Scorkie | Yorkie and Scottie Mixed Dog Breed

Dogs seem to be very sweet and will cuddle you when they see you cry or just being sad. They don’t just feel what you feel, but they will also empathize with you. They will lie on your lap and be extra sweet just to comfort you.

When you become a dog owner, leaving them at home for work will be very hard because you will feel guilty whenever you leave them behind, especially when you see those sad dog stares.

If you are a dog lover and planning to get a new breed, such as a Scorkie dog, but you don’t have any idea about this breed, then the FAQ about the Scorkie dog breed will be answered here.

What’s a Scorkie?


The Scorkie dog is not purebred. It is a mixed breed of half Yorkshire Terrier and Scottish Terrier. It is a dog breed recognized by the Dog Registry of America and the other two breed registries.

For the International Designer Canine Registry, they recognize this breed as the Scorkie Terrier. On the other hand, the American Canine Hybrid Club recognizes this breed as simply the Scorkie.

The Scorkie dog breed is about its “old man” disposition, and it is a small Terrier dog. These kinds of dogs need a lot of mental encouragement to stay healthy and avoid negative behaviors because they are very in touch with their family.

Those dog lovers who frequently ask about the Scorkie dog breed need to understand the traits of this designer dog by reviewing both the background of its parents.

The Scottish Terrier is a descendant of the Skye terrier group popular for their medium and rough coat hair length. They assisted when problems in urban areas occur because of rat attacks, where they served as companions of the workers of the Scottish industry.

The Scottish terrier got its name from the Terrier of Scotland. During the industrial revolution, they moved from South Britain when people’s main source of life shifted from farmers to factory workers.

In the year 1885, the American Kennel recognized this dog breed that is why the Scottish Terrier is very popular as a companion dog until this day. Another Terrier of the Scottish family is the Yorkshire Terrier.

During the Industrial Revolution, this terrier moved into the urban community and developed during the Victorian Era. During that time, Yorkshire, together with the Scottish, moved along with the coal miners of Britain.

Yorkshire Terrier weighs from three to seven pounds. In the late 1880s, they came to the United States and became more popular in 1878. The American Kennel Club also recognized the Yorkie in the year 1885.

What Does A Scorkie Look Like?


Scorkie dog breed appearance is crossbred of the Yorkshire Terrier (silky coated) and the Scottish Terrier (rough-coated).

The resemblance of the resulting hybrid can be seen from each parent that can be low or compact to the ground. The Scorkie’s coat is usually long and may have tan, gray, solid black, or gray colors depending on which parent’s breed is more dominant, as seen in the Scorkie breed.

The head of the Scorkie is square with long hair and a long muzzle that appears like a beard. Scorkie’s eyes are brown, round, and large, while their ears stand up and triangle in shape.

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Scorkie dog’s body is low to the ground, and they have short legs. Most of the time, their tail are docked and carried high.

How Big Do Scorkie Get?

Scorkie is of medium built. For male Scorkie dogs, their length is from 13 to 20 inches, while for female Scorkie dogs, their length is from 10 to 12 inches. In some cases, since Scorkie dogs are mixed breeds, there are a few standards to consider.

How Much Do Scorkie Weigh?


The usual weight of Scorkie dogs, both for male and female is from 15 to 25 pounds.

There is a difference between their minimum and maximum weight because of some unpredictable crossbreeding. There are times when a Scorkie dog looks very tiny like the Yorkies or like those average size breeds of small dogs.

Do Scorkie Shed?

When it comes to shedding; they have a long, silky coat, so they will never get coarse.

It makes Scorkie dogs are hypoallergenic because they are low-shedding. Any combined or single color is possible to get by Scorkie dogs because they are crossbred.

How Often Should You Bathe a Scorkie?


It is very important to regularly brush Scorkie dogs because their coat will become tangled, matted, and snarled if not.

Many dog lovers today choose to groom their dogs with the help of a professional, and every six weeks, they make sure to have them trimmed. In this way, it will keep your dog in its best shape. It is also important to bathe Scorkie dogs every other month or every time they begin to smell and get dirty.

Do Scorkie Dogs Bark A Lot?

Scorkie dogs have big tendencies to inherit many amazing characteristics from both of their parent’s breeds. This dog breed is very friendly and always enjoys the company of people rather than those dogs.

Both parent breeds of Scorkie dogs are vocal and alert, which makes them a great watchdog. But in some cases, they bark the worst rather than bite.

There is no perfect dog. A Scorkie dog has several quirks that distract them all the time, especially when separated from their human. If you leave them alone, you will hear a lot of barks from them.

They will probably cry and will do some destructive chewing. In case they show negative behavior, there are some things that you can do to reduce their misbehaviors. If you want to have this kind of dog breed, you need to keep them with you most of the time.

Scorkie dog breeds are intelligent, but there is a big chance of inheriting their parents’ stubborn streak, making them difficult to train.

As a Scorkie dog breed owner, it is important to make sure that they will not develop any small dog syndrome to grow nice and sweet.

Is Scorkies Hypoallergenic?


Since Scorkie dog breeds have long and soft coats, except that they are hypoallergenic, they likely have human hair because their hair is not coarse; that is why they are considered hypoallergenic.

According to the American Kennel Club, Scorkie dog breeds are very small as they grow for about 7 to 8 inches in height with an average weight of 7 pounds.

