12 Cutest Small Mixed Dog Breeds

Are you a dog lover who wants to have different types of breeds to own? Are you torn between two adorable breeds that prevent you from choosing and have one now?

Because of the growing number of dog breeds today, choosing the one that suits your lifestyle has become quite challenging.

To make it simpler, you should first decide whether you want a purebred or a mixed breed. The benefit of having a purebred dog is the predictability. Once you own one, you will know its character, size, temperament, and definite traits that its genes provide.

On the other hand, predictability is not present in mixed dog breeds because they are crossed breeds from two different kinds of dogs. Hence you will not know how big they can grow and the temperament they have inherited with their parents.

On the other hand, mixed breeds have “hybrid vigor.” This characteristic makes the mixed breed more resilient than their purebred counterparts.

According to several studies, the hybrid vigor of mixed breed dogs gives them the best traits and genes of both their furry mom and dad.

Thus, this repairs the genetic disorder that a purebred dog has. This makes the mixed breed dogs more flexible and shows more promise and greater longevity.

For these reasons, more and more people are getting interested in mixed dog breeds. As what have been mentioned before, their sizes can vary depending on which breeds they are produced from.

However, if you are one of those who like to carry around their pet friend, you might like some of these small mixed dog breeds.

Here are the twelve (12) most lovable small mixed dog breeds that may best suit your lifestyle.

1. Cavoodle

cavapoo poodle mix

One of the cutest and furriest small mixed dog breeds is the Cavoodle.

This adorable dog is a cross between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle.

It has inherited its Poodle kins’ energy, which makes it lively, active, and playful.

On the other hand, it has inherited Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s gentleness.

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Thus, Cavoodle can be a great companion to your daily life routines and adventures.

Plus, they can be trusted with your kids because they are good-natured.

2. Chorkie


The name of this mixed breed alone screams cuteness overload. Chorkie is a fine mixed breed between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Chihuahua.

As expected from its parents, this breed can be easily scooped and carried around.

They can also be quite sassy and confident, which adds to their adorable appeal.

So, if you love to always hug and cuddle your furry friend just like a stuffed toy, then Chorkie can be your most favorite among the small mixed dog breeds.

3. Cockapoo


If you search for the different pictures of a Cockapoo on the internet, you will instantly fall in love with them.

And that is only by looking at its picture, what’s more, if you already have one?

Cockapoo is the perfect blend of the Poodle breed and the Cocker Spaniels.

Because of both breeds’ noted intelligence, you can rest assured that your Cockapoo can be trained easily.

However, to maintain their extreme cuteness, they will need more attention from you by brushing their hair frequently to void tangles.

Moreover, they need occasional visits to their favorite groomer to maintain a good trim. Other than that, you will surely enjoy lavishing this dog with love.

4. Shih-poo


Another hair furball to brighten your day is the endearing Shih-poo. This mixed dog breed is a perfect combination of a Shih Tzu and a Poodle.

Although they have inherited the intelligence of its Poodle kin, they also have a Shih-Tzu stubbornness.

Hence, they can be quite a challenge when it comes to training them.

However, they compensate for this with their sweetness and their playfulness.

Shih-poo is also a furball with lots of energy stored thus, making it perfect for your kids and family.

5. Maltipoo

maltipoo teddy bear dog breed

Next in line with the most adorable and cute furry and small mixed dog breed is the Maltipoo.

This cutie is half Maltese and half Poodle perfectly mixed. Oozing with sweetness and cuteness from its mom and dad, a Maltipoo is a fun and fascinating pet to be around.

They are among the most fun-loving, happy, and affectionate mixed dog breeds. So, you will never regret if you adopt one.

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6. Puggle


If you are not a fan of a furry friend, you will like Puggle breeds. This mixed dog breed is a cross between the Pug breed and the Beagle breed.

This tail-wagging adorable pet can become a bit naughty at times because of their Pug genes.

Hence, they will bring fun to your home. On the other hand, since Beagle is known as a hunting dog, it can be quite reliable with its nose and with finding things or people.

In addition to this, since both the Pug and Beagle breeds are noted for being loyal and loving to their family and their owner, the Puggle intensified these traits. 

7. Cavachon

12 Cutest Small Mixed Dog Breeds 1

Cavachon is one of the most popular in terms of cuteness among the small mixed dog breeds.

They are a combination of the charming Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the lovely Bichon Frise.

Their appealing looks are not the only feature that makes them popular among the mixed dog breeds.

It is their good-natured traits and their huge affection for their owners that make most people love them deeply.

Besides that, they are typically curious and playful, making them a source of fun in a home.

8. Chiweenie


Chiweenie breeds are also one of the best-recommended dog breeds for those who do not like thick furs.

Thanks to its genes from a Dachshund, their furs are typically well-trimmed, soft, and sleek.

On the other hand, it has also inherited the teeny tiny size of a Chihuahua.

Mixed, this makes the Chiweenie one of the most adorable cute dogs in town.

They can be the ones who invented the puppy look with those kinds and round eyes.

9. Yorkiepoo


Here is another small mixed dog breed with a poo in its name that you should not miss.

Yorkiepoo is the perfect blend of the Yorkshire Terrier genes and the Poodle genes.

This mini mixed dog breed typically weighs fifteen (15) pounds, making it huggable.

With its lightweight build, you can easily carry them around or travel. They can be very cute, which makes them an eye-catcher.

With regards to their traits, Yorkipoo can become very clever. This makes them easy to train.

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They are also playful companions to your kids. And last but not least, Yorkipoo has inherited the hypoallergenic coats from their parents, making it healthier for your family.

10. Chug

chug pug chihuahua mix

Their no-nonsense name reflects their very traits and features, the Chug breeds.

This mixed dog breed is a mixed between the Pug and the Chihuahua. They typically inherit the sleek furs and brisk features of a Pug.

On the other hand, they have a small size and charming features of a Chihuahua.

With these genes perfectly blended, you have a reliable Chug to keep you company all day.

You can let them sit on your lap or carry them around without getting tired of them. This is one interesting pet dog to own and adopt.

11. Morkie

morkie teddy bear dog

When it comes to getting what they want because of their irresistible looks, Morkie breeds have it.

They are crossbred from the lovable Maltese and the endearing Yorkshire Terrier. With these genes, a protective furry friend Morkie is produced.

Aside from being protective of its owner and family, they can be a bit of an attention seeker.

This makes them one of the most playful of their kind. With a Morkie around, you will not have a single day without fun. 

12. Cheagle

12 Cutest Small Mixed Dog Breeds 2

Prepare your hugs and kisses with this cutie, the Cheagle breed. This mixed breed dog is a perfect combination of the Chihuahua breed and the beagle breed.

With the blending of these good-natured breeds’ genes, you can be sure to have a great companion and a reliable friend.

Cheagle is one of the most affectionate mixed dog breeds, which will never let you down when you are feeling down.

You can be sure to have them around to cheer you up and play with you and your kids every day. 

The twelve (12) small mixed dog breeds featured in this article are only some of the cuddliest and cutest.

Whichever is your choice, make sure to know who their parents are for you to know what traits temperament they may have inherited.

This way, you can make sure that the one you chose is the one which is best suited for your lifestyle.

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