Amazing Facts About Teacup Chihuahua

There is no blame you should be carrying for simply wanting to know your Teacup Dog better.

Although Chihuahuas make it to the list of smallest dog breeds, the research associated with the breed in no way matches their size.

With a Teacup Chihuahua at hand, you are talking about the tiniest talk breed there is. However, this does not mean there is less knowledge for you to soak.

There is a lot for you in store if you simply wish to understand the breed better. If the breed has always caught your fancy, you must read facts about Teacup Chihuahua.

The very presence of the word “teacup” before a dog breeds name brings a smile on our face as we imagine dainty delights running on four paws around the house.

The very thought is so warm and rewarding and yet cannot inch anywhere close to the actual feeling of having a canine friend. 

Chihuahuas are known for their lively and alert demeanor while they remain devoted to their owner.

It is good to know that none of these innate qualities seems to disappear in a Teacup Chihuahua.

Your little dog will probably get on your nerves every once in a while, because of its endless quick runs and escapes.

You will learn to dote on its active play sessions. However, along with all the goodness wrapped up for you, the manipulated size also brings in considerable health concerns.

To explore Chihuahuas in extreme detail, here are must-know facts about Teacup Chihuahua:


1. Little size, large personality

This fact turns out to be as exciting as it sounds. It is pretty much what you made of it the moment you heard it.

Your tiny Chihuahua does have its adorable little form, but its personality is quite large.

These small dogs tend to have an indomitable spirit of their own, and as a striking contrast to their size, this behavior stands out.

Their personality traits are large enough to win hearts.

The size in no way interferes with various dog activities, and they serve as obedient playmates and watchdogs. 

2. Color, color, which color do you choose?

 Your little breed comes with an extensive range of coat colors for you to choose from. The coats of Chihuahuas are of two distinct kinds too.

There is a smooth, short-haired coat and a long-haired coat for you to make your suitable pick. The name of the breed comes from the state of “Chihuahua” in Mexico.

Their coats are primarily in brown, black, white, gold, fawn, chocolate, and cream colors. These basic colors are also seen in combination with each other.

So, you quite literally have a good palette to choose from with so many color combinations at hand.

3. Temper talk

Most studies that we come across try to make a strong comment on temper and trainability issues with small dog breeds.

However, the moment we talk about most of these breeds, this isn’t the complete truth.

If the temper of your Teacup Chihuahua is the most significant concern for you, it is time for you to know that two primary factors affect their temperament.

  • Hereditary/Genetic traits
  • Acquired traits/Owner’s behavior

We do understand that these are the two causal factors in determining the behavior of almost every breed.

However, if we slip into specifics, it is easy to find short-tempered Chihuahuas. This temper makes the breed unsuitable for exaggerated mingling with children.

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Hence, you may face troubles trying to label a Teacup Chihuahua as the perfect family dog.


4. How much does the little bundle of joy weigh?

Since Teacup Chihuahuas are miniature Chihuahuas, they weigh comparatively lesser than a Chihuahua.

It becomes a little difficult to imagine a dog breed that is smaller and lighter than Chihuahuas, yet there is this wonder of a breed greeting us.

Teacup Chihuahuas are likely to weigh anywhere between 2.5-3kgs. 

The average size of the breed is between 6-9 inches, making it as tall as your palm, perhaps.

So, you can pretty much always have your little pet nestling close to your heart or in your arms without much trouble.

5. Teacup Chihuahua Training

With its not necessarily amicable temperament and health issues at play, training can sometimes prove to be quite a hassle.

However, there is no temperament that dedication and devotion on the part of the owner cannot uproot.

The ideal way out to go about with the training is spending quality time with your dog and feeding him the basics of acceptable behavior right from day one.

Do not let the initial days pass in fun and fury as you will not know when your puppy will be all grown, sporting a destructive personality of its own.

Facts about teacup Chihuahuas show that positive training techniques need to be implemented with the breed.

