10 Surprising Things About Toy Poodles

Poodles are a type of formal dog breed, and the smallest amongst poodles is referred to as Toy Poodle.

It shares all the characteristics that are typical of a poodle, such as intelligence, alertness, and a good temperament.

They also require thorough grooming owing to their distinct coat. Grooming includes frequent brushing to avoid tangles and a ‘haircut’ around every two months.

If you plan on buying a toy poodle, here are ten amazing facts about the miniature poodle breed:

1. They Are Perfectly Named ‘Toy’ Poodle

toy poodle facts

Toy Poodles grow up to 25cms in height and weigh around 6 pounds. They have a proportionate body with a square face.

They are the shortest amongst the poodles. Moreover, they have a thick curly coat. The overall appearance is no less than a toy, small and curly.

Poodle’s coat color could be white, black, apricot, or a few other colors and shades. They shed a lot, though, it could be avoided by trimming their coat frequently.

2. Their Origin Is Debatable 


They are said to originate in France from the French water dogs, Barbets. Though, some believe that they were bred as retrievers in Germany.

Their primary job was to fetch ducks and other fowls from the water. Barbets are still in existence and are rather big when compared to toy poodles.

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The standard poodle, on the other hand, is equivalent to barbets in size. Therefore, they could have said to be originated in either France or Germany.

3. They Require High Maintenance 


Poodles, in general, require frequent grooming. Toy poodles, too, require a lot of maintenance.

It is important to brush their coat to avoid tangles or ‘cord.’ Also, brushing ensures that dust or other dirt does not get entrapped.

Their ears need to be cleaned of wax, and oral hygiene should also be ensured. Poodles do not shed and keep growing their hair. This makes it mandatory to trim their hair every 6 to 8 weeks.

Regardless, they look beautiful in their thick coat. You could style your poodle differently. A few of the coat colors include blue, silver, red, white, and apricot.

4. You Will Always Need To Be Around


Poodles are friendly and good companions. While it may sound sweet, it could also prove problematic. If you live alone and might have to leave back your toy poodle alone owing to some work, it could be troublesome.

They have separation anxiety. Being left alone could make them depressed. Also, they get bored, and this could harm their mental health.

It is advisable to hire a pet sitter or have someone back at your place. As long as someone familiar is around, toy poodles will enjoy themselves. Sudden reactions could also startle them. They are emotional and timid.

5. Toy Poodles Are Highly Intelligent


Poodles are considered to be intelligent. Intelligent, in a sense, that they can be trained easily.

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As with other dogs, a bit of patience and effort could help them learn all the manners. Moreover, they react promptly to commands.

They have also been known to anticipate commands by reading body language. Toy poodles are social. It is important to make them meet new people. They easily develop a bond with a person.

It will help them be confident around strangers and other dogs. Obedient dogs form great pet family dogs.

6. They Need Less Room And More Exercise 


They are small dogs and require little space. They could be carried around in bags or purses without any difficulty.

Toy Poodles do not require a large garden or ample space to sleep. They are perfect for apartments or small houses.

Poodles need to be exercised daily. The same goes for Toy Poodles. They are small in size but pack a lot of energy.

Daily exercise helps them keep fit. Exercises could involve walks and a range of stimulation and games.

7. They Could Act As Watchdogs 


Though poodles are known to be friendly, they could become territorial. Toy Poodles could bark at strangers.

Due to their stature, they might not seem imposing. Since they are easy to train, they could be taught to react to suspicion.

Their susceptibility could also make them neurotic. Owing to this trait, it is better to keep poodles away from children.

Toy Poodles are rather small, and therefore, children are safe around them.

8. They Are Prone To Various Diseases


Faulty genes could lead to various diseases in the toy poodle. A few of the common diseases are cataract, progressive retinal atrophy, and patella luxation.

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They could also be a result of old age. These can be avoided by meticulous care.

Moreover, exercising and a healthy diet helps to reduce the chances of such diseases.

9. They Are The Perfect Family Dog

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A toy poodle could live up to 14 years. It is a respectable age in dog years. They do require attention and care but are perfect family dogs.

They are small in size and easy to train. They socialize well with the family and other animals. If trained well, they could easily socialize with strangers.

They are intelligent dogs and require constant company. By being in a family, it will always have a companion around.

This will help in avoiding mental health problems. Since they are small in size, they also go well with children. Thus, they fulfill all the criteria required for a family dog.

10. Poodles Are Great For Those Who Are Allergic 


Poodles do not shed and, therefore, are great for those who are allergic to dogs. Many other traits make a poodle ideal for many people.

They are expensive to maintain owing to their coat. Thus, it is necessary to check whether you can afford a toy poodle or not.

If you wish to buy a small, curly-haired, and lively dog, toy poodles will prove the best. While if you require a low-maintenance, big and sturdy dog, toy poodles are not made for you.

They are timid and emotional. They are to be pampered. They are indeed good family dogs and ideal as first pets.

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  1. I’ve always had toy poodles. My current Lil guy is the smallest. He’s a true Toy. He’s become my ESA pet. I have MS and he’s very aware of my need for him to be near. He knows things before I do. I love him dearly.


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