Sheepadoodle Dog Colors: A Complete List Of All 15 Recognized Coat Colors

Sheepadoodles, a cross between the Sheepdog and Poodle, are among the popular options for aspiring and experienced pet owners in the US. 

Apart from being cuddly, Sheepadoodles are a perfect family dog. They are an excellent therapy breed that will boost your mood and make you happy. They are lovable and faithful. They also tend to be protective sometimes, which can be a problem whenever they see a stranger. 

But Sheepadoodles are intelligent and easy to train. For new pet owners, however, training a Sheepadoodle may be tricky and complicated. You will get used to it after some time. 

Another trait that you will love about Sheepadoodles is that they are energetic. They will surely keep you entertained 24/7. Unfortunately, they require regular and proper exercise. So, despite your hectic schedule, walk with them every morning. An indoor exercise is also recommended. 

When choosing Sheepadoodles, have you already thought about the coat color you like? Not yet! It is not too late! In this guide, you will know every available coat color to pick from. Let’s begin! 

What is the Rarest Color of Sheepadoodle Dogs? 


Because of their cheerful personality, we cannot blame most pet owners for adopting a Sheepadoodle. 

As a pet lover searching for a mixed dog breed like Sheepadoodles, you want something with the rarest coat color. What is the rarest Sheepadoodle coat color? Your long search is finally over with a black Sheepadoodle! 

Who would have thought that a Sheepadoodle could be all black? Well, they inherit this type of coat from their Poodle parents. 

The major characteristic of these Sheepadoodles is that their face, body, chest, paws, and the rest are black. 

What makes them rare, though? Studies have shown that Old English Sheepdog and Poodle breeders will only have at least one black puppy in a litter. 

Since they are not common, they are expensive and can cause a dent in your savings account. If you are on a budget, this breed is not an excellent choice you can ever have. 

More than the cost, it takes time to find black Sheepadoodles. But with patience and hard work, everything is possible. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms to make the process quicker and less challenging. 

What is the Best Color for a Sheepadoodle Dog? 


There is no such thing as the best coat color for a Sheepadoodle dog. This depends on a pet owner’s preference. 

For some, the rarest coat color may be the best. For others, it is white and black. How about you? You might love a pure white Sheepadoodle. 

Usually, this mixed breed comes in black and white color. But depending on the parents, especially the Poodle one, you may expect a white Sheepadoodle in your litter. 

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White Sheepadoodles are pure. From their face, ears, backs, chests, legs to paws, they are all white. They may look like a Poodle, which you would love to cuddle most of the time. Another thing you would love about pure white Sheepadoodles because they do shed very little, making them a perfect indoor breed. 

So, you could say bye to strands of hair in every corner of your home. They could also be ideal for those pet lovers with asthma and other serious allergies. 

What is The Original Color of a Sheepadoodle Dog? 


It is the white and black Sheepadoodle, which is similar to the Old English Sheepdog. While there is no standard color in this mixed breed, the white and black Sheepadoodles are the original coat. 

While the first coat color is all black, this one is quite different. The face is usually white, including the half part of their back and two front paws. The other half can be either black or gray sometimes. That includes the tail and the back paws. 

Since they are common, they are not as expensive as the black ones. Puppies may cost from $1,000 to $3,000. But a unique eye color can also change and affect the rate. 

If you want to save some cash, you can adopt instead. You can visit some adoption centers near you. You can do your homework online ahead of time, of course. 

A white and black Sheepadoodle, despite the color, is extremely friendly and will make everyone in the family laugh. Like other mixed breeds of dogs, a Sheepadoodle is loving and faithful. It is also an energetic, obedient, and intelligent companion that you will not regret choosing. 

What’s the Most Popular Sheepadoodle Dogs Color? 


You finally have decided to have this dog at home. Maybe, you have searched for information over the internet. There are many puppies to choose from, right? And you can’t help but feel overwhelmed with the variety of options. 

The trick here is to opt for the most popular Sheepadoodle dog color. What is the coat color that most pet owners prefer, though? 

That’s the black and white Sheepadoodle. But every pet lover has different needs and tastes. Maybe, you are not looking for a black and white. If that’s the case, what are the other popular coat colors that may exceed your expectations? 

The white and grey Sheepadoodles should be on top of your list. Similar to the original coat, the face and half part of this dog’s body are white. Then, the other back part is grey. This includes the ears and back paws. 

What are the other Recognized Coat Colors of Sheepadoodle Dogs? 


1. Tri-Color Sheepadoodle

You probably have not seen a tri-color sheepadoodle. But it exists. As the name indicates, this sheepadoodle has black, white, and even brown coat colors. 

Yes, it is unique. In most cases, the black and brown blend together. If you are from afar, though, you may only see the black. 

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But if you look closely, you will see Brown. Before, this tricolor combination was uncommon. However, today’s pet owners breed red/apricot Poodles with the Old English Sheepdog. As a result, Brown is seen in this crossbreed. 

What’s more, if you breed brindle, parti, and merle Poodle with an Old English Sheepdog, you can expect this tri-color coat in your litter. You would consider yourself lucky when you have some newly born tri-color Sheepadoodles. 

