Top 12 Small Guard Dogs

Small Guard dogs are companions in our home that serve as protection from unwanted people or even animals. It is a common mistake that all guard dogs are these beefy, tall, almost human-sized animals that fend off possible dangers.

Although this is the case for most guard dogs, appearance in size is not the only important qualities of a good guard dog. Among these many kinds of dogs, some breeds can serve as a small guard dog.

Dogs do not need to be huge and intimidating to offer sufficient protection from threats to your home. Small guard dogs have personalities that will make them fearsome canines despite their appearance.

Their demeanor will greatly increase security and protection in your home. Large dogs are often difficult for many people to take care of, which is why many people buy small guard dogs instead.

What is the difference between a guard dog and a watch dog?

It is not to be mistaken that guard dogs are the same as watchdogs. Watchdogs are the kind of creatures that alert the owner of unwanted guests in their houses.

These dogs are limited to barking at possible threats instead of directly protecting their owners. They cannot offer protection beyond warning you of dangers nearby.

On the other hand, guard dogs are capable of providing physical protection for their owners. For this reason, most guard dogs are large and almost the size of people; if not, bigger.

It is important to note that small guard dogs might be easily taken care of by intruders. Despite this, there are still quite a several breeds capable enough to allow you peace of mind about the security of your home.

Top 12 Small Guard Dogs

They may be small, but their size will not stop them from protecting their family. Both tiny and fierce, these are the top 12 small guard dogs.

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1. Boston Terrier.


Boston Terriers are surprisingly amazing guard dogs. These small, lovable dogs have quite a few qualities fit for watching over your home. 

For starters, Boston Terriers are not prone to barking compared to most tiny dogs.

Meaning, if they do bark, it is likely that there is an unwanted person or animal nearby.

This will help scare away wild animals and discourage intruders from entering your home.

They could even help with notifying you when deliveries are made to your home.

Boston Terriers are generally very territorial. These dogs are very protective of people they consider family.

Their territorial personality will show whenever you go out on walks with them.

Additionally, these dogs also have excellent hearing. They tend to listen to footsteps or unfamiliar noises in their surroundings.

If they find something that threatens them, their barks will notify you.

2. Staffordshire Bull Terrier.


As their names might suggest, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier was originally bred for bullfighting and bear fighting.

For this reason, these dogs are very territorial and rather aggressive for their size.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier owners generally train their dogs at an early age to discipline them and allow them to be properly socialized.

Their demeanors are very threatening, but they are loyal and playful to their families, making them great companions.

3. Puli. 


Originating from Hungary, the Puli is a unique dog known as mop-dog for their mop like fur.

Being originally bred for herding other animals, these dogs are very intelligent and are amazing guards.

These dogs are always vigilant and will bark at possible threats to them and their owner.

Like most dogs, they are very loyal and playful as well. If you are a person that loves the outdoors and live an active lifestyle, the Puli is perfect for you.

4. Shiba Inu.


Being originally bred for hunting in mountainous regions in Japan, the Shiba Inu is nimble and tough for its small size.

If you want more security in your home, these dogs will provide sufficient protection from intruders.

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The Shiba Inu is compact and good-natured. Their small and agile build allows them to run around with ease. Although loyal to their owners, they can be quite aggressive to strangers.

5. Lhasa Apso. 


Although they may not seem intimidating at first, the Lhasa Apsos make for great guard dogs to make you feel safe in your home.

They evolved from dogs that were used to guard sacred Tibetan monasteries.

Studies suggest that the Lhasa Apso evolved from wolves, so they have a rather fierce and territorial nature.

6. Thai Ridgeback. 


This dog has a firm build and can grow up to 24 inches, making it one of the more medium-sized dogs.

The Thai Ridgeback makes good hunting and guard dogs but makes a good companion for pet lovers.

They are tough and have excellent jumping ability. Although they are quite difficult to train, they are very alert dogs who respond to danger.

7. Spanish Waterdog. 


Their appearances can be quite deceiving with their curly locks of hair and general cute demeanor, but they make good guard dogs for your home.

These dogs were bred to be able to herd animals and instincts and personalities that help them become excellent guard dogs.

With their sharp hearing, they can sense the slightest of sounds from incredible distances and will protect their owners at all costs.

8. Miniature Bull terrier. 


Just like most terriers, the miniature Bull terrier is fearless and confident. They are very territorial but have a very lively nature.

They have compact and strong builds of most bulldogs and the sense and personalities of a natural terrier.

The Bull terrier is built to secure your home and be able to face possible dangers to their owners.

Despite their size, they are incredible guard dogs and will face anything that crosses their territory. 

9. Chihuahua. 


The Chihuahua is a relatively known breed of dog. These dogs have been given the nickname of “ankle-biter” due to their rather aggressive personalities In contrast to their size.

They are very hostile towards unfamiliar things to them, may it be another animal or strangers.

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The Chihuahua is even hostile to their owners, but they can make for good guard dogs with the right training. The aggressive nature of these dogs can easily make up for their size.

10. Miniature Schnauzer.


The Miniature Schnauzer is ideal for people who wish to get a dog to guard small apartments.

The miniature Schnauzer is the smallest of all the schnauzer breeds, making it a friend to many.

Despite their size, they are very extroverted and curious but have a compact build, ideal for a good guard dog. Additionally, they are capable of patrolling large areas.

11. Bergamasco Shepherd. 


The Bergamasco Shepherd has a relatively thick ad shaggy coat of fur, but they cannot be underestimated with their funky appearance.

These dogs are very loyal to the people they consider family. Having been bred to function as mountain herds, they can run long distances for hours on end.

They enjoy their time outside and will be great companions and playmates for their owners. 

12. Dachshund.


The Daschund was originally bred to hunt other animals, so, naturally, they have a rather aggressive nature.

This means that they are perfect for guarding your home, especially small apartments.

Their territorial nature makes them protective of their families and home. The Dachshund’s personality also makes them lovable companions to pet enthusiasts and are perfect house pets.

These dogs are amazing friends but fearsome enemies. 


Guard dogs are good for individuals and families that need an extra layer of security for their homes.

Many people are not able to cater to the needs of big human-sized guard dogs. This is why there are breeds that fill in the role of guard dog despite their small stature.

Although not as effective as large guard dogs, small guard dogs will be able to provide you enough protection that you can sleep soundly through the night.

Small guard dogs are great friends for all pet lovers out there.

Some may require more attention than the average dog, but their loyalty and dedication to protecting their masters know no bounds. 

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