7 Reasons Small Dogs Are Awesome

The best things in life come in small packages. When it comes to dogs, this is so true.

Small dogs are awesome, adorable, affectionate, and cutest creatures here on the planet.

Small dogs are great with children and other pets and will be suitable for your lifestyle.

Everyone cannot just seem to resist the cuteness of a small dog. 

Here are seven reasons small dogs are awesome:

1. They are genuinely affectionate.


Small dogs are known for their gentle, affectionate dispositions. Their small builds make them wonderful lap-sized that can accompany family members of all ages.

They are calm companions and are just happy home buddies. Small dogs love being on the laps of their favorite humans. They are like miniature dogs with big personalities. 

Even if small dogs are just like puppies, do not forget that they also love to be active, and they love to play with you.

They love daily walks with their favorite humans. They are like bundles of love that have been bred because they are good companions. 

Generally, small dogs are affectionate to the ones who are also affectionate towards them.

As a human family member, you must encourage them and love them to easily reciprocate and give you love even more.

Shower them with pure care and cherish them with love, and they will devote their lives to you to bring happiness to your whole family. 

2. They are more adaptable.


Small dogs are more adaptable, especially in different situations. Because of their size, they can fit anywhere.

You do not need a large yard or a large couch for them to fit and be comfortable. 

For example, you live in an apartment. A small dog can make a great companion.

Because, with a larger breed, you may find it difficult to rent with them. Many apartments have no problem accepting dogs, especially the small ones.

Small dogs can also eliminate stress. Bringing them to your family members can make them calm and happy. 

Dogs, in general, are too high-energy for your apartment life, but the majority of the small dogs are quiet, low energy, and calm indoors.

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The good qualities of an apartment dog must be fairly polite with other residents.

Most importantly, you can give them a little more personal space in your apartment. 

Small dogs are also easy to travel with. They can fit anywhere.

They can be at your side on a bus or under your plane seat without needing to ride them in cargo.

Their size also fits your car, which makes them perfect even on public transport. 

3. They are less expensive to own.


Practically speaking, small dogs are less expensive to maintain. They consume less food than the larger dogs.

The price of dog food has become more expensive over time. Small dogs can just eat under half the amount of food that larger dogs require.

Lower food bills will save you a significant amount of money in the long run. If you have a tight budget, consider a small dog that requires fewer calories per day. 

It has the same scenario regarding your dog’s dog shampoo, dog conditioner, dog cologne, vitamins or medication, and the likes.

Since they are small, you would not use them as much as you would with a larger dog. 

You will also save money when it comes to maintaining their convenience. You can purchase smaller dog beds, crates, and toys cheaper than the larger ones. 

4. They are versatile.


Small dogs are versatile. They can generally adjust their activity level depending on the level of activity of their human family members.

They can easily match their energy. 

If you like to go jogging and make trail exploring, a small dog would be happy to keep you company.

Small dogs can also fit if you would rather stay at home or go for a short walk in the evening.

They will help you improve your workout habit little by little.

Small dogs are contented taking a little break from playing; unlike larger dogs, they can act out if they become bored when they demand more physical activity from you. 

Small dogs are also perfect for hiking activities. They have the benefit over larger dogs when it comes to this aspect.

They can be placed in a backpack if they decide to take a nap while you are hiking.

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For example, there is an accident on the trail, and your dog is injured. With its size, a small dog can easily be carried back to your car.

And for the rocky roads or dangerous trails, you can just help your dog and lift them. They also have plenty of energy when we talk about stamina. 

5. They live longer.


If we are talking about lifespan, small dogs live longer than larger dogs. It is according to research.

This has confused scientists and was currently the subject of research issued, according to the chief scientist.

A biologist at the Göttingen University in Germany, Cornelia Kraus, also adds larger dogs naturally age at a quicker speed. 

These scientists determined that every 2 kilograms of bodyweight reduce a dog’s life probability by about one month.

Larger dogs grow from puppies to mature ones faster, which can lead to a higher probability of not normal cell growth that could cause death because of cancer.

The reason is still unidentified, though Kraus suggests numerous possibilities, including that larger dogs may submit to age-related illnesses sooner.

These conclusions are just a little part of our understanding of dog lifespan and what defines it.

Scientists have further future research to better elaborate the relationship between the growth and death of the dogs. 

6. They make less mess.


Smaller dogs make less mess. For example, they had an accident at home. Because of their size, you will be cleaning less mess because their destruction is far lesser than a larger breed.

Larger breeds are quite more destructive when it comes to your household.

They can do more damage to your clothing, furniture, toys, and other more valuable items.

While small dogs also tear and destroy, at least the amount of destruction will more likely be fat less than the larger ones. 

Small dogs also have a small amount of urine and poop. And that would be an advantage for you whenever they do their thing.

You will not have a hard time cleaning them. Unlike the larger dogs, they can pee a quarter of a liter, and they could be on your couch or carpet.

And because they eat more, larger dogs also have a large number of smelly poops.

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Overall, size can influence just how dirty or messy one dog may seem to its human owner.

7. They are hypoallergenic.


First and foremost, it is important to establish that no dog breed is 100% hypoallergenic.

It always depends on the person who owns them. But most dogs that are hypoallergenic are small dog breeds.

They are less likely to stimulate allergies to people. It does not necessarily mean that all small dog breeds would not cause an allergic reaction for someone in your home who has allergies.

It means that they are more unlikely to cause an allergic reaction compared to other larger breeds.

Small dogs are more hypoallergenic because they minimize the potential for an allergic reaction.

They do not shed their coat that much. Some small dog breeds have shorter hair and have single-layered coats.

Therefore, without an undercoat to shed, there is no extra fur sticking around in your home.

Unlike the larger ones, they have more hair to shed, and most of them have double coats.


Generally speaking, all dogs are awesome because of many aspects. Different breeds, different sizes, yes, they all differ from one another.


But one thing is the same. They are all must be treated like family. They are all affectionate and needing some love.

It depends on the owners how they will treat their dogs since dogs show kindness to those who are also kind to them.

Dogs have emotions; they show their emotion towards their loved human owners, they can feel fear if they have been mishandled, they become aggressive if triggered by wrong factors.

Small dogs are different from larger dog breeds in many ways, but it depends on human owners, which they prefer.

Which will fit in their home, if they can cater larger ones with their larger backyards if they have more understanding neighbors and also it depends on how the way they live.

If they can sustain and maintain larger or smaller ones, and what size also suits their lifestyle? Is it a smaller dog or a larger dog?

It is always your own lifestyle choice that will determine your choice of the perfect dog’s more appropriate size for you.

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