12 Things I’ve Learned from Being a Dog Owner

Dogs aren’t just the man’s best friend. They are also responsible for bringing up joy, love, and hope in every family or home.

They can be the source of fun and laughter that no one can ever do. Dogs can also leave valuable lessons in life that we can cherish for the rest of our lives.

Some realize it after losing their dogs, while some can already realize it by having them alive. 

Given that, here are the top 12 lessons that I have learned, and you can learn from owning dogs.

These life lessons guarantee you positive changes in life and your outlook towards reality. 

So, let’s start! 

1. Being Mindful.


As human beings, we tend to be in the middle of complex thoughts rattling against one another inside our heads.

These thoughts range from the simplest to the most complicated ones that lead us to overthink.

Meanwhile, dogs aren’t like us. Dogs live in the moment.

They are the most appreciative and grateful beings that even a simple walk with their owners already means life to them. 

With that, they are regarded as the most mindful beings. This is the first life lesson that we, the humans, must learn.

Nowadays, we tend to overthink due to the influence and pressure of other people.

We tend to worry a lot about the future by neglecting the present. We always look after what is not ours when, in fact, we already have so much to be grateful for.

May the dogs then teach us how to be always mindful.

2. Be Calm and Keep Going.


Next, dogs can also teach us how to be calm and keep going despite our circumstances.

If you can observe, dogs can easily become comfortable in any sleeping position they can have.

They do not stress nor freak out. Instead, they remain to be calm and enjoy what they have.

Also, when a dog gets stuck in the cat door, they do not freak out. They remain calm until they find a way to get out.

This is another lesson that we all need to learn as we tend to stress out immediately after being put in an uncomfortable situation.

This teaches us to be calm and keep on trying until we made our way out of any uncomfortable circumstance. 

3. Be Faithful.


Dogs are the most loyal and faithful beings. Whatever they do, they intend it to their owners, such as protecting us in times of danger even though it’ll put them in danger.

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They also find a way to come back after getting lost accidentally or intentionally by dumping them.

They are the most faithful beings that they do not want to leave our side as much as they can.

This is a must-have value that we need to apprehend. Being faithful can lead us to greater things such as stronger relationships, better communication, and happier living. 

Moreover, faithfulness does not end with that. It includes other things, such as superstition beliefs. God, for example, we need to remain faithful to Him. 

4. Be more adventurous. 


Our life does not end with school, work, or a house. We need to step out and discover new things.

This is what being adventurous is that it is natural for dogs. Aside from walking, dogs love to go trekking, camping, hiking, and so much more.

They are always open to more adventures and discoveries. They do not limit themselves as long as they can bear it. 

There are already lots of videos circling on the internet showing how adventurous the dogs are.

Some dogs can surf, swim, hike, and so much more. These are the moments that we shouldn’t miss just because we are afraid.

We need to step out of our comfort zones and become adventurous. Besides, adventures bring new and unique experiences, so why we’ll stop ourselves? 

We shouldn’t uphold being hesitant to almost everything we experience in life. If you want to surf, then go on.

If you want to get sunburn and drive to the beach, then go. See, life isn’t always about the job, school, and others else. Let us all learn to live our life. 

5. Being family does not depend on blood. 


Dogs are family. They may not be human in structure and nature, yet the bond they provide truly feels like a family.

With that, it teaches us to think that families do not depend on blood. Being an animal and other beings do not limit the entitlement of being a family. 

Moreover, dogs can understand and act as a family too. They can save us from any harm, provide us joy, peace, endless laughter, and a source of hope.

Besides, some people treat their dogs like their own children. Given that, we all need to be kind and think of everyone as family.

Let’s spread love and peace like we are one family without thinking about nature, kind of being, race, color, gender, and so many more. Being a family does not have any exceptions. 

6. Appreciate your size and shape.


Another lesson that dogs can teach us is to be appreciative of our size and shape.

Many people nowadays feel insecure about their bodies, which is largely dominated by the influence of social media.

This doesn’t seem right as we kill the confidence and inner beauty we all have within us.

