West Highland White Terrier – Truth About Westie Dog Breed

To Adopt the best of the breed, you need to research well. For the best breed at home, you can Adopt West Highland White Terrier.

When it comes to getting a friendly dog, you can invest in these dogs. You will completely mesmerize by these dogs because they are joyful, or you would love them.

You can know about the behavior of this dog is quick, brave, adventurous, or playful. It can be a perfect option for you when you plan to buy a puppy.

It will be a great companion for you and becomes your best friend in a short time.Everyone can know all the factors so that it becomes easy to train your dog effortlessly.

Moreover, it makes you always ready to buy the best puppy, or you can provide the right assistance to them.

One of the prime reasons to adopt this dog breed is they are quite adorable. They look cute, or you will fall in love with them.

When it comes to the training session, you do not meet worry because they do not require so much exercise. You can take these dogs on a walk or small playful sessions.

A perfect companion that leaves with you in small Apartment, or it doesn’t matter what is the size of your Apartment when you purchase West Highland white terrier.


This dog wouldn’t get so much space in the house. All you need to get a shelter for him is enough to live.

Can be West Highland white terrier the best watchdog? Yes, it would be, or it’s a perfect option for you as a watchdog.

This dog is keeping an eye on all the facts for every stranger who enters your home.

Is a Westie a good family dog?

  • The ideal approach to portray this small white Terrier dog breed from Scotland is just to state that he’s so brimming with confidence that he knows he’s the best thing around.

Continuously watching out for a decent time, he’ll make you giggle while he engages himself.

He’s cordial and upbeat, with an exuberant nature that charms him to everybody.

  • To state that the West Highland white terrier or Westie, as he’s lovingly called is a major dog in a little dog’s body doesn’t do him equity.

You make sure you do not challenge or request him as well he is temperamental. He’s but rather obstinate simply keen on how might this benefit him.

Interesting Facts: Westie vs. Maltese: Breed Differences & Similarities

Persuade him that what you need is to his greatest advantage, and he’ll hop directly energetic about your arrangement

  • Initially produced for chasing and ratting, the Westie figured out how to think all alone, a characteristic he despite everything appreciates enjoying today although there will without a doubt be times you probably won’t appreciate it very so much.

The Westies intuition to work is currently normally directed into spryness and submission rivalries as opposed to disposing of rodents.

He likewise fills in as a treatment dog, and a couple of Westies have even joined hunt and-salvage groups.


You can concentrate the entirety of his plenteous vitality into any at least one of these occupations. 

  • He’s a social person who coexists well with everybody, outsiders notwithstanding, and he is certainly not a one-individual dog.

He’s tender with offspring all things considered, and he does well living with more seasoned children.

He coexists with different dogs in open settings except if he’s one of two flawless guys in the gathering, and he emphatically flourishes in homes with numerous dogs. 

  • The Westie is upbeat in an everyday environment and will do well in the nation or the city.
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He makes a magnificent loft inhabitant if appropriately practiced and prepared not to bark.

He’s glad to remain at home while you’re grinding away, and with appropriate incitement and security safety measures, he’s fine all alone during your workday.

To finish everything off, he’s additionally a simple explorer, regardless of whether on long get-away or short tasks. 

  • The West Highland white terrier can be prepared without any problem. He’s clever, and a speedy student and preparing will entertain him as long as it stays positive and reliable.

Truth be told, utilizing uplifting feedback bound with consistency is the best way to prepare a Westie.

Clicker preparing is an amazing preparation strategy for him.

You’re burning through your time utilizing unforgiving remedies, since his how might this benefit me disposition is probably going to kick in, making him shut down and overlook the orders. 

  • The Westie will alarm bark when he sees or hears something dubious, and as a matter, of course, he’ll report guests, postal workers, and dogs who stroll before the house. He can be pretty darn noisy
  • A well-known breed, the Westie can be friendly and steadfast yet at the same time have enough freedom and confidence that he needn’t bother with spoiling even though he’ll never turn it down.

