7 Warning Signs That a Dog May Bite

While dogs might look all happy and sweet creatures, it is hard to tell whether or not your dog is aggressive. 

Although proper training is necessary for a pet dog, it might naturally get aggressive due to various reasons.

Some of the most common ones are as follows:

  • Fear of someone attacking them
  • Anxiety
  • Dominance
  • Not showering enough love

With arrogance and excessive aggressive nature, the fear of a dog bite also arises. If your dog is not feeling good lately, you never know when it will bite or not.

Therefore, owners need to understand the body language of the dogs first. When dogs are about to attack any loved member or even an outsider, some signs clearly define the symptoms.

Therefore, let’s take a look at the common signs of a dog bite so that you can prevent it on time.

Signs that a dog is about to bite you:


Sometimes, training is not enough to keep your dog happy and safe. The environment around them also plays a role in determining their aggression and happiness.

Therefore, if you are not aware of the signs of a dog bite, then a brief guide is as follows:

1. Too much yawning and avoiding eye contact

One of the most obvious signs that your dog will bite you is that the animal is yawing too much.

Also, too much licking and avoiding eye contact are the signs that indicate that something is fishy and things are not going smooth at all.

Yawning is not an indication of sleep always but also proves that your dog is uncomfortable. All these behaviors ultimately make your dog aggressive, and ultimately, they start biting.

A dog has various ways to prove that it is uncomfortable. If your dog is not making eye contact with you, you should know that your dog is anxious.

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Therefore, if your dog avoids all gazes, take it as a warning and act accordingly.

2. Tail all tucked in

If your dog is fearful and highly comfortable, you will see signs like the tail tucked in or even cowering.

Once all these symptoms arise, you should be aware of an extreme situation. In this case, it can lead to dog bites.

It is mostly the fear instilled within them that makes them tuck their tail in and resort to biting. Owners can indicate a biting if the tail is tucked between the two legs.

Dogs attempting to bite others is most likely done to defend their selves. Therefore, once you catch the note of this symptom, you need to act with caution!


3. Growling too much and wagging tail

For dogs, “actions speak louder than words.” When your dog is too stressed, it can growl too much or even wag its tail.

This is one of the most surprising signs that owners are left with doubt. When your dog is wagging its tail too much, take it to indicate that it is about to bite.

Paying attention to the wagging tail action will help you differentiate the moments of happiness and aggression. When the dog is happy, the whole body moves with the tail.

When it’s uncomfortable, stressful, or even before biting, the dog will strictly wag its tail without further movements.

Sometimes, the tail becomes rigid, stiff, and tall. This is when you should know that the dog is about to bite.

Similarly, when the dog is growling continuously, it is naturally the sign of an imminent dog bite.

4. The rigid body of the dog

Sometimes, body postures are also indicative of dog bites. If your dog is aggressive, then the body language is not exciting.

A dog that is feeling uncomfortable will display dead body language. For an aggressive dog, all happy moments freeze, and the dog tends to have a stiff posture.

Most of the time, the tail is raised high, the teeth are showing, and the fur is straight.

Also, aggressive dogs tend to fix their bodies in one place, without moving anywhere or making eye contact. Once you notice all these signs, take note of it and try to stay away.

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5. When the fur is straight and is standing up

One of the early signs of a dog bite is the fur standing up all straight. In this case, the chest is all inside, and the dog keeps on starring at one particular place.

This sign proves that the dog is on the verge of a bite. It is usually in an uncomforting or threatening situation that the animal’s fur is all erect as if it is preparing for an attack.

Therefore, whenever you see the whole body fur and the tail raised, try to calm the animal down. Adopt simple steps to arouse happiness so that the signs slowly fade away.

6. When the whites of the dog’s eyes are visible

This is one of the most common symptoms that indicate that the dog is about to bite someone.

When a pet dog is all happy and content, the whites won’t be visible. In normal cases, the whites stand hidden. When the white starts to show up, it is a clear indication of a potential bite.

On a general note, the whites tend to appear on the ground of discomfort, feeling, anxiety, and fear. In addition to that, the dogs fail to make eye contact with you.

If dogs’ eyes stay locked and focused in one place, it means that the dog is showing signs of biting soon.

Therefore, once these signs occur, try to give some space to the animal. This will help the animal to calm down slowly!

7. Other symptoms of a dog that it is about to bite:


Apart from the above-listed signs, some of the other symptoms that state the animal is about to bite is as follows:

  • The dog continuously bites onto its bone and keeps on chewing. Other than that, the animal isn’t interested in conducting any other activity.
  • The dog tends to flee from all situations. This is the common sign of fear in dogs and that it will bite in the future.

The dog fails to listen to all sorts of commands and never cares enough to interact with the owner.

If you catch hold of such symptoms in your dog, this truly leads to dog bites.

  • The dog attempts to stalk and even stare at one thing continuously. In between, you can also hear growling noises.
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If there is a direct stare from the animal, you should know that the animal is tense. Thus, try to calm down the animal with some warmth and love to avoid all these signs.

  • Another major sign that makes you realize that the animal is about to bite you is that it enters the houses of other individuals, your neighbors and interferes.

Sometimes, it can aggressively behave with others, which can, later on, make the dog bite you.

Therefore, if you happen to witness this event quite often, you need to keep your dog safe and let them stay alone for a while.


For all of the above conditions, careful body language analysis is necessary. This will ultimately keep the dog under control without going astray.

If your dog is behaving too aggressively, owners should book an appointment with the vet, as serious professional help is required.

Also, when the dog is about to bite you, try not to react and stay calm.

Sometimes, animals sense future actions in the future, and as a result, they get more nervous and anxious.

To avoid all nasty situations of your dog yelling at others and barking at people aggressively, take some serious actions.

A vet can give proper recommendations for calming the pet down. Some mild doses of medicines might also work, making the dog feel relaxed.

Neglecting symptoms of a dog going to bite someone isn’t a wise idea at all.

Therefore, owners should stay focused on all dog activities and actions so that possible solutions can be embraced.

What to do when a dog bites you?

It is a shock for owners to find out that it is aggression. Sometimes, dogs send messages, trying to convey their discomfort level.

Therefore, if owners fail to understand their actions, it may lead to aggression and dog bites. However, if your dog accidentally bites you, visit a doctor immediately.

You can successfully reduce all signs of dog bites by clarifying the steps taken with your vet.

Therefore, it is always essential to keep track of the signs and symptoms so that dogs’ lives and humans’ lives can be saved!

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