The most important thing that needs to be taught to micro Chihuahuas is curbing their shrill barking when it happens without reason.

To achieve this, you need to make sure your dog can understand the difference between the right stimulus that should make it bark and everyday stimulus that it should grow accustomed to.


6. Life span of a Teacup Chihuahua

It is natural for us to be wanting to remain informed about the life span of our dog breed.

The average life span of a Chihuahua is approximately 12-20 years.

Good health is the key to an extended life span. Meticulous attention on your part can make sure your dog lives a life of happiness and fulfillment.

However, you cannot exercise your control over genetic diseases or diseases that cling fast to small dog breeds.

At the same time, it is necessary that you pay immense attention to the nutritional and active needs of your puppy while giving it the best dietary choices and playtime hours.

7. Hovering diseases

The breed is prone to a variety of diseases and genetic defects. Unfortunately, this is the sad truth that cannot be concealed.

Here are diseases that are frequently associated with the breed due to genetic/size-related problems:

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  • Collapsed Trachea:

This happens due to improper development of cartilaginous rings in small dogs.

Thus, it is not uniquely related to a teacup Chihuahua as it can easily be seen among several other toy breeds.

However, it is a point of bother, and you cannot run away from that. 

  • Molera:

A feature unique to the breed is seen in the form of a soft spot on the skull that eventually closes as months go by.

However, in the initial months, it is necessary that you take great care of your puppy and keep it away from any potential head injury.

  • Obesity:

Overfeeding your little companion can result in obesity. This can further be the cause of several other diseases, such as bronchitis.

Thus, proper care needs to be exercised in planning the nutritional intake of this little dog, and it needs to be fed, keeping in mind its everyday needs. 

Heart murmurs and Pulmonic stenosis: The breed is also prone to heart-related problems. Thus, you need to make sure that you do not lack information on the cardiac front.

  • Cold:

This happens to establish itself amongst the lesser-known facts about Teacup Chihuahua. The breed is extremely susceptible to cold.

A freezing climate might throw your little one out of its wits, and you might have to knit sweaters and boots for it or keep it under quilts to keep it warm.

  • Eye care:
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Eye injuries or infections are common among the breed. The primary reason can be stated as their eye placement, as we can quite literally see their protruding eyes.

Thus, they quickly take up allergens or turn dry. This condition needs to be taken care of.

  • Blood sugar:

Known as Hypoglycemia, is often spotted in the breed. The symptoms are prominent enough for you to pick up.

When your Teacup Chihuahua shows signs of lethargy and excessive sleeping, or you can see it with unfocused eyes and a weird walk, it is time you get the blood sugar levels checked and have the right remedial supplement prescribed.

As much as it adds to our distress, we cannot overlook these basic health concerns, especially as we talk about a little dog that is about to be a part of our family and our hearts.

Routine vet visits and proper attention to your puppy’s health care, therefore, key factors.


8. Adjustability is the key

Being the smallest dog breed, adjusting to any space whatsoever is not a difficult task for a Teacup Chihuahua.

We often see how big dogs are not suitable for apartment living, but that is not a worry you need to water in the case of this tiny adorable breed.

Chihuahuas adjust well to small as well as large spaces. For the same reason, in this day and age, they are seen everywhere – all the way from celebrity homes to little flats. 

They also perform seemingly well to varying climate. This is the reason they can conform remarkably well to moderately cold and hot weather, unlike quite a few other breeds.

With an accommodative prey drive and exercise needs, they somehow turn into quite a considerable choice when you are trying to make your pick. 

9. Sit back a little

Teacup Chihuahuas are not as fussy as you think they might be it you have always put the right training in place.

So, a lot of times, you can simply sit back and marvel at your puppy’s self engagement skills as it continues to fulfill its activity needs without your help. 

Being a small breed, it doesn’t go all taxing on you and gives you enough time to sit back and relax.