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Meanwhile, dogs love their shape and size, whatever it is. Though it can be amputated, dogs still find a way to cope with it and enjoy life.

Some dogs have skin diseases, yet they are still filled with hope and so many more conditions. 

The dogs are trying to teach us to accept our flaws as we are just normal human beings.

We don’t owe anyone for us to look good or perfect. We all have flaws. We only need to bear confidence at all times and do not let insecurities take us away. 

7. Be Forgiving.


One of the hardest things in being a human being is when bad things happen to us, which leads us not to forgive those responsible for it.

Hate grows inside us that makes us change towards someone who isn’t like us before.

Change is normal, but if the changes are not good, then there is a problem. 

Dogs are not like this. They love to forgive and accept anything or anyone in their life despite the hurt they’ve received.

An example of it is when their owners forgot to give them a walk. However, they can easily forgive and stay excited as they trust their owners to change and improve.

They always have hope that their owners will recognize their promise to walk them at the park and have fun together.

They teach us not to hold grudges as it can only make us more desperate and might as well lead us to the lowest point of life. 

8. Love your neighbor. 

12 Things I’ve Learned from Being a Dog Owner 1

Neighbors are friends, and they deserve love. Dogs can easily bond with the neighbors and spread love to them.

Given that, we also need to learn how to love our neighbors.

We can do this by having fun times with one another, such as holding a party, dinner, and so many more.

In these ways, we can maintain healthy and strong relationships within our house and in our place. 

9. Avoid judging other people.


The world nowadays became judgmental as compared to one another became a habit.

This leads to increasing insecurities and depression cases around the world. Well, this doesn’t seem right.

As human beings, we all need to become appreciative to whoever or whatever makes an encounter with us.

We also don’t have the right to judge anyone just because they do not fit our standards.

You see, we all have our tastes and standards, but it does not mean that we can oppress anyone just because they do not blend well with us.

We are not in a competition to be deserving of harsh judgments.

We may compete for survival, but it does not necessarily mean that we’ll use judgment to pull other down just for us to rise. That is pathetic and ill! 

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10. Learn to appreciate small things.


Being demanding will not get us far. It will only tie us to a chain of insecurities, crab mentality, and negativity.

Just take a look at dogs. These highly-appreciative beings can be the happiest even with small things such as a pretty bone toy, cheap clothes, and other else.

They know how to be contented with what they have as long as they have their owners by their side.

They do not demand nor get angry when their wants aren’t followed. 

So, we need to learn this kind of attitude. As we are bound to face different kinds of people and events, we need to appreciate the simplest and cheapest efforts.

Besides, the most important thing is that others can recognize our existence. Instead, we should be thankful and accept whatever the world offers us. 

11. Spend more time with your loved ones. 


Life isn’t certain as death is the only certain event. Given that, we need to cherish every moment we spend with our family, friends, and acquaintances.

We do not know what will happen tomorrow, so we must be happy and live in today. 

Like the dogs, they love to spend fun times with their owners, such as playing catch, walking at the park, and so many more.

They make sure that both they and their owners will create more memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Also, given that dogs have a shorter lifespan, they ensure that their life is filled with love, laughter, and fun.

They do not waste any time as they spend it with adventure and fierce actions. 

With that attitude, it can bring us more realization that we must spend more time with our loved ones than other people.

Besides, a family is the best and the foundation of our being a person. They have contributed a lot to our growth, so they deserve our love and care in return. 

12. Remain Cheerful.


Dogs are known as the most cheerful beings. They do not care what kind of trip they’ve been doing as long as they are happy.

So, we need to remain cheerful at all times despite our problems. Being cheerful gives us more hope and clearer thinking to surpass anything we are into.

Also, being cheerful can bring us more opportunities and improvements in life. 

Above all these twelve things we can learn about being a dog owner, dogs’ most valuable lesson in love.

We all need to love despite the forms, means, and circumstances. With that, a better world can await us where we can benefit along with our dogs.

So, may you be enlightened with these lessons and apply them to your life. Don’t forget to love yourself and your dogs! Have fun in life! 

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