Why are Dogs so Loyal to Humans? Here’s What Science Says

Dogs are among the most loyal of creatures, and humans have taken advantage of this fact for centuries (and are probably still making money off of it as we speak).

But how does a dog know that you are “its” human, and why are they willing to save you from certain doom, even if you’ve done nothing to earn their loyalty? Do you know why dogs are so loyal to humans? Let’s read more to find out.

Dogs Are Loyal But Why?

In the old days, a dog’s loyalty to his master was a great boon to humankind, for which he was often rewarded with food, shelter, love, and the occasional bone. That’s not the case anymore. More and more, dogs are choosing to become our friends, and we don’t know how to say thank you.


Now, we’re seeing a trend where dogs choose to be close to their owners. And it’s not just the first dog or the dog with the most exciting tricks. It’s the dog in the shelter or even the dog that lives on the other side of the country. But why?

 Here are the following reasons why are dogs so loyal to humans:

  1. They need you. Dogs are so loyal to humans it can be said that without us, they wouldn’t be happy at all. With that said, dogs have been domesticated for more than 12,000 years, meaning for nearly 15 generations, and it’s amazing to see that so many people still think that their pets only love them for the treats. Scientists have found that dogs are more loyal to humans than their species, that’s why they need us to survive, and those who are too good at finding them home should be rewarded.
  2. You are the provider of their needs. Humans have always tried to find the answer to the question: Why do dogs love us so much? Well, it all has to do with the mechanics of their reactions. When a dog sees its owner, it associates that person with its provider. This belief is so strong that the dog will neglect its own needs to please the person it believes is its provider. When humans love their dogs, they want to provide them with the best, which is why they spend a lot of money on food and toys. In the end, this love is the key to making a dog behave loyally, as it thinks that it has everything it needs to live happily.
  3. It’s because of the deep bond that you shared. The bond between a human and a dog is a special one. The dog is there for you when your parents aren’t around and will stick with you through all of your ups and downs. Dogs know when you feel down and will lie next to you or even lick your hand to let you know it is okay. Dogs are also the only animal who will line up next to you when you step out of the car on a hot day, even if they hate the heat. Dogs are so loyal to humans that they will even do something as silly as roll over for a belly rub even though they want nothing to do with you.
  4. It is because of empathy. Dogs are very loyal to humans and always find it natural to protect and constantly provide for their masters. This is said to be because of how their brain and mind is wired. Dogs have a unique ability to recognize and empathize with humans. This unique ability has been given a scientific name—“Empathy.” Empathy is the ability to respond and react to another’s emotions and thoughts. In essence, this ability makes dogs capable of being a true friend to humans by a process known as “Theory of Mind.”
  5. They view you as part of the pack. The bond between humans and dogs is not only a remarkable friendship, but it’s also one of the most unique. We’ve been conditioned to think of these wonderful creatures as our little friends, but that’s not all they are. When you think about it, dogs are part of the same pack of creatures that protect humans from predators.
  6. It is because of selectively breeding dogs. Just why are dogs so loyal to humans? A team of scientists believes that selective breeding plays a big part in dogs’ loyalty to us. They examined the history of dog domestication and found that dogs were first tamed for companionship and protection to help humans build a village. It was their loyalty that made them such great protectors.
  7. It has something to do with breeding and genetics. Recent studies have pointed to breeding practices in dogs and the environment as one reason dogs are so loyal to humans. That is not to say that they love us unconditionally, but rather that they are so loyal to us because they see us as a source of food, shelter, and protection.
  8. Inbreeding is the mating of two close relatives to produce more similar offspring than their parents (or grandparents). Inbreeding as a way of conserving a trait is often cited as the reason for the high heritability of certain traits, such as longevity in dog breeds.
  9. It means happiness for them. There are many reasons why dogs are so loyal to humans, and scientists have even found that spending time with a human is good for your dog’s health. A study has shown that dogs they spend time with feel less stressed, happier, and more responsive. Other studies have found that dogs respond to human touch, so even brief encounters with people make them happy. The authors of the said study suggest that being around humans boosts the libido of dogs, which could be why they respond to human touch.
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Admittedly, it’s usually the humans who are the ones who end up with all the benefits. But dogs are loyal to humans simply because they are loyal to humans.

When dogs are in a pack, they work together to feed, protect, and care for each other, and those behaviors persist in dogs even when they’re not in a pack. Humans aren’t the only ones dogs are loyal to, though; we’re only a small part of the pack that encompasses their entire world.

Are there some dog breeds that are more loyal than others?


Dog breeds range from the loyal boxer to the gentle Labrador, but their traits are similar: loyal, protective, and willing to put their lives on the line for their humans. Some dogs are so devoted to their owners that they will fight to the death to defend themselves, even if they don’t know their humans.

There are various reasons why a dog or other pet may show loyalty to their human family. Dogs are said to be our best mate and loyal companions, following us around the house and acting as our eyes and ears against intruders.

It isn’t just the people, though, that these dogs are loyal to. Dog-nature is a term used to describe the many ways in which dogs demonstrate their loyalty to their human family and even their fellow dogs.

Dogs: Can they be loyal to one person only?


Loyalty is a strong trait among dogs; one has routinely seen in their frequent and enthusiastic response to their human companions. However, there are other reasons why dogs are so loyal. A dog’s responsiveness is partly due to its genetic makeup and upbringing.

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The bond between a dog and its owner is so strong that it will often endure great hardship to save its owner from danger. For example, a burglar shot a German Shepherd while tied up to a tree in the backyard, and the dog died to save its owner.

There have been many instances where dogs had saved their owners from harm, even when the owners were in the middle of doing something dangerous.

Dogs are loyal companions: it has been said that dogs were the first domesticated animals. Their loyalty is unparalleled by any other species, and we can attribute this fact to the bond between man and dog.

People have used this very same loyalty to their advantage in the past, placing dogs in service as loyal servants and guard dogs. However, the loyalty one feels for a person is only rivaled by a dog’s loyalty towards its master.

How should you repay the loyalty of your dog?

There is a common misconception that dogs are just loyal because they are “man’s best friend.” This is only partly true. Yes, dogs are loyal to humans and will do anything for us, but there is a lot more to it than that.

Dogs are loyal to humans for several reasons. They are very much dependent on humans for survival and therefore have a strong need to please. They also feel a sense of obligation to humans since they have always been there as a constant companion growing up.

Because of their love and loyalty, they are almost always willing to do anything that a human would want to be done. The only way to repay this kind of loyalty is to always be there for the dog when it needs anything.

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