy and soft ears fall close to its cheeks. On top of that, the coat on its face is shiny and smooth simultaneously, along with a small black nose.


Colors and coat

The coats of a Poovanese mix breed are medium to long, wavy, and luscious. Nonetheless, there are cases when a Poovanese inherits its Poodle parent’s curly and thick fur. The coat’s color can be apricot, cream, light brown, red, black, brown, gray, and white.

It is also highly possible that this puppy mix could combine white and any of the above colors.

Poovanese Temperament

Poovanese is innately lively, outgoing, and friendly at the same time. Their unique character follows their parent breeds’ traits. Thus, like their Poodle and Havanese mix parents, a Poovanese is also playful, loving, and smart at the same time.

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They also love to please their humans at all times. Thus, Poovanese will stay on your love and convey their affection unreservedly. Even though others might be laidback, they often love cuddles and hugs.

Popular as a companion dog, a Havapoo is one of the suitable dogs for children. Kids perfectly suit the sparkling and energetic personality of this lovely furball. Nearly all family members will find this breed attractive for its sensitivity and intelligence. Likewise, this non-aggressive canine is simple to train and will scarcely leave your side.


Poovanese’s temperament with other dogs       

The standard good-nature of Poovanese extends to other pets and animals too. This dog breed is friendly to dogs and cats alike, particularly if they have already been exposed to such animals recently.

A Poovanese puppy might tease other animals at home. However, it only suggests it wishes to play and doesn’t wish for any brawl. However, just like other pets, you must slowly introduce your dog to a new pet. You can present something along with the scent of the animals first before you let them meet face-to-face.

Poovanese’s temperament with strangers 

Typically, this mixed canine dog gets along with nearly everybody. If you want a guard dog for your home, you should not get one. Even when it shows it barks the people at first, it will show its charming and endearing side later on.

Thus, this hybrid canine breed can’t help but become friendly to everybody, strangers or not. On top of that, the more people the Poovanese meets, the more comfortable it becomes to new individuals.

Are Poovanese good family dogs?


Absolutely yes! Poovanese is great family dogs because they do perfectly well around kids. Young kids must learn how to be gentle with this dog, and the dog must be socialized with kids from a young age to prevent any possible conflicts.

In addition, they are excellent companions to family members because they like to spend time with their humans. They are not huge barkers and are unlikely to let you know when an intruder is inside your home.

How big do Poovanese get?

Keep in mind that the Poovanese mix has a tiny rectangular shape and its fluffy tail and short legs. If you stare at it, it mimics a small toy due to the traits of its Miniature Poodle. Their height might be anywhere between eight to fifteen inches.

If the Poodle genes are much dominant on Havapoo, they might be on the upper end of such ranges. However, if the Havanese genes are dominant, they might be on the lower end of such ranges.

  • Male’s height – eight inches to fifteen inches
  • Female’s height – eight inches to fifteen inches

How much does Poovanese weigh?

When it comes to their weight, Poovanese puppies typically weigh between 1.5 and 2.5 pounds when they’re eight weeks old. Six months old puppies often weigh between 6.6 and 13.4 pounds. Poovanese must be full-grown by the period they’re twelve months old.

  • Male’s weight – seven pounds to twenty pounds
  • Female’s weight – seven pounds to twenty pounds

Do Poovanese shed?


Havanese dogs belong to those low-shedding dogs. However, they have a high-maintenance coat, which will require regular grooming. That same thing could be thought of for their crossbreed offspring, the Poovanese.

That’s because those designer dogs are slightly shedding to the point they are categorized hypoallergenic. Nonetheless, they need regular brushing and frequent trims. Regularly, only a general brush through would be enough to keep everything clean and in order. Still, it’s recommended to bring your furball to a professional grooming salon at least once every month.

That way, you can provide them with more detailed grooming, leaving them looking span and spic. Indeed, like with other dog breeds, it is suggested to occasionally—at least once every month—bathe your puppy to keep dirt and odors at bay and their coat in the best form.

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How often should you bathe a Poovanese?

You must bathe your Poovanese at least once per month, as initially discussed above.

Remember that the coat of a Poovanese differs in length, but it is wavy or curly. It features a double coat along with a short layer underneath, not to mention the topcoat is fluffy at the same time. This hybrid canine sheds quite little and only requires to be brushed two to three times a week to avoid tangles or get rid of any knots from their fur.

A dematter, comb, or pin brush will be helpful tools for appropriate care of your dog’s coat.

You should bathe your Poovanese only as necessary—even though light-colored Poovanese might need to be bathed more often because of their coat’s color showing dirt. You should also keep their ears always dry after baths and request your vet how often you must clean the dog’s ear to help avoid ear infections from happening.

Take note that you should also clip the nails of your dog every few weeks. You can also hire a great groomer to handle your dog’s nail care and bathing, especially if you cannot do it on your own.

