Teacup Dog Breeds

The word teacup refers to smaller than average dogs that look beautiful and attractive. You can imagine the term teacup as lovely and flashy when you hear or read it.

Teacup Dog Breeds are small versions of the famous breed of dogs that are called pocket-sized dogs. One of the amazing qualities of these dogs is these weigh less than the other dog breeds.

For example, the typical Maltese dog weighs 7 pounds, but the Teacup Maltese weighs less than that. Prospective do owners should realize that the word Teacup is not an official term. The dog breed registries don’t endorse Teacup as the official name of these dogs.

Word teacup has become a marketing ploy for dog sellers to add the amount to the price tag of the dog. Some buyers think of Teacup Dog Breeds as expensive dogs.

However, the dog sellers want to add a few glitzy that might attract or influence the buyer to buy the dog. Once you buy the Teacup Breeds, you make sure to determine the right price of the dog.

The following dog breeds are termed as teacups:

  • Poodle
  • Pug
  • Maltese
  • Chihuahua
  • Silky Terrier v
  • Yorkshire Terrier
  • Shih Tzu

Teacup Dog Breed Problems

The Teacup dogs are often sold at a high price but besides there are certain issues such as health problems. Some teacup puppies experience digestive issues and other health problems.

A teacup puppy could also be prone to Hypoglycemia where the blood glucose on their blood would drop that leads to weakness.

Since the dogs are small, the dog’s metabolism acts fast, and that means you have to feed it often. If a family has small children, the teacup dogs could easily be dropped or sat on by children.

However, the Teacup Breeds aren’t purely on the negative. There are also positive ones that make these dogs admirable.

Some dog owners have reported that their teacup puppies are healthy pets. The dog owners make sure that proper caring of the dog is present for it not to have many health problems.

Pet owners should also observe proper caring so that the dog is healthy at all times. It’s also wise not to carry the teacup puppies once you go outside. For dog owners, the teacup dogs are also adorable, but it needs proper care also.

Things to Consider Before Buying Teacup Dog Breeds

You might have watched celebrities bring their teacup dogs on special events. The teacups look adorable and cute, so you want to buy it. However, you have to observe proper caring of the teacups dogs before you buy it.

Dog buyers need to check the price of the dogs to make sure the puppies aren’t overpriced. Buyers prefer to buy affordable dogs than expensive ones. Before you buy a dog, you also make sure that the Teacups are healthy compared to other dog breeds.

In this way, you would gain excellent experience in having teacup dogs. These dogs provide joy and fun for every dog owner.