Is Scorkies Easy to Train?

Scorkie needs a lot of time and long patience. Scorkie dog trainers need to develop the attitude of having an upbeat and calm mantra.

Making use of delectable treats and exuberant praise will keep the Scorkie dog’s attention and will make them focus on learning new techniques.

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You need to know that your Scorkie dog breed will do everything, and you need to focus on that when you have training.

It is advisable to have a short training session. Fifteen minutes or less will do, and these training sessions need to be done every day. It is not a good idea to have a training session only twice a day because it will simply not work with your Scorkie dog.

Take note that you need to teach your Scorkie dog breed one command at a time for them to master it before you proceed with the next one. In this case, you and your Scorkie dog with enjoy a happy and fun time. It is also recommended to begin with the basics and notice where you will get from there.

Basic dog commands like sitting and staying in one place are the first things you need to do. Do not expect your Scorkie dog to do fun tricks or learn those complex commands easily with just one try.

These things need time, so it is important to teach your Scorkie dog the basics because you proceed to complicated training.

Scorkie Behavior Problems


These Designer Dogs are simply affectionate and loving with their families. Their happiness simply relies on their human.

They can chill out and tag along while running some errands because they love the companion of humans. They feel so happy spending quality time because they are very needy and clingy.

While it is cute to think about how sweet a dog can be, allowing them to be over-attached will cause some of their misbehaviors. Scorkie dog breed is known to be attached to people; that is why they easily become depressed and upset when left at home for a long time.

They develop separation anxiety, which leads to their destructive actions at home and loud barking. You will also find it hard to train them.

Scorkie Dog breed will claw and scratch to get out of a crate just to find his human. It is not advisable to put them in a crate because they may get broken nails and bloody paws.

The best thing to do is work with your dog at a young age by training them on how to be comfortable and independent when they are left at home.

It is very important to pay attention to the things you do at the early age of your Scorkie dog. In that way, it will teach them how to behave properly whenever you are not around.

Scorkie dog breeds love to play with balls and squeaky toys because they are playful and energetic. Apart from that, they are also fans of puzzles and other interactive toys because their brains appreciate this kind of exercise.

Scorkie dogs need only to be taken care of and just stay at home. They don’t need a lot of activity to be healthy and happy. Simple things will already work for them. If you want to take your Scorkie dog outside to play, always make sure that the place is safe.

There should be a secured fence because even though Scorkie dogs are small, they are quick. They shouldn’t be left outside without supervision.

This dog breed is mischievous and will always find a way just to keep themselves in trouble, so make sure to always keep an eye on them to avoid any unnecessary event.

How Much Do Scorkies Cost?


If you are planning to have your Scorkie dog breed, expect that to get a premium puppy, you need to have the rights of breeding written in quality papers.

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The same way goes if you wanted to advertise Scorkie dog breeds. You need to have a budget ranging from the amount of $ 1,800 to $ 6,400.

If you wish to have a Scorkie dog breed with the utmost breed lines and the best pedigree, then expect to have a budget of more than $ 6,400. If you just opt for the average type of Scorkie, you can have them for the amount of just $ 700.

Where to Buy/Adopt Scorkie Dog

When it comes to where to purchase or adopt Scorkie dog breed, you can go to, and they help you find one in the area nearest to you.

By just filling out the link and stating what is being asked into each search tab, such as the breed of your desired dog, your location, the distance on how far your place is, your zip or postal code, dog sex, and the age and you are ready to go and find your Scorkie dog breed.

You can also go to,, and for a wide range of choices.

What are the foods a Scorkie Dog eats?


Regarding their food and diet, most Scorkie dog breeds need to be fed with high quality and well-balanced diet such as dry kibble.

The food they eat should be formulated, especially when they are still small and active. It is also important to look for their foods in a trusted dog food brand.

Always look for a kibble made of 100 % lean meat, high-grade ingredients, and fortified with minerals and vitamins. This kind of food will give your Scorkie dog breed the proper nutrients they need for them to live a happy and long life.

Make sure to avoid buying those dog foods with no brand names and usually cheap because they are just full of fillers such as plant-based proteins and unhealthy carbs.

Buying cheap dog foods may help you save a lot, but it could deprive your pet’s health as time goes by. It is also good to keep in mind to purchase your Scorkie dog foods appropriate for their age.

Adults, seniors, and puppies have different food needs, so it is advisable to consult a vet to ensure that you are giving the right food suitable for your Scorkie dog breed.

Scorkie dog breeds are sometimes sensitive to their oral health, like tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss, so it is not advisable to feed them with other types of food.

To ensure that your Scorkie’s oral health is utmost, you need to use a doggie toothbrush to clean their mouth. If your Scorkie dog breed doesn’t like using a toothbrush, some toys can help improve their oral health.

Also, watch out for your Scorkie dog breed because they may develop obesity. Their small frame won’t handle extra fluffiness, so make sure that your Scorkie dog feed is eating with moderation.

It is important to stick to dog food’s manufacturer recommendation regarding the serving size, which is usually a cup or a half cup of kibble in each meal.

In this way, you will be able to minimize the potential of your Scorkie dog to become bloated and prevent developing digestive issues because of their fast eating.

Keep in mind that Scorkie dog breeds are small and fragile, so it is important to handle them with full love and care.

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