Do Poovanese bark a lot?


One of the amazing traits you will love about Poovanese is that they are not known to be barkers. However, compared to other dogs, they could develop specific behavioral problems that could make them begin showing their unhappiness vocally.

For Poovanese that are clingy and affectionate dogs, the development of separation anxiety could trigger them to begin barking their head off. That’s why you should make sure you do not leave your puppy alone for longer periods.

Indeed, leaving your pup cooped up indoors for a longer period is not recommended, whatever the breed in question. That could result in a series of behavioral problems such as aggression, fear, or anxiety.

In addition, an anxious Havapoo that is left alone indoors will not excessively bark, but it could resort to ruining and damaging your furniture, pooping inside your home, and will build other damaging habits.

Is Poovanese hypoallergenic?

Another fact you must learn before you adopt a Poovanese is that they are hypoallergenic. They do not shed and do not drool. Thus, it is safe to say that they don’t have that powerful smell some dog breeds are known for.

Indeed, for your pup not to smell bad, you need to put in the work and ensure their hygiene is up to standards. That also indicates regular teeth brushing, baths, and keeping those paws neat and clean—a must for grooming.

Without those, any dog breed can easily become a smelly bundle of fur! You see, it is up to you to make sure they smell fresh as flowers. You can keep regular hygiene without the necessity to bathe your Poovanese too often. Good pet-friendly wet wipes are an excellent way to do that.

After all the scheduled exercises in the park, make sure you wipe the paws and body of your Poovanese with such wipes and gently get rid of excess bacteria and dirt. You would be shocked how much that could contribute to its overall cleanliness.

Is Poovanese easy to train?


Did you know that the Poovanese obtained its intelligence from its Poodle parent? It also loves learning new dog tricks. You need to bear in mind that Poovanese is extremely trainable and can learn new skills a lot faster than other dog breeds.

Training could be done at your home with positive reinforcements like treats and pets. Puppy training classes will also help the dog and the owner learns new training skills and expose the dog to socialization.

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As your dog grows, you can enroll it in other training courses, allowing it to behave well and receive mental stimulation from the training courses. These dogs will do best with a confident and skilled trainer who is encouraging and utilizes positive training strategies.

Use dog treats to praise your Poovanese when they act accordingly or follow your commands. Like their Poodle parent, they can be more sensitive to their owner’s body language and tone of voice. That could make it a lot simpler for them to gauge whether their behaviors are satisfying to you.  

For the best results, you must begin training your dog early. Remember that socialization is also essential. It will help if you bring your dog with you to a series of places and expose them to various pets and people. That will help them learn which behaviors are necessary and which are not.

Poovanese behavior problems 


Poovanese dogs could become more mischievous than their Poodle parent. On top of that, they can easily get bored and might become a little destructive. They are also susceptible to separation anxiety than other dog breeds. That’s why it is best if somebody will be home with the dog most of the day.

Remember that behavioral concerns are not that bad with this mixed dog due to its good nature. There will be occasional barking, but that could be kept under control easily.

There are also a few reports saying these dogs could be somewhat sensitive. Thus, you need thorough handling of this dog. That could be a problem if smaller kids in the home might not realize if they are being rough.

On top of that, other dog owners are claiming their Poovanese could read minds. That could indicate that Havapoo is initiative to their owner’s feelings and can understand the tone of voice. That could be both a curse and a blessing depending on the case.

How much do Poovanese cost?

Normally, a Poovanese pup costs anywhere from $1,200 to $2,000, together with the standard price of being at least $1,800. Many breeders provide socialization of puppies, deworming, and vaccinations that account for some of the overall cost of the puppy.

Your dog will likely cost more as well if the parent breeds are registered purebreds along with the American Kennel Club. Bear in mind that trusted and established breeders will be enthusiastic to talk to you about the parent breeds’ health and are likely to provide a health guarantee for the length of the period or a certificate for good health after adoption.

Where to buy/adopt Poovanese Dog?


Poovanese is common in the United States. Adopting or buying these Poovanese are available from dog rescue groups. They may be turned over to Rescue because they require more companionship than the owner expected. Other Poovanese often gives up because of changed family situations, and those dogs might have no behavior problems.

You can also buy or adopt these dogs from public animal shelters and humane societies. But you need to be extra careful with this option. Some shelter personnel might mislabel a shaggy small mixed breed as Poovanese, even when it is not.

Finally, you can buy it from a trusted dog breeder. But make sure you do your research first and ask for a certification from the breeder.

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that Poovanese is an excellent companion dog that is always happy to spend their time along with their owners. The mixed combination of the Havanese and Poodle makes for a trainable and smart pet.

If you are ready to take great care of this furry bundle of happiness, then you are set to become a dog parent to the lovely Poovanese.

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