These dogs are considered as a lapdog, or he appeared as spotless that makes him the best breed.

He makes a superb ally for a first-time or unpracticed dog proprietor. With his nice nature, insightful eyes, and carefree character, the Westie can soften even the coldest of hearts. 

  • By and large a quiet person when he’s inside where he may hang out on the love seat like a white parlor reptile, the Westie will frequently transform into an alternate dog outside.

He adores messing around, throwing extravagant noisy toys around, or simply frolicking through the lawn sniffing and looking over his area.


And keeping in mind that he can appreciate burrowing, it is by all accounts a gained enthusiasm.

With appropriate preparing, and by diverting him at whatever point you get him in the demonstration, this propensity can be halted.

Some Westies can be practiced inside by making light of getting a foyer.

Even though he doesn’t require very as much exercise as certain breeds, he hopes to walk him more than once consistently to keep him cheerful and solid. 

  • The Westie isn’t intended to live outside, be that as it may. As you can see, he is not more a lapdog or cuddler.

Moreover, he loves to perform the best in the house. On the free side, he’ll sidestep the focal point of the activity for a spot simply close to it.

If that spot is near a warming vent, that would be preferable. He can watch the family unit while you’re grinding away; albeit a few people can experience the ill effects of partition uneasiness, it is anything but a typical attribute in the breed.

Simply, you can train the dog with exercising equipment, or he becomes more playful when you get a radio or other gears in his shelter. 

Highlighted facts

  • A Westie has characteristics that are nothing unexpected there. He will burrow, bark, and follow vermin. Be that as it may, with legitimate preparation, he can be prepared to just bark once and to not burrow by any stretch of the imagination, albeit a few dogs are less effortlessly disheartened than others. The vermin pursuing, in any case, is designed, and no measure of preparing will adjust it. 
  • This dog performs well in dog homes as compared to others. He can become accustomed to felines. He can’t adjust to little pets, for example, bunnies and winged creatures, given his solid prey drive. 
  • He’s commonly simple to prepare if it’s done positively and steadily. Remember that a Westie has a solid will and extraordinary confidence, which can cause some preparation challenges if preparing gets exhausting or is excessively cruel. 
  • His jacket is anything but difficult to prep and just requires standard brushing
  • He doesn’t need more exercise as compared to other breeds. He only needs some sessions or walks to retain itself fit. He has low energy inside the home.
  • A Westie is versatile and will do well in residence, including lofts even though if he isn’t prepared out of yelping, he’s probably going to cause challenges with the neighbors. 
  • He’s a social dog who coexists well with everybody. He loves offspring of each age. However, he’s more qualified to homes with more established kids. 
  • A Westie can be left for significant periods when his kin is working. You can use key strategies or turn on a radio that provides some stuff. 
  • To get a sound dog, never adopt a puppy from an untrustworthy breeder, puppy factory, or pet store. In the hunt of getting the best dog or check the medical reports, you can hire professionals breeder. This can be a great way for all to know about the medical terms or other facts about this dog. 
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West Highland White Terrier Personality


The West Highland White Terrier is a strong, sure, carefree, smart dog who can discover happiness in the least complex joys of life, for example, noisy toys, a tummy rub, and food.

His cheerful aura and love of life make him a most loved for some, despite his evil. He doesn’t do not have any confidence.

However, he’s not all that domineering in his certainty that his confidence turns into a negative characteristic

He is neighborly and coexists with everybody, and he appreciates being a piece of his family.

You will never get the complaints of this lapdog from neighbors. He once in a while stirs something up, yet he is after every one of the terriers, so he won’t leave one.

He’s an enthusiastic little person who welcomes the experiences in existence with radiance in his eye and a skip in his progression, especially when he’s cutting over your feet to get to his food bowl. 

Same-sex animosity around different dogs isn’t uncommon. However, females will, in general, be more alpha than guys. 

What health issues do Westies have?

Westies are commonly good; however, like all breeds, they’re inclined to certain wellbeing conditions.