2. Merle Sheepadoodle 


Another rare coat color of Sheepadoodle is merle. Due to its rarity, many pet owners believe it does not exist. But it exists. 

Compared to the rest, merle is different. It is a genetic pattern that specifically causes patches of colors even to other mixed breeds. 

Aside from the Old English Sheepdog and Poodle, most Australian Shepherds can either have a blue or red merle pattern. 

But it is not as easy as it sounds. The Poodle must be a dominant carrier of merle. On the other hand, the Old English Sheepdog must be a carrier of the M Locus gene. 

Unfortunately, the Old English Sheepdog is not commonly a carrier of the merle gene. That’s why a merle Sheepadoodle is rare. 

3. Gray Sheepadoodle 

A gray Sheepadoodle is another most recognized coat color. It is no wonder as a gray Sheepadoodle may take the typical colors of the Old English Sheepdogs. 

The Old English Sheepdogs are typically gray and white, and blue-gray and white. Now, you probably know the reason. 

Gray Sheepadoodle is not entirely gray, though. It has a mix of blue, white, and black. So, it is uncommon to have a solid gray Sheepadoodle in a litter. 

4. Brown Sheepadoodle 


Sheepadoodles usually come in white and black. But it is not uncommon for these pups to inherit the Poodle’s fur color. Instead of a black patch over their eyes or fur covering the rest of their bodies, they may look brown. 

Who would have thought to have Sheepadoodle with a brown coat color? Well, there is nothing impossible. 

Are you looking for a brown Sheepadoodle but don’t know where to find one? Some breeders will help make your dream happen. If you do not know about a brown Sheepadoodle, you can ask for help from someone who knows. 

5. Red Sheepadoodle 

Red Sheepadoodle is extremely stunning. But prepare your pocket as it may quite cause you a big fortune. Adding this one in the pack, however, is worth it. 

This dog’s coat color is something you can be proud of. Unfortunately, it is hard to find. It requires a lot of patience. If you are persistent, you can find one for sure. 

Like the Old English Sheepdogs and the Poodle, a Sheepadoodle is friendly, calm, and obedient. However, proper training can play a critical role. If you haven’t trained a dog before, working with a trainer is perfect. 


6. Cream Sheepadoodle 

The cream is one of the off-white colorations found in Poodles of all sizes. When a cream Poodle is bred to the Old English Sheepdog, expect a cream Sheepadoodle. Since it is quite similar to a white Sheepadoodle, it may be hard to distinguish this coat color from the pack. 

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White Sheepadoodle has a complete absence of color. The cream one, on the contrary, looks a diluted brown. It is not far from the apricot. 

7. Blue Sheepadoodle 

Do you already have a cream Sheepadoodle? Do you want another stunning Sheepadoodle? Of course, you do. A blue Sheepadoodle will be your best bet. Unlike the black Sheep-a-poo, this coat color is not pure blue. 

The face, ears, and back could be blue. The rest could be white. But it still depends on the parents. Whatever the coat color of this mixed breed, it is still playful and intelligent. 

Because of its cheerful personality, it could be a challenge for you as a pet owner as it needs regular exercise. If you love what you do, the process will be easy. 


8. Blue Merle Sheepadoodle 

If there is a merle Sheepadoodle, you can also find a blue merle one. For those who do not know, merle consists of irregularly diluted pigment or solid color. 

A blue merle Sheep-a-poo has blue patches or coat color patterns that can catch your attention and interest as a pet lover. 

Like the other coat colors in this list, a blue merle Sheep-a-poo is an incredible choice for athletes. It is full of energy, making it a great exercise buddy you can have. 

9. Grizzle Sheepadoodle 

Grizzle is another color pattern that appears as mixed hair on a Sheepadoodle and even other dogs. These coat colors blended well. That’s why people can see it as one. 

Grizzle is usually a mix of black hair with some brown, tan, white, and grey. If you try to look at it closely, you will see the other colors. It is quite surprising, indeed. 

If you are fond of mixed breeds of dogs, a grizzle Sheepadoodle is something you shouldn’t miss. 


10. Fawn Sheepadoodle 

For our 14th spot, we have a fawn Sheepadoodle. Have you ever heard about this coat color before? Not yet? Fawn Sheep-a-poo and other dogs have tones that may range from nearly red, yellow, or cream. 

Before, the only coat color was white and black. But now is different because many pet lovers have tried breeding Poodles and the Old English Sheepadoodle with various coat colors. 

11. Silver Sheepadoodle 

Last but not least is a silver Sheepadoodle. While some puppies come with a silver coat, others may have a different color, like black and white. 

As they get older, the black begins to fade and turn to silver. Silver Sheepadoodle puppies cost around $1,800. But this rate may be higher or lower depending on your chosen breeder. 

What To Choose? 

Do you like the original Sheep-a-poo? Then, you can never go wrong with a white and black Sheepadoodle. If you do not prefer this coat color, you will not feel disappointed with a black one. 

Since it is rare, it would take a lot of time to find. But all of your efforts will not go to waste. For more informative dog articles, please feel free to browse our site! Enjoy!

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