How to Train a Puppy to Sit

How to Train a Puppy to Sit 1

If you’re thinking of getting a puppy, training your new friend to sit on command is one of the best things you can do. Because “sit” is called a “primary command” in dog training, it’s easier and faster to teach your puppy than a more complicated command. A dog that can do “sit” will be … Read more

How Do I Stop My Dog from Crying in the crate?


Crate training is not always easy, but it can be done with patience and discipline. It is essential to follow all the necessary steps to minimize the frustration and stress for both you and your dog. Here you will find all the information you need to prevent your dog from crying in their crate.  Some … Read more

12 Trainable Small Dog Breeds


Small dog breeds are cute and lovable pets. Do you know that they are also trainable? Despite their small size, you can train them quickly since they can learn faster. Most small dog breeds are interested in training and want to please their human family. Meanwhile, you must have patience and dedication when it comes … Read more

How to Train a Dog to Stay


‘Stay’ is one of the most useful commands that you can teach a dog. The last thing that you want is for your beloved canine to go careening off after other dogs, or the mail van, never to be seen again. With well-trained dogs, one simple command, ‘stay,’ is all that it takes to ensure … Read more

How to Train a Golden Retriever Puppy


Golden retrievers are known for their pleasing and loyal personalities, making them easier to train, unlike the other races. However, despite their inhibit behavior; you’ll still need to work to improve that and make them like its normal. If you’re planning to buy a puppy, you probably have to plan on what to consider in … Read more

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