How to Add Summer Fruits for Your Dog’s Diet?


A hot summer day is not a good time for a dog to perform physical activity. They can overdo it and suffer from physical exhaustion. But your dog needs to be active! It is more than essential to find the appropriate activities and balance between physical and mental work so that your pet stays healthy. … Read more

16 Dog Breeds With The Shortest Lifespans

16 Dog Breeds With The Shortest Lifespans 2

Like people, some dogs have a shorter lifespan than others, and there is nothing wrong with that. It is pretty healthy! However, it is a fact that 16 dog breeds have the shortest lifespans, and today we will take a look at them.  1. Scottish Deerhound  If you are looking for a beautiful dog breed … Read more

Why is My Dog Licking Air?


Though this may seem like weird behavior, it’s common among many dogs. It’s not clear why dogs lick the air, but it’s thought to be connected to hunting and smelling. The air your dog licks could contain the scent of another dog or a predator, and your dog is trying to get a closer whiff … Read more

12 Most Popular Terrier Breeds


A terrier is a breed of dog, commonly small, “typically energetic and keen-sensed.” Terriers tend to be very energetic and are very good watchdogs. The breeds that will be listed into the ones more popular than others. Not all terrier breeds are created equal. The Jack Russell Terrier, for example, is far more energetic, alert, … Read more

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