A Brushing A Day Keeps Shedding At Bay


It was love at first sight for you and your new best friend — a new adventure for you both. Especially, since he is your first dog, questions about a new pet are usual. Familiar to being a new parent. One issue that could be on your mind is about shedding. Shedding is a very … Read more

Summer Fun In The Summer Heat? Not So Much

dog summer fun

Ah yes, the summer is finally here. School is out, and it’s time to show off that summer body that you’ve been working on all year (or for the last week or so). The next couple of months is a time to enjoy the outdoors, and many of us want to spend it with our … Read more

Why Does a Dog Go Blind – Blindness in Dogs


The dog has got five working senses with vision being one of them. Of the five, vision is the less used the remaining four senses of a Dog are better than those of a human being. The loss of this sense of vision whether partially or is a condition known as dog blindness. Dog blindness … Read more