Not all Westies will get any of these ailments. However, it’s critical to know about them in case you’re thinking about this breed

When it comes to purchasing the best puppy, you can get in touch with an expert breeder who helps to know more folks related to the puppy.

Wellbeing clearances demonstrate that a dog has been tried for and freed from a specific condition.


Physical needs 

  • Vitality Level 
  • Power 
  • Exercise Needs 
  • Potential For Playfulness

Take care

Some Westies like to swim. However, they ought to be managed consistently at the same time they’re not as at home in the water the same number of their canine cousins.


  • Simple To Train 
  • Knowledge 
  • Potential For Mouthiness 
  • Prey Drive 
  • Inclination To Bark Or Howl 
  • Hunger for something new Potential

Common feeding amount

  • Frequently required amount: 1/2 to 1.5 cups of top-notch dry food daily, separated into two dinners. 
  • For additional on taking care of your Westie, see the rules for purchasing the correct food, taking care of your puppy, and taking care of your grown-up dog.
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West Highland White Terrier Behavior Issues


The West Highland white terrier is a caring dog who is acceptable with more established youngsters.

Be that as it may, he should have grown-up oversight around kids, especially more youthful ones.

This dog can snap whenever irritated; however, on the off chance that youngsters and dogs are appropriately regulated, the Westie can do well with offspring, everything being equal. 

Nonetheless, a flawless male, for the most part, despises other unblemished male dogs, Westie or something else.

A Westie ought not to be trusted with little creatures due to his prey drive. 


  • Warm With Family 
  • Staggeringly Kid Friendly Dogs 
  • Dog Friendly 
  • Well disposed Toward Strangers

Adjusts Well To Apartment Living 

  • Useful For Novice Owners 
  • Affectability Level 
  • Endures Being Alone 
  • Endures Cold Weather 
  • Endures Hot Weather

West Highland White Terrier Grooming needs

Westies have a twofold coat, with a short undercoat and a topcoat near two inches in length.

The small white one should, obviously, consistently be white. Some other shading is viewed as a deficiency in the show ring. 

His jacket is anything but difficult to prep and requires normal brushing and cutting.

Show dogs for the most part experience stripping about two times per year; however, most pet proprietors try not to.


Cutting is typically required on the feet and around the ears and eyes. His shedding inclinations go from low to almost zero

The coat remains genuinely spotless, and he should possibly be washed when fundamental.

Check his ears once per week for the earth, redness, or an awful scent that can show a disease.

Likewise clear them out week after week with a cotton ball hosed with delicate, pH-adjusted ear cleaner to forestall issues.

  • Measure of Shedding 
  • Slobbering Potential 
  • Simple To Groom 
  • General Health 
  • Potential For Weight Gain 
  • Size

How big do West Highland White terriers get?

  • The West Highland white terrier is a strong little dog with a profound chest and a somewhat rectangular shape. Guys are around 11 inches tall and normally gauge 15 to 22 pounds; females are about 10 inches tall and gauge 13 to 16 pounds.
  • Westies are frequently bought with no away from what goes into possessing one. There are numerous Westies needing appropriation as well as cultivating. There are various salvages that we have not recorded. 

Before getting the West Highland white terrier puppy, you need to get the required information related to medical terms.

You make sure to get all the details about medical terms on how to get a safe for a healthy puppy.

You have to be aware of all these facts that would have to make a complete medical check-up of the dog.


As well, you need to implement the appropriate packs to help to ensure the puppy.

These are some of the valuable tips that you think choose to adopt a puppy. You must learn about all these facts that would have to purchase a free size dog breed.

Most important way, you need to know about the hygiene, health, fitness, or sleeping area of that puppy.

Likewise, a puppy reacts like a baby who needs professional supervision or care. Now you can ready to invest all your time in taking care of puppy by all these facts.

This is complete information about the best puppy West Highland white terrier that you can buy.

Now you do not need to make more efforts to find the best puppy breed when you consider all these facts.

This would be completely beneficial for you to find the appropriate puppy without any doubt.

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