So, we will say that it does not keep tugging at your leash, as most big dogs invariably do.

10. Price rise

The immense popularity and endless association with the royalty has led to the Teacup Chihuahua being a comparatively costliest breed.

So, the cost attached to a registered from this line may seem to have you off the edge once you listen to it.

It is, therefore, important to bring price consideration into the picture before you make up all the right minds for getting home this cute little breed. 

Teacups are costlier than Chihuahuas, as this is among the well-known facts about Teacup Chihuahua.

11. Yes, there’s a soft spot

This makes it one of the lesser-known facts about Chihuahuas. The fact says that similar to human babies, this breed has a soft spot in the skill that you can feel if you touch the right spot softly.

The spot is called “molera.” However, as human babies grow up, the soft cavity begins to fill up.

The case isn’t the same with Teacup Chihuahuas, as they tend to sport this cavity for a comparatively longer period. There are genetic and size-related factors that account for this.

Whether or not your puppy will have it depends on a lot of biological factors. 


12. Feisty little geniuses

What you do not know while getting a tiny Teacup Chihuahua is that you’re bringing home a saucy feisty genius.

The breed is known for its big brain and high intelligence. So, your dog is going to show more often than not, how clever and thoughtful it is.

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It is pure delight to have a dog that is known for its high intelligence. The high intelligence range helps your dog be attentive and responsive.

This also accounts for proper sentimental development which is also the reason for the separation anxiety experienced by them in the absence of the owner.

It is almost like having a little baby to care of – one that startles you with its endless curiosity and activity.

To sum it all up, you’re still going to end up loving it for the perfect canine child it is. 

13. Teacup Chihuahua Aggressiveness

The need to compensate for the little body form and size vents itself out in the form of aggressiveness and fierce behavior.

So, with a micro teacup Chihuahua at hand, you will have some serious behavior issues you might have to deal with every now and then.

The best way to not let this behavior get out of hand is to implement perfect training regimes right from the start.

Also, it is necessary to begin socializing your dog properly from its very early days to make sure socialization doesn’t inspire aggressive behavior later. 

Talking about this very point needs the mention of the 2014 Arizona incident when a pack of Chihuahuas ran themselves out in a feral frenzy terrorizing children and the people of the town.

They would sometimes team up with big dogs before they run havoc in the streets.

Looking at your little bud, this seems quite unlikely, yet this is nothing but the truth. 

14. Teacup Chihuahua Separation Anxiety

It becomes necessary to talk about this simple phenomenon seen in dogs because it is quite present in this particular breed.

Teacup Chihuahuas are known to experience of separation anxiety.

So, your dog might indulge in a sorrowful or destructive behavior in your absence if it is not used to handling it.

Unfortunately, the only way about it is more rigorous training that helps it grow accustomed to your absence for a certain length of time.

The separation anxiety will not fade into oblivion. However, your dog will know how to handle it better.

This will then prove to be less of a worry for you when you have urgent chores to attend to.

15. Shower your love

To be honest, this isn’t a fact about a Teacup Chihuahua but the yearning of every dog.

Having been associated with humans for centuries, dog and man have built an indispensable bond.

It is for this very reason that even a street dog is so responsive to your affectionate gestures.

However, you can preferably shower more love and attention than what is considered necessary on your little teacup puppy in order to form a fulfilling bond.

So, do not shy away from showing it all the love you hold for it in your heart.

However, please make sure you do not force yourself upon your little one, for it isn’t a little one always despite its appealing size.

It might want to be in the space of its own, hiding under things if it pleases to.

Having seen them everywhere – from movies to advertisements, little Chihuahuas have always sparked our fancy.

It is impossible to miss out on the Taco Bell face the moment we talk about Chihuahuas.

Teacup Chihuahuas are even tinier delights that you will set your heart to with practical ease.

However, we do hope you read enough about the breed before you set out to bring one home. Let the little teacup delight steal a piece of